How To Find The Right Freelancer For Your Start-Up Company

Thinking of hiring a freelancer? There are certain things you need to keep in mind if you want to find the right person in no time.

You’ve probably heard horror stories from other business owners. They post a job online, receive hundreds of resumes, and then proceed to pick a candidate they think would be able to do the job. After a week or so into the project, they come to the realization that the freelancer can’t really handle the tasks. And so they end up having to start the entire recruitment process all over again.

To avoid all that hassle and expense, here are a few pointers you should always remember:

Be very specific about what you want and what you can offer.

It all begins with writing a detailed job posting. It should be written well enough that applicants understand exactly what you’re looking for.

Explain the duties and responsibilities, along with specific qualifications (such as academic achievements, work experience, and mastery of certain software) you require or prefer for the job. Ideally, you should also include details of the compensation and benefits you offer. Will you pay them hourly or on a per-project basis? Do you offer remote work options? Being upfront about these things can help applicants determine early on whether this is really something they want to do or not.

In some cases, recruiters add a simple instruction (such as “write the word ‘Beaver’ in the subject line of your email” or “send me a 30-second video explaining why I should hire you”) at the end of the posting just to see who really took the time to read everything. If you’re looking for someone with attention to detail, this could be an effective way to weed out unqualified ones right off the bat.

Review resumes - and conduct thorough interviews.

After narrowing the applications down, you can now take time to review resumes. At this point, your goal is to look for a freelancer with the right skills and knowledge that you need for the job.

Fact: a well-written resume can reveal so much about a person so it’s important that you review them well. Know about the person’s expertise by checking out his or her portfolio. See if they’ve done any past projects similar to what you need right now.

Ask specific questions during the interview. If relevant, quiz them about software tools or processes relevant to your business to make sure you end up hiring the right candidate. Also, try to assess the individual’s personality if you can. This is important because you want to work with someone you’ll be comfortable with.

The freelancer has a proven track record for working hard.

Along with that, you may want to get in touch with the person’s past employers and clients. Their referrals should validate the information you’ve seen on the portfolio. Contact the most recent referrals as they will be able to give you a clearer picture of the freelancer’s efficiency and work ethics.

Fiverr, Upwork, and other similar platforms have rating and review systems in place so that’s another factor to remember. Checking what others have to say about the freelancer’s performance can give you a clue whether the individual is worth hiring or not.

Does the freelancer know how to use collaborative tools?

These days, collaborative tools such as Asana, Google Workspace, Slack, and Zoom, among others, have become the standard for many businesses. It is highly recommended that you select someone who already has experience with these tools so they’re easier to monitor and are constantly on the same page as the rest of the team.

You’ll be on your way to hiring the best freelance professional for your start-up if you take these things into serious consideration - and you’ll be more than compensated for the time it takes to get it right.

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