How to Make Tech Investments in 2021: Stock Market Edition

How Can You Start Investing

We don’t have to tell you how much technology has taken over our lives, and for the better. The fact that you are reading this is proof of that! Also, you may be one of those considering on embarking on tech investments.

Imagine being amidst a global pandemic in a world without internet – a place where you have no means to contact your loved ones in real-time, no way to educate yourself or your children other than a few books at your home, and above all, no way to call for help in case of an emergency.

In the pre-digital era, mental health was not even a thing! Thanks to technology, we are able to keep ourselves connected, keep ourselves sane, and take care of our mental health.

At a time like this, you might be someone who can spot a diamond in a coal mine - an angel investing opportunity at a small scale even during times of distress!

How to Invest in Tech?

Technology is very dynamic and rapidly evolving. The mobile phone you buy today might be a thing of the past in just 1 or 2 years! Therefore, most of the tech products you buy are not investments but rapidly depreciating assets.

So, how can you invest in tech without actually buying tech? The simple answer is – buy the companies that make the tech!

Well, for those of you (and us) who don’t have trillions of dollars lying around, the next best thing is to buy a part of the company in the form of shares from the stock market.

In this article, we will look at four promising technology stocks for 2021.

1. Apple (APPL)

stock chart of apple's stocks
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Apple Inc. takes the first place on the list not just because it is one of the most innovative and lucrative companies but is also the largest company by market cap in the entire world!

Apple, being a significant tech investment, is also the first company in the history of the United States to reach the trillion-dollar cap.

Warren Buffet, one of the most sought-after investors globally, is also an avid supporter of this multi-trillion-dollar company.

Over the years, Apple continued to make strides in technological innovation, with its products being years ahead of its competition. For a long time now, Apple has set the standard for mobile phone processors. These processors have always set the gold standard for mobile performance.

In addition to having great electronic products on a microscopic level, Apple has managed to create an ecosystem of products that work seamlessly with one another. Thus, it becomes even harder for an Apple user to turn to a different operating system or company.

Given below are some useful metrics about Apple Inc.:

  • Market Cap: USD 2.11 trillion
  • Volume: 4,665,313
  • 5-Year gain of APPL: +434.50%

Today APPL trades in the ballpark of USD 130.

2. Netflix, Inc. (NFLX)

stock chart of Netflix stocks
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Did you know that the NFLX stock performed better than all stocks in the S&P 500 in the last decade?

Although Netflix, Inc. is not a technology company, per se, it is a technologically driven company. Moreover, because of its impeccable performance over the years, it deserves a spot on this list of tech investments!

While the shares of several publicly traded technology companies tanked since the beginning of 2020, OTT platforms like Netflix soared high!

Netflix is one of the largest OTT platforms in the world. It is a streaming service provider and a production house as it creates its own TV shows and movies.

However, keep in mind that Netflix today has strong competitors, unlike in its early days of glory. Large players like Amazon, HBO, and Disney have entered into the same space as Netflix and are proving to be strong competitors.

Given below are some useful metrics about Netflix, Inc.:

  • Market Cap: USD 215.60 billion
  • Volume: 423,322
  • 5-Year gain of NFLX: +417.79%

Today NFLX trades in the ballpark of USD 480.

3. Advanced Micro Devices Inc. (AMD)

stock chart of advanced micro devices, inc.
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Advanced Micro Devices Inc. is one of the largest electronic chipmakers in the world, competing against Intel (INTL) for microprocessors and against Nvidia (NVDA) for Graphics Processing Units (GPUs).

AMD has always struggled to keep up with its competition. However, recently, they have been making commendable strides in technology and innovation by launching better products at much lower costs than their competitors.

For example, its latest GPU, Radeon RX 6800M, is a much better performer than its Nvidia counterpart RTX 3070, at a fraction of the price!

Although AMD might sound like a slightly riskier investment, it is a good option to consider given its phenomenal long-term returns and much lower price per share.

Given below are some useful metrics about Advanced Micro Devices Inc.:

  • Market Cap: USD 98.87 billion
  • Volume: 3,427,267
  • 5-Year gain of AMD: +1445.44%

Today AMD trades in the ballpark of USD 80.

4. Square, Inc. (SQ)

stock chart of square, inc.
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While we are on the topic of finance and technology, let's consider a very unique publicly traded fintech company, Square, Inc.

Headquartered in San Francisco, California, Square is spread across seven countries and is the largest offline payments processing company in the United States of America.

Square has delved into a narrow niche and innovated it from the ground up. It makes offline payments fast, easy and reliable. Furthermore, unlike many other competitors, Square designs and builds its own tools.

Finally, Square is also becoming of the first adopters of cryptocurrency in its niche.

Given below are some useful metrics about Advanced Micro Devices Inc.:

  • Market Cap: USD 93.23 billion
  • Volume: 7,032,747
  • 5-Year gain of SQ: +2326.33%

Today SQ trades in the ballpark of USD 215.


Those were some of the best tech stocks to invest in, in 2021. While there are several more, ensure that you thoroughly research the company you decide to invest in before diving into the process.

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