How Golf Can Teach You Social Media Skills

It Usually Takes More Than One Shot

Playing golf involves using a club to hit a small ball into a small hole located meters away from the player. Sounds easy, right?

Not so much. The truth is, golf is anything but simple. You see, you have to invest in a lot of equipment to ace your game. And while it may not be as physically demanding as some sports, hitting a golf ball properly requires repeatedly coordinating various muscle groups - not to mention the level of mental strain involved.

Social media is no different. It requires constant learning and staying updated with varying trends.

The last place we expect to enhance our social media skills was on the links, but surprisingly, golf has taught us many skills that could be applied to work involving social media marketing. 

Read on to learn the surprising lessons golf can teach you about social media:

Balance is key

Golf isn’t all about having the best golf club and the latest gadgets. They are only there to supplement your hard work. To hit the ball successfully, you have to perfect your golf stance first. Improve your posture, and you’re bound to improve your game, even with a mediocre swing.

Your legs are your foundation for a great golf stance. Your knees should be flexed, and your feet should be shoulder-width apart. Check your balance by making sure your weight is evenly spread between your toes and heels.

man playing golf

Similarly, you should have the same goal when approaching social media. It would be best to have your feet firmly positioned in one or two social media platforms to have a good foundation for your brand’s marketing and reach maximum engagement. 

Investing your efforts and resources in the wrong platforms can exhaust your budget, especially if you use paid ads. You can’t build a successful brand on a weak foundation. You must have solid marketing if you’re going to have a strong brand.

Patience is a virtue

Did you know that Tiger Woods started playing golf when he was two years old? Three years later, he was featured in the Golf Digest magazine, where his prowess was introduced to the world. And 14 years later, he played his first professional tournament in the prestigious Los Angeles Open. He became the youngest Masters champion ever at the age of 21.

Even the world’s greatest golfer took years of hustle and hard work to become a champion. Success doesn’t come overnight on your social media campaign or a new product announcement, either. They will take time to see results and demonstrate that your efforts are fruitful based on the work you’ve done. 

Learning how to wait can be difficult, but you have to remember that it’s part of the whole process. You also need to exercise patience as you practice and learn to become a better social media marketer.

Be coachable

Playing golf with your colleagues will teach you so much about manners, character, and hard work - both on and off the greens, only if you let yourself be coachable. 

golf ball

You see, the best golfers are the ones who allow themselves to grow. They are the ones who always leave room for improvement, believing that there’s always something new to learn or improve.

When managing your social media accounts, make sure that you keep an open mind to your mentor’s professional insights, tips, and lessons. Be willing to listen and learn, accept criticisms, and be aggressive to learn - make a conscious effort to improve your social media skills and see your efforts advance too.

Be flexible

Golf is full of challenges, such as water hazards, weather conditions, new pin placements, or even a simple mis-hit that you need to make up for with your succeeding swings. Keeping an alert, focused mind can help you adjust to the challenges that may come your way.

In social media, if there’s anything that the current pandemic has taught us, it’s that a continuous flow of leads and engagements is never guaranteed. Therefore, as a digital marketer or social media manager, you have to be adaptable to unprecedented challenges, such as the ever-changing trends and tricky algorithm updates.

Practice more

Now that you know golf involves hard work and challenges, it’s time to hone your skills. It’s important to remember that golf is not about how much time you spend in practice, but how you practice that creates an impactful difference. So, before heading to the driving range, work on a practice plan.

woman resting in a golf field

Practicing consistently also rings true when you’re updating or changing your social media marketing strategy. When you notice something’s not working in your favor, adjust several factors. Your posts aren’t getting much traction? Come up with content ideas that your target audience can relate to. Is your unfollower rate decreasing? Maybe you’re posting too much irrelevant content.

Growth requires failure and learning from your mistakes, so make sure to regularly track and evaluate your performance to identify potential areas for improvement.

Don’t dwell on failures

The more a golfer complains or worries about bad shots, the less capable and motivated he is of making up for the mis-hits. Each shot is unique on its own, but each mis-hit presents a chance of redemption. So, make sure to give yourself the right headspace before you hit a golf ball!

This concept is valuable in the life of a digital marketer. No matter how badly you mess up, may it be in the form of subpar customer service, a controversial post, or an ad that didn’t convert, there’s always an opportunity to bounce back.


At the end of the day, golf is just a game, and games are meant to be enjoyable. Learning the ropes of golf may be stressful, especially for those just starting out in the sport. Sure, it’s not an easy game, and we all can get competitive, but there’s no point in doing something if you don’t enjoy it. So, don’t forget to relax, take a breather, and enjoy the game!

golf ball giving a thumbs up

Similarly, don’t stress too much when it comes to your social media efforts. In your attempt to grow your brand on the digital landscape, don’t forget to forge meaningful connections with your audience. After all, that’s the prime reason why social media platforms exist - to connect and form meaningful relationships.


It’s incredible how golf can teach us valuable social media skills. Do you play golf? What’s the most relevant lesson you learned from this list?

Author Bio
Jordan Fuller is a businessman, golf coach, and writer from Nebraska. He enjoys hitting the links, coaching golfers, and providing free professional golf advice and equipment reviews on his website, Golf Influence

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