How Do Twitter Chats Work: 4 Reasons Why You Should Use Them

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Twitter is the best place to go when you want to catch the latest happenings. You may wonder how you can use this platform, which focuses on sharing real-time information, to promote your business. Well, you can try hosting or joining Twitter chats! How do Twitter chats work? We’ll get to that. But first, what are they? 

Twitter chats are scheduled Twitter events where users talk about a certain topic at a specific time using a hashtag assigned by the organizer. There’s a host who will moderate the conversations to keep the interaction going. They will post questions for participants to answer, allowing everyone to share knowledge with each other that may sometimes lead to a collaboration.

If you can’t see how this can help you, here are four benefits that Twitter chats may offer your business:

1. Twitter chats can create brand awareness.

If you’re looking for a cost-effective strategy to increase brand awareness, Twitter chats are one of your best go-to options. During these events, Twitter users can either mention or retweet your brand. When this happens, their followers can see your name on their timeline. 

Since there are a lot of people who will get to discover your business on Twitter, it’s important to show who you are as a brand. Use a tone that works according to your voice and personality. This will help you attract a wider audience. Also, people will look at the topics you engage in and it’s a plus if they’re of interest to them as well.

2. Twitter chats can increase followers and build a brand community.

As you attract a bigger audience, you will find your account gaining new followers on the platform. This enables you to establish a community wherein you can start conversations and allow people to connect to one another. Twitter users love it when brands introduce them to people they can relate to, according to SproutSocial’s #BrandsGetReal survey

Don’t be surprised when you gain bigger audiences during Twitter chats. These events involve a lot of interaction and engagement - two things that bring in a lot of followers. It also keeps you at the forefront of your potential customers’ minds as it’s a strategy that puts you out in the open for everyone to see.

3. Twitter chats can promote engagement with customers.

As already mentioned, there’s a lot of engagement going on during Twitter chats. But you won’t only be interacting with new people. Twitter has stated that most consumers use the platform as a customer service channel. So, this is a great opportunity for you to gather feedback for improvement or prove how reliable you are by providing assistance.

Engaging with your customers and meeting their needs allows you to nurture your relationship with them. It’s important to take care of them even if that’s just through chats to keep them around. Having a loyal following gives you a group of people who will help you promote your brand to those who don’t know you yet.

4. Twitter chats can give access to new information and content.

Aside from interactions, another way to keep your followers engaged is to provide them with interesting content on your social media platforms. However, sometimes, we just run out of ideas that we can turn into content. One fun way to solve this problem is to talk to new people. 

Users who join Twitter chats can offer inspiration and insights that you haven’t come up with. They can share a lot of tips and hacks that you can collate and turn into a blog or infographics. Just take screenshots of the ideas that captured your attention and be sure to credit them when you use them in your content.

Now that we’re done answering the question “How do Twitter chats work,” get ready to start hosting your own Twitter chats (if you haven’t yet! Here are some quick tips that will help you prepare for it:

  • Create the hashtag for your Twitter chat event (make it short and catchy).
  • Choose the topic you want to talk about with your participants.
  • Come up with thought-provoking questions - preferably, open-ended ones.
  • Have designated moderators to keep the event organized and invite some panelists.
  • Pick a specific time (consider the time zones) and make sure you promote the event.
  • Use visuals and schedule the questions you have prepared.
  • Put together a post-chat recap that summarizes all the best points.

They may not be done in person but Twitter chats are still a form of get-togethers. You may not be in a physical venue to meet all the participants face to face. Though there are other ways to boost brand awareness, they’re an efficient way to promote your business to a large group of people. You actually even have a larger audience with Twitter chats as social media platforms erase the factors of location and distance. Now, that’s one advantage that you shouldn’t pass up!

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