How To Be More Productive As An Entrepreneur

How To Be More Productive As An Entrepreneur

A good entrepreneur understands the value of prioritizing things that matter most. This isn’t always easy, given all the obstacles and distractions that startup businesses face on a daily basis, but with experience, entrepreneurs eventually gain the skill of determining which tasks truly deserve their time and attention at specific moments.

Entrepreneur, podcaster, and The 4-Hour Workweek author Tim Ferriss gives some wise advice on this subject. He once said, “Focus on being productive instead of busy.”

Here are 10 top productivity tips that every entrepreneur should consider:

1. Know when you are most productive

Maintaining your focus at all times can be challenging but generally speaking, it all boils down to determining when you’re most productive. Are you a morning person? Or a night owl, perhaps? Knowing this is crucial if you really want to make the most of your working hours.

Whether you're working from your home, office, or a coworking space for a day, the goal is to identify what time you are most prolific and creative.

2. Develop a routine

That said, sticking to a routine requires discipline. Additionally, it helps add structure to your days so it’s absolutely worth doing. When you start and end working around the same time every single day, you tend to stay more focused on your tasks.

3. Identify common distractions and work on eliminating them.

Another thing you should do is to identify and get rid of unnecessary distractions. Do you spend too much time replying to emails or social media messages? Put your email alerts and notifications on silent and only come back to them once you’re done with your tasks. This may sound like a simple thing to do but it’s guaranteed to increase your efficiency.

4. Avoid multitasking

Entrepreneurs are often busy and are used to wearing many different hats. So there is always that constant temptation to multitask. However, doing so leads to reduced productivity as you try to attend to various distractions you encounter throughout the day.

As the old proverb goes, “If you chase two rabbits, you will not catch either one.”

Staying focused on one goal at a time will always be the better option in the long run.

5. Delegate

No, you don’t have to do everything yourself. When done right, delegation not only benefits you and your business - it also allows those around you to develop and progress their skillset.

Just make sure that the person that you are delegating to fully understands the assignment. Provide clear instructions and training. Then follow-up with them regularly, offering support if needed.

You’ll be less stressed when you do this.

6. Take a break

We couldn’t emphasize this enough: breaks are important and ignoring them only leads to fatigue - which will then decrease your effectiveness.

So step away from your workstation. Sip a cup of coffee. Go out for a walk and eat your favorite snack. Get ample rest. When your schedule allows it, take a vacation with your loved ones. This will all be for your advantage.

Activist, speaker, and best-selling author Bryant McGill said it best with this quote: "Your calm mind is the ultimate weapon against your challenges. So relax."

7. Set clear goals

The more specific your goal is, the better. Set your own deadlines, too. This will allow you to track your tasks and measure your progress at the same time. Write it down in a notebook or an app of your choice. Speaking of which…

8. Explore new technology

There are a lot of available tools online that you can use to stay on top of things. For example, project management software such as Asana or Trello helps to ensure that you and your team are on the same page. Meanwhile, Hubstaff or TimeDoctor allows you to monitor remote workers.

For more on this subject, you can check out our article on the Top 50 Tech Tools For Start-Up Businesses.

9. Get advice from your mentors

Online financial technology company Kabbage, Inc. conducted a survey of more than 200 small businesses in the US. The result tells us that 92% of these entrepreneurs agree that “mentors have a direct impact on the growth and survival of their business.”

Amy Zimmerman, Kabbage’s Head of People Operations, also backs this fact up, “A great mentor is someone who provides objective advice, provides counsel from a fresh perspective, is willing to collaborate, listen and learn, as well as remind you of your goals, your purpose and what you’re working so hard to achieve.”

10. Evaluate

Lastly, take time to reflect and evaluate. Assess which of your strategies are working well and which ones aren’t. That way, you can tweak your process as necessary. You'll learn how to be more productive and effective in meeting your business goals.

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