How Startups Can Make The Most Of Their YouTube Channel

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With almost 23 billion monthly visitors, YouTube has definitely risen to become the world’s second most popular website, next only to Google. Everyone’s definitely on YouTube these days!

As a business owner, the platform presents you with a unique opportunity to market your brand with videos. Your target audience, regardless of their profile or age, probably watch videos on YouTube – and so you want to reach them there.

While putting up ads on YouTube can be helpful, you can also create a channel and upload your own videos as a marketing strategy. It may require a lot of effort on your end yet the outcome can be very much worth it.

So how can startup businesses make the most of their presence on YouTube? Here are some practical pointers to consider!

Tip #1: Complete the About section

This may not particularly sound like a groundbreaking suggestion but yes, filling up your About page with the right information can make a difference.

When new viewers encounter your channel, some of them go straight to the About section to decide whether they should subscribe or not. So take the time to explain what your channel is all about. Keep in mind that the first portion of your About section appears in the results when users search for your channel on YouTube.

Also, don’t forget to indicate your business address so they know your exact location. Be sure to add links to your social media accounts and website. That way, subscribers will know how to find you online.

Tip #2: Make a catchy channel trailer

Usually only 30 to 90 seconds short, a channel trailer can be “a powerful way to turn channel page visitors into subscribers.”

In the said trailer, introduce yourself and then tell viewers about the type of videos they can expect from your channel. If you have a posting schedule, share it and then finally, invite people to subscribe.

Tip #3: Utilize your tags (but don’t overdo them)

Tags can be useful in helping YouTube’s algorithm introduce your content to your target audience.

Utilize a combination of industry specific and general topic keywords to appear on more searches. Keep your eyes peeled on keyword trends and see if you can use it for your videos.

There is no limit to the number of tags you can use per video but there is a limit of approximately 400 characters. Writing too many tags may only confuse YouTube so steer clear of that bad practice.

As a general rule, your first few tags should be your most relevant ones.

Tip #4: Respond to comments

Nowadays, a lot of people use YouTube as a search engine. One thing that sets it apart from Google, however, is that channel owners can actually interact with subscribers and non-subscribers alike.  

Encourage viewers to comment and, when they do, be sure to reply. Doing this can “fuel conversations amongst your followers,” wrote MailChimp. Truly, “a simple response can help solidify the brand-customer relationship.”

Tip #5: Upload customized video thumbnails

Make sure to upload customized thumbnails instead of static images supplied by YouTube. Your videos can pop up in relevant searches and so you want an attractive thumbnail that entices viewers to click and watch.  

Moreover, having the right thumbnail gives your channel identity and makes your videos look distinct. So either learn how to design them or hire a freelancer who can do it for you.

Tip #6: Collaborate with influencers

Finally, working with an influencer gives you instant access to their fans online. Try to do promotions with them such as giveaways or discounts. When you collaborate with the right one, you get to introduce your product or service to a wider audience and increase brand awareness.


People’s attention span can be relatively short on YouTube. Plus you want to play around with the platform’s algorithm to make the most of your presence there. Working on those two factors can work wonders so be patient and just consistently do your best.

Also, make sure that the first few seconds of your videos are powerful enough to make people keep watching.

In a Forbes interview, ClassPass PR head Mandy Menaker emphasized:

“It takes people less than three seconds to decide whether they want to watch your video or not. If you don't catch their attention, they will scroll to the next thing in their newsfeed. For that reason, make sure the start of your video is engaging, to the point and visual. Be sure to use descriptive and catchy titles to hook viewers.”

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