How Blogs (And Vlogs) Can Boost Your SEO

What is SEO? How do blogs and vlogs help improve a business’ SEO ranking? 

With over 1.88 billion websites online - some 200 million of which are estimated to be ‘active’ - the challenge of landing on page one of a Google search result sounds near impossible. 

Even if your website loads in a zeptosecond, offers products and services at a fraction of the cost, or has an appealing design, this WOULDN’T be enough to sway Google’s web crawlers to rank your site in a favorable position. 

Right now, you’re probably asking yourself: “So, how do I get my website to organically land on page one of a Google search result?”

Easy! Three words: Search Engine Optimization (SEO). 

Before we go any further, here’s a short introduction to SEO: it is a set of practices designed to improve the quality and ranking of a web page in an organic search result to gain visibility and traffic.

You can argue that some of the processes mentioned earlier are common SEO practices, and you’re not wrong, but the algorithm to rank high on Google is always changing - the one steady factor businesses and marketers can always rely on to rise in the rankings is by posting relevant content. 

Why? It creates trust, sets you apart from the competition, and encourages a positive user experience.      

Does this mean you have to flood your website with blog and vlog posts every day? Not necessarily. A safe zone for most businesses would be to post three to four blogs a week to avoid over-saturation on search results - the more vital factor to keep in mind is to have a consistent schedule to make it easier for your audience to anticipate when a new blog post is coming. 

*Quick tip:

You can reuse old blogs by updating them and collaborating with other businesses to link your blogs to their future blog posts.  

In this article, we’ll discuss how blogs and vlogs have become the sure-fire ways to boost your web page’s SEO ranking.


More than just a written compilation of someone’s personal experiences, observations, and opinions, blogs have become an essential marketing strategy to increase web traffic and gain valuable leads. Not convinced just yet? Don’t worry. We’ve come prepared with some statistics:

  • Content marketing is predicted to be an industry worth $412.88 billion by the end of 2021.
  • Of the 1.7 billion websites, 500 million blogs have been posted.
  • 34% of buyers will make an unplanned purchase after reading quality content.
  • Companies that produce blogs have 67% more leads every month.

With all that data, you’re probably amped up to start writing your first blog post right? But hold on. Don’t go out and perform the mistake most businesses tend to make by writing blogs just for the sake of, well you know, writing a blog. 

Adding new content is important to your site, but make sure you use relevant keywords related to your niche and write a blog on a topic that adds value to your target audience, especially since more than 94% of customers nowadays using the internet to research a product, service, or even a business before making a purchase.      

How do you write a blog post that can boost your SEO performance? Here are some tips:

  • Be creative with your blog titles
  • Add external links (well-known sources) to your blogs
  • Insert internal links to your blogs (just don’t make it sound like a hard sell)
  • Write a blog around 1500-2500 words
  • Align your keyword strategy 
  • Make sure your focus keyword is in the title
  • Add similar keywords to your focus keyword
  • Share your blogs on social media platforms
  • Add images to your blogs

To help support your content marketing strategy moving forward, here are some metrics to observe:

  • Pageviews
  • New and returning visitors
  • Traffic from search engines
  • Social interactions


People learn and consume content in different ways. One of them, and what most consider to be the most effective, is through watching a video. 

With the same end goal in mind as blogs (to educate consumers and promote a product or service) vlogging, or what others may call video marketing, can provide immense benefits for your business if done right. 

You might ask yourself, why do customers prefer vlogging? Simple. It provides them with a more personalized experience having a human face on the other side of the screen - it instantly becomes more relatable and easy to connect with. 

Finding the right topics to create an engaging vlog can be challenging. Luckily, we’ve come prepared. Here are some content ideas you can use in your future vlogs:

  • Try doing a tutorial video
  • Make a frequently asked questions (FAQs) video
  • Do interviews with different industry leaders
  • Feature one of your subscribers
  • Product reviews
  •  Do a unique twist on a trending challenge


It takes time to build a brand that customers and search engines will trust. With the majority of customers looking for answers on the internet before making any sort of purchase, having a strong SEO strategy will give your brand more visibility and web traffic to rise on Google’s search results. 

One of those strategies that shouldn’t be left on the back burner any longer is crafting a consistent content marketing strategy. Not only will it give your business a chance to go in-depth on a topic your business can provide answers to, but it also keeps potential customers glued to your website and gives Google more reason to raise your web pages on search results as you provide more and more relevant content for your audience to consume.  

“Only one thing registers in the subconscious mind: repetitive application – practice. What you practice is what you manifest.” – Fay Weldon

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