In The Dark? Here Are Lighting Tips to Brighten Up Your Home Office

Lighting Tips

When setting up a home office, lighting is often the last thing on our list. We tend to prioritize other things like our computer, desk, and chair. It’s only when we finally put everything together that we suddenly realize there’s not enough lighting.

Illumination is an essential part of any work setup — whether it’s at your company’s physical office or at home. It can affect how you work. Effects of poor lighting range from physical to mental. It can cause you discomfort like eyestrain and headaches. In addition, it can affect your mood and energy.

So, how do we ensure that our home office has enough lighting? Here are some tips!

1 Make use of natural light

Nothing beats natural sunlight during the day, so it’s better to choose an area in your house where there’s a lot of it for your home office. It can help to reduce stress and enhance mental stimulation.

While it may be a nuisance sometimes, making it hard to see your screen, with proper positioning it won’t bother you at all. You can also add lace or blinds to diffuse the brightness and reduce the heat.

2. Know what else you need

The sun’s position changes throughout the day, so relying on natural light is not enough. What’s more, the brightness in the morning isn’t the same in the afternoon. So, you’ll need additional sources of light to compensate for these changes.

  • Overhead light

An overhead light can cover the absence of natural light later in the day. If you want to maintain the level of brightness you have in the mornings, look for an overhead light that mimics the sunlight’s brightness. 

  • Task light

Overhead lights can brighten up the whole room but they still may not be adequate for focus-intensive tasks. So, add a desk lamp or a floor lamp to help you with your computer and paperwork. If possible, get one that has an adjustable arm so that you can move the light anywhere around your desk without moving the whole lamp. 

  • Ambient light

Using an overhead and task light alone can strain your eyes in the long run. To reduce their negative effects, complete your lighting setup with some ambient light to counteract the harsh brightness coming from your other light sources. 

3. Avoid glare

Your lighting may cause problems that can disrupt your workflow when they’re not well-positioned.

For example, a desk lamp right beside your monitor can cause glare on your monitor, making it harder for you to see what’s on your screen. 

Even though it takes trial and error to find the perfect spot for your lighting, it’s well worth getting it right in order to protect your eyes and make your workspace as comfortable as possible.

4. Go cordless if you can

Since you may need to switch your lights’ positions from time to time, having a spaghetti junction of cords to deal with can be really frustrating - and potentially cause safety hazards. So, opt for rechargeable lamps or ones that use USB connection as they are safer and more manageable.

These will not only make your lamps easier to move around, they will also make your desk more organized — another factor that can enhance your focus and creativity.

5. Add some decorative lighting

While your lamps are primarily used to help improve your productivity, it doesn’t mean that you have to totally sacrifice aesthetics in the name of functionality. You can still have a Pinterest-worthy work-from-home setup if you want. 

Working from home allows you a lot of flexibility and that includes how you want to arrange your office. There are a lot of stylish lamps on the market that will suit your desired theme. Maybe you’ll want to introduce some accent lighting to add some character to your home office. 

Don’t underestimate the benefits of having a well-lit home office. It can do wonders for your productivity, focus, comfort, mental wellbeing and physical health. But aside from lighting, there are other ways that can improve your work-from-home set up. So, don’t be afraid to play around — it’s your place after all! 

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