How A Good Coworking Space Can Supercharge Collaborations

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Before the pandemic, coworking spaces were mainly customary for freelancers, startup business owners, and remote workers. 

Fast forward to today, the trend of workers using this office alternative continues to veer upwards. Some prominent companies like Facebook, Twitter, and Amazon are looking to build on their WFH and hybrid setups. Twitter has even gone as far as saying that their employees are free to work from home permanently.

If your business is thinking of cutting costs while ensuring workforce productivity, making use of  a coworking space could be a real game changer.


Apart from offering all the benefits of working in a conventional office (desks, beverages, conference rooms, etc.), coworking spaces represent an ideal avenue to foster your business.

It gives you a chance to engage with your community, enhance networking opportunities and supercharge collaborations. 

So, what sets this setup apart from coffee shops, considering the fact that - on the surface - they appear to be interchangeable? Both are, after all, establishments that offer working surfaces, beverages, and stable internet connection. 

Here are a couple of compelling differences.

When you spend time in a coworking space, you surround yourself with like-minded individuals from other sectors. And here's the thing: they're equipped with skill sets that could potentially complement yours.

This not only increases your motivation to accomplish your tasks. It also gives you access to professionals who are often more than willing to impart their knowledge to help you progress your business efforts. 

However, in coffee shops, it’s far less likely that you’ll meet anyone who is working. Let alone someone who you can collaborate with to give you a fresh perspective on a given business project. 

If we’ve caught your attention on the potential of utilizing coworking spaces for your business moving forward, you’re probably asking the following questions:

  • Which coworking space will work best for your business?
  • What should you look out for when choosing a coworking space?
  • How can coworking spaces supercharge collaborations? 

In this article, we’ll share the essential factors your business should consider when choosing an office that fits your business requirements.


When you set your sights on a coworking space, the location should be the most important factor to consider before you make a decision. 

Ask yourself: “Is this office space in proximity to members of my team?” 

Even if certain areas may offer cheaper fees, a shared space in a prime location is far more likely to increase productivity.

With reduced travel time, better public transport options and more motivation to work, among other benefits, you can offer your employees increased flexibility and more easily attract top talent - making this a very worthwhile investment for your brand. 

Pro tip:

Before you make any decisions, make sure to book a tour with the coworking space you're interested in.


You already know by now what most coworking spaces offer: secure access,  food and beverages, and office resources (printers, desks, Wi-Fi, etc.).

But if you’re more inclined to choose office spaces in one of the big cities, say, New York, you'll need to know what you want to achieve.

Do you want to maximize collaboration, meet with clients, and develop a sense of community for you and your team?

If so, you’ll need more than just the standard offerings. 

The Farm Soho, for example, goes the extra mile as a coworking space.

Here's a rundown of what they offer:

  • Provide 24/7 secure access
  • Conference rooms
  • HR and premium virtual mailbox services
  • Full-floor private offices
  • Private phone booths
  • Event venues
  • Pet-friendly environment
  • Exclusive perks (for Farm Soho members only) 

If your business conducts regular meetings with prospective clients, having a central location in a formal environment can be a big factor to compel them to do business with you. Other Farm options you can check out include private office space for rent in NYC and team suites in NYC.

Remember: first impressions trigger a ‘primacy effect’ - a tendency for individuals to experience a lingering influence from factors presented in the initial encounter.  


What makes a coworking space a smart choice for startup business owners and employees around the world? Its potential to enhance collaboration with other industries.

Even if your survey ticks all the boxes for your business needs, if the environment isn’t conducive to collaboration, your business won’t reap the rewards of this relatively new office alternative.

Take the time to introduce yourself to existing members of the coworking space you’re considering. 

The best coworking spaces also go out of their way to arrange regular networking events. This encourages collaboration among members; and even help promote businesses that use their facilities by posting news and interviews on their blogs and social channels.


Even if you’ve done all your homework, you’ll never know for sure if that coworking space is a seamless fit. You and your team will have to immerse yourselves in the space for a certain period to be sure.

The beauty of a coworking space is that you don’t have to be tied down to any long-term contracts.

It can be normal to fall victim of the following circumstances:

  • You’ve come to find that your current coworking space isn’t supporting you and your team
  • There’s limited collaboration
  • There’s an even better coworking space a couple of blocks away
  • You've found a more affordable coworking space

This also gives you an early basis of how flexible a coworking space is; the best will give you the freedom to end your contract at relatively short notice.

If you want to know more of what makes a flexible coworking space, let’s use The Farm Soho as an example:

Aside from offering flexible facilities and payment options, the interior of their offices are also fully customizable to match your needs. 

Final thoughts

With the success of a business contingent on the performance of your employees, it goes without saying that the work setup of your business will ultimately depend on the preference of your workers. 

With 82% of workers reporting that they’ve expanded their professional network since joining a coworking space - and 84% also saying they feel more motivated. Any business opting to go this route can be sure of boosting collaboration and developing an enhanced sense of community. 

"Effectively, change is almost impossible without industry-wide collaboration, cooperation, and consensus." – Simon Mainwaring 

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