How to Eliminate Distractions and Get in the Zone

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How can you eliminate distractions and get right down to work?

So many people have a tough time reaching their productivity goals with all of the unlimited distractions bombarding us on a daily basis.

When distractions are such a huge part of your life, it’s going to seem practically impossible to get in and stay in the zone.

But that’s only because you don’t have the right techniques in place to reach the zone or your highest level of peak performance on a regular, consistent basis.

It’s tough because there’s always so much going on throughout the day.

When you’re in the office, the phone never seems to stop ringing, your email never seems to stop coming, and your social media accounts always seem to chime to let you know that there is another post waiting for your viewing pleasure.

If you need to be productive, you have to learn how to get rid of all of these distractions so that you can enter the zone and become as productive as you can be.

Time Blocking: A Huge Advantage to Getting in the Zone

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The art of time blocking is incredibly effective for getting in the zone.

For starters, the simple fact that you’ve actually scheduled a time to completely focus on an important task immediately sets the right tone and helps you begin to focus on your major priority at hand.

So, scheduling a block of time to get an important project done is the ultimate first step.

By doing so, you are signaling to your brain that it’s time to turn off social media, shut down your email account, and ignore phone calls, text messages, and any other distraction that might come your way.

Why is this so effective?

Well, we have a tendency to achieve our goals and get more things done once we’ve made it an action item on our calendar or to-do list.

Not only that, but you are creating a time where you are going to be completely free of distractions, which will lead you to feel free of guilt, and give you an opportunity to block out everything else from your environment so that you can really focus and get into the zone.

The Right Way to Accomplish Time Blocking

As mentioned at the beginning of the previous section, there is an art to time blocking, and if done correctly you’ll achieve massive productivity.

You have to take your whole to-do list and add it to your favorite time tracking software like Clockspot or put it in your digital calendar or physical date book.

When you do this, you have actually created a specific date and time in which you will work on this to-do list item or project.

Now, find a calm, quiet place to sit and work on your projects and checklist items.

You’ll feel more accomplished and get a whole lot more done after you begin crossing these important items off of your list.

Using Nootropics to Gain Greater Focus

Some people seem to have a difficult time focusing no matter how hard they try.

Maybe, just maybe, you need a little help to achieve real world, lasting concentration.

That’s why we recommend using brain boosting Nootropics to help you gain greater focus, clarity, mental acuity, and stamina.

The best of the best Nootropics that we found is called Optimind.

This powerful stack contains brain-boosting ingredients like taurine, tyrosine, caffeine, GABA, Bacopa Monnieri and other wonderful ingredients.

When combined, these ingredients help keep you calm, stress-free, concentrating on the task at hand, energized, and clear-minded.

Using these wonderful Nootropics supplements will make it so much easier to enter the zone if gaining focus and clarity is an issue for you.

Setting Goals

You want to have somewhere to go. If you don’t have any goals, it will slow down your day. But if you’re always working toward the goals you’ve set for yourself, you’re more likely to achieve and even overcome them. You’ve got to set realistic goals, though.

If you set unrealistic goals, you’ll either underperform or become overwhelmed. Set goals within your ability to succeed, and find “the zone”.

Proper Nutrition And Coworker Interaction

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You’ve got to eat right and exercise regularly if you want the greatest productivity. Having a coworker “buddy” to help you along in this process could be the best way to do that. When you’ve got someone to “keep you honest”, you’re more likely to hit your goals.

Coworkers can help you hit your goals better than you can help yourself, in many cases. Additionally, you can get into friendly competition. There’s an old saying about how many hands make light work, and a cord with three strands is hard to break.

If you can get a group of coworkers together aiming at a goal, and pushing to achieve it, your organization will see profit. Your little group will likely see profit as well, and bonuses beyond individual attainment may be achieved. Plus, you’ll get in the zone more quickly as you’ll have the added pressure of social interaction to drive you.


As you can see, it might not seem easy at first, but it is possible to get into the zone if you use the methods mentioned today.

Guest Post by Wendy Dessler

Wendy is a super-connector with OutreachMama and Towering SEO who helps businesses find their audience online through outreach, partnerships, and networking. She frequently writes about the latest advancements in digital marketing and focuses her efforts on developing customized blogger outreach plans depending on the industry and competition.

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