The History of Co-Working

The first co-working spaces opened their doors a little over a decade ago in New York and San Francisco. The Spiral Muse in San Francisco was a non-profit that only lasted one year with a group of healing professionals.

They had 8 desks, community lunches and enjoyed meditation and massages with a strict closing time of 5:45. Within one year Spiral Muse had shut down but thirty co-working spaces around the world had opened their doors.

In '07 coworking began to trend in Google for the first time and the term coworking got it's own Wikipedia page. By the end of '08, coworking began trending upward and has been ever since. During the same time frame from '08 -'16 entrepreneurs, freelancer and startups looking for office space has been trending down.

Recently coworking spaces around the world are opening their doors faster than ever. By 2010, 600 coworking spaces were open with fast wifi and free coffee for their members.

In 2013, there were more than 100,000 coworkers using co-working spaces. The latest data says that there are now 7,800 coworking spaces worldwide. 

coworking statistics

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