20 Fast Growing Startups That Are Hiring In NYC

Fast Growing Startups In NYC

If your career has gotten monotonous, there is hope. Whether you're a software engineer looking for an exciting challenge or a public relations expert seeking to break free from corporate monotony, startups offer an exciting opportunity to take your career in a new direction. These 20 startups across New York City are growing quickly and hiring now.


Thinknum offers data-driven financial analysis for investors, giving them an edge over their product. By making use of neglected data sources, Thinknum is able to help users discover and exploit market inefficiencies. Offering excellent compensation and working conditions, engineers and data scientists at Thinknum have the opportunity to explore and analyze underutilized datasets.

jewelry collection from baublebar


Baublebar sells jewelry online at a fraction of the traditional retail cost. The company also offers complimentary style consultations and helps facilitate a fun fashion environment. Already in Round C funding, the company offers workers a wide variety of perks including a flexible vacation policy and work hours.

Blue Apron

A rapidly growing startup with tons of job openings, Blue Apron delivers fresh ingredients and recipes directly to their users' doors. Established in 2012, Blue Apron has had time to master their brand and add excellent perks for their employees. Built on top of Ruby on Rails, engineers can expect a fun and productive working environment.


An adtech company offering SaaS metrics and analytics, Moat is hiring a range of employees to expand their product. With their products used by big names like Vox and Vice Media, Moat is poised for continued success in the brand benchmarks and analytics field.


Clarke.ai automates the tedious task of taking notes during conversations, using voice recognition and machine learning to keep detailed outlines of business meetings. Clarke is currently hiring software engineers and keeping their eyes out for talented jack-of-all-trades looking to join their team. 

CB Insights

CB Insights maintains a database detailing venture capital and angle investor activity, offering savvy insiders insight into startup investment trends. Having just received new funding, CB insights is currently hiring many new team members, including both engineers and nontechnical employees. Employees receive tons of great perks including game systems and access to the latest technologies. 

a conference with cb insights

Flatiron Health

Flatiron was founded to bring big data technologies to the fight against cancer. They work with an enormous dataset of information to provide insight on treatment outcomes, billing, and other analytics. Flatiron is particularly dedicated to continuing its employee's education and development. 

General Assembly

The premier coding boot camp in the world, General Assembly has helped thousands of students gain upward mobility by teaching them how to code. Hiring teachers, marketers, and new software engineers, General Assembly seems poised for continued growth through 2017. In addition to an excellent office and support for improving their skills, workers at the General Assembly can expect a company that emphasizes vacation and work/life balance. 


Unlike many dating apps and websites, Hinge focuses on providing a true love match for its users. Still in Series A, Hinge offers employees the opportunity to make a lasting impact on the company while still receiving great perks. Engineering and marketing positions are available, and Hinge offers unlimited vacation time.

a man cleaning the glass walls in an office building

Managed By Q

Managed By Q connects offices and maintenance services. Billed as an "operating system for the real world," Managed By Q aims to reduce the time and energy spent by building managers to find reliable plumbers, janitors, and other essential maintenance workers. Engineers at Managed By Q can expect to work with the latest technology, unlimited vacation, and generous stock options.

Oscar Health

Oscar Health combines health insurance and a health marketplace and hopes to revolutionize the insurance industry. They value quick deployment and small and agile teams. Engineers can expect autonomy and complex technical problems to solve.


Betterment offers goal-based online investment services marketed towards individual investors. Their low fees make them an appealing alternative to traditional investment banks. Employees at Betterment receive gym reimbursements and many fun team building getaways throughout the year.


Celtra is a well-established adtech startup with offices around the world. Celtra allows advertisers to focus on creative content without being distracted by technical implementation details. They offer trips to Europe, gym reimbursements, and stock options. 


Greatist is a lifestyle media site focusing on health and wellness. They have been named one of the Top 15 Startups to work for and receive more than 10 million unique viewers per month. Greatist is the perfect startup for Drupal experts and would allow engineers to work with a very small team.


TheSkimm sends out an email newsletter focused on young, female professionals. They regularly hire engineers and writers and have a strong focus on advancing female voices in the technology sector. 


Another company focused on improving the lives of female professionals, Refinery29 is a media company focused on inspiring women to lead a well-rounded life. By making use of modern marketing tools and a solid tech stack, Refinery29 is the fastest growing alternative style magazine in the US.

a football team in white and red uniforms


Taking on big companies like StubHub with an agile approach, SeatGeek aggregates available tickets to big events. Perks for its workers include free tickets, team events, and a fully-stocked kitchen.


Compass is a real estate platform for residential agents. They've been valued at over $1 billion, and are expanding their platform rapidly. Engineers can expect an awesome office setting with ping-pong and a pool.


A platform for managing links, Bitly is a well-established startup solving challenging problems at scale. They make use of cutting edge tools and offer excellent perks for their engineers.


Indify uses big data techniques to help find budding stars based on online music profiles. By using social metrics and predictive algorithms, Indify helps music executives identify bands on the brink of stardom. Engineers can expect to join a small team and have a major impact on the product.

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