Farmer Profile: Polly Cui of Purity Productions LLC

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The Farm is many things, but above all, it’s a community of folks working alongside each other. From search engine optimizers to writers and editors to sales teams to coders and developers and even a doctor (shout out to Roman!), the Farm’s talents are diverse and worthy of sharing. This week we spoke with Polly Cui—who’ll you see below in her official Farm portrait as an old-timey Farmer—about her company and mission.

THE FARM: Tell us about your company.

Polly Cui: The name of our company is Purity Productions LLC. Our social media handle is @Purityusa. We are a startup company with two employees working full time in the office however we have six project managers scattered around the US covering the length and breadth of the country. We have two offices in the UK which serves Europe and Australasia.

F: Very cool. When did you start Purity Productions?

PC: Our business director Baqer Keshwani moved from London to New York in 2014 to head up the Americas for Purity, a global award winning experiential marketing agency in the U.K. Since then, we have developed A-list clients including Samsung, Norwegian Airline, Carnival Entertainment, BMW, HBO, and major startup, Lime.

F: What is it that you do best?

PC: We ideate, design, produce and execute experiential marketing evening however our forte is event staffing, which we believe is the most crucial part of any activation. We have over a thousand talented staff on our books including presenters, event hosts, emcees, product specialists, promotional models and brand ambassadors,. Whether it’s conventions, trade shows, music festivals or product launch events, we supply our clients with high quality talent to help brands come to life.

F: Tell us about an event you planned that made a splash.

PC: One of the memorable events we planned was Pitchfork 2017 in Chicago. Our client, an undergarments brand, asked us to design and manage an activation at Pitchfork music festival to increase their brand awareness. Based on the nature of music festival, we wrapped up a 1967 VW bus with the brand’s theme colour as the background of the activation footprint. For the activation itself, we came up with two ideas of giving away free samples: a customized treasure hunt game for the participants to win free samples and a #showyoursyle social media campaign for the participants to put on the sample, style it and share on social media.

F: Wow! If fellow farmers are looking to plan an event, how can they contact you?

Personal touch is how we differentiate ourselves from other agencies in the industry. We think from your perspective and will try our best to meet your goals; we will walk you through every step along the way, from event planning to event execution; we take good care of our staff to make sure they are happy, which is the key to a successful event! 

Fellow Farmers, please reach out to our business director Baqer Keshwani for potential collaboration opportunities. Email – [email protected] or Phone - 347-586-7373. Feel free to come by and say hi to us at Farm SOHO :)

F: Final question—in the spirit of Farmers helping Farmers—is Purity Productions in need of any help?

PC: Yes we are! Sometimes we need help in graphic design, videography and photography, it will be great if we can connect with some brilliant fellow farmers in relative fields.

Thanks to Polly and Purity Productions for taking the time to enlighten us! If you’d like to be featured in a future installment, shoot me an email at [email protected] Farm on, Farmhands.

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