How Rising Fuel Costs Will Likely Affect Digital Nomads And Other Travelers

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Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has led to rising fuel costs across the world. This has prompted digital nomads and other frequent travelers to wonder whether or not this is a good time to travel. Industry experts have shared their thoughts on this subject in various media interviews.

An increasing number of passengers

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Case in point, Atlanta-based Delta Air Lines is actually seeing an increase in the number of travelers lately.

According to Bloomberg, Delta Chief Executive Officer Ed Bastian recently said:

“People have decided to start traveling again. And in the last three weeks the governments of the world have decided it’s time to go, that the Covid era is over.”

Bastian was also quick to add that they’ve seen a “momentary little blip” at the start of the Russian invasion. According to him, Americans initially hesitated to go to Europe but the demand has now increased.

Still, Delta President Glen Hauenstein added that despite the trend, the rising fuel costs will still cause increases in airfares – possibly by up to $15 to $20 for a $200 ticket. The reason? Jet fuel prices have also gone up by about 80% compared with last year.   

“Jet fuel has to be micro-processed (refined) to a greater degree than the fuel used for cars and it is costly to do so,” explained American Automobile Association spokesperson Aldo Vasquez.

Airfare cost increase is probably inevitable at this point

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In a CBS feature, Willis Orlando of Scott’s Cheap Flights pointed out:   

“If oil prices remain at $100 a barrel or higher for a length of weeks or months, yes, we will definitely see an effect on prices… At a certain point, airlines are going to have to decide, how much do they pass on to consumers, and how much do they eat in the name of competition.”

Will the rising fuel costs stop digital nomads and other travelers from taking global trips?

How Rising Fuel Costs Will Likely Affect Digital Nomads And Other Travelers blog img

Brad Clawson, owner of the Salt Lake City-based travel agency Clawson Travel has this to say:

“Unless prices were to go up 50 percent, then people are going to start thinking twice whether they’re willing to travel or not.”

Besides, it’s still possible for digital nomads to find affordable tickets out there. The trick, of course, is to book early.

As Scott’s Cheap Flights co-founder Scott Keyes told Forbes:

“The question travelers ought to be asking is: are cheap flights still popping up? And the answer to that is definitively, absolutely.”


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