Farmer Profile – Sam Ewenczyk & Miso of Ripple Talks

a cartoon of a man and his dog at the farm

Back in farm times, they kept dogs around to ward off coyotes from eating livestock. Today, the Farm Soho keeps one or two well-behaved pups around to bring joy to fellow farmers. I don’t think they’d stand much of a chance against a coyote, but luckily Soho doesn’t have too many of those. I sat down with Sam Ewenczyk, owner of one such farm dog to find out a little about him and his company, but mainly just to talk about his adorable dog and then draw the two of them like American Gothic because it felt “farmy,” and I like that painting.

The Farm: How long have you been at The Farm?

Sam: A little over 2 years!

TF: Tell us about your company, Ripple Talks.

Sam: Ripple Talks helps companies engage, challenge and inspire their employees through eye-opening talks with award-winning experts. It's like live TED talks for the office. Our speakers include scientists, authors, journalists, professors, and social leaders. Most of our clients do one event per quarter with us to create a speaker series.

TF: Any particularly fun or interesting speakers you've placed with RT?

Sam: I love all the speakers I work with but one is particularly exceptional: Jere Van Dyk, a Pulitzer-nominated journalist who was kidnapped by the Taliban in 2008 and held in captivity for 45 days. His strength of character is unlike anything I've ever personally come across. All our great speakers are listed here:

TF: If you could invite any one speaker to give a talk at the Farm, who would it be?

Sam: Aside from every single speaker I work with, I would invite Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg. No explanation needed :)

TF: Now I’ll cut to the chase. Tell us about Miso.

Sam: My dog Miso was saved in Korea by a NY association called Korean K9 Rescue – saving dogs from the horrific meat trade. Miso means "smile" in Korean.

TF: Does he operate a Ripple Talks for dogs? If that's not a thing, want to start one?

Sam: It's funny you ask that. I had once joked about doing Ripple Dogs, where we'd go to offices with the sweetest dogs to make everyone's day a little better. 

TF: That’s a fantastic idea. Ripple Dogs related or otherwise, are you looking to collaborate with fellow farmers?

Sam: Always happy to meet new Farmers and see if we can help each other out!

TF: Thanks, Sam! If anyone wants to fund Ripple Dogs please get in contact with us immediately.

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