Influencer Interview: Lauren Wax of EatsAndTheCity

Lauren Wax is a food blogger with a mission: she wants to try every single A-rated restaurant in New York City. Beyond that, she’s also hoping to visit some of the top restaurants across the US and maybe even around the globe. 

An avid Instagram user, Lauren excitedly shares her passion for great food with her thousands of followers online. We’re happy we recently had the wonderful opportunity to chat with her, so allow us to introduce you to this amazing influencer. Check out our interview with Eats and The City’s Lauren Wax here:

Q1. Was there one pivotal moment that changed your life path for you to become an influencer or is this something that you have been working towards your whole life? 

Starting Eats and the City was completely unplanned.  Almost 6 years ago, I was strolling down the streets of the UWS, swooning over a new restaurant opening like a kid in a candy shop. My mother-in-law told me I reminded her of Carrie from Sex and the City, but instead of sex and shopping, my passion is for food and dining out (although I also enjoy the former two). I went home that night and typed in the URL "". It wasn't taken. I was also posting so much food content on my personal IG, that it naturally made sense to create the Instagram account The rest is history! 

Q2. How would you describe your particular style?

No one has ever asked me this! If I had to sum it up at the moment, it'd be "food-porn, lifestyle-chic".

Q3. What are your core values and how do you reflect this in what you share?

My platform is first and foremost a food account that shows my favorite restaurants and dishes. My number one priority is supporting the restaurant industry. From time to time, I share more personal things in my life (my husband, nieces, and nephews, my new home, etc). I also stay authentic and post about different causes and views I am passionate about. 

Tiktok features lots of trends that are hard to keep up with because one day something is popular and you have 24 hours to create content. Half the time I miss the trend. I think the biggest "trend" that I am most passionate about supporting is restaurants and how they are always continuing to adapt to this pandemic.

Q5. Has the Covid crisis affected what you do and how have you adapted? 

The beginning was challenging as restaurants were shut down. I supported them as much as I could with donations, ordering in, and sharing as many promotions/specials as much as possible. During the first year of the pandemic, I cooked a lot. I am a terrible cook but somehow created some delicious dishes. It just takes so much time and I am not an expert videographer. I still cook about once or twice a week, but am much better at eating and photographing food at a restaurant!

Q6. What challenges do you face going forward? 

The food influencer world is super saturated right now. There's a lot of content out there and the algorithms on Instagram and Tiktok are discouraging. I try to focus on myself and not compare myself to others. I do not work on Eats & the City full time, whereas a lot of food creators do.

Q7. What are your main priorities and objectives? 

To help restaurants and encourage people to try the food and spots I love! It's also nice to get some free meals and sponsored posts from time to time.

Q8. How do you motivate yourself? 

I have a Peloton and love to exercise. Having workout motivation allows me to eat what I want when I go out. I eat pretty healthy during the week and for lunch, so have no problem treating myself and trying the best things on the menu - especially for content!

Q9. How focused are you on new technology, platforms, and apps? 

I try to stay focused, but I don't lose sleep over not knowing or being the best at every platform.

Q10. Can you identify one moment when your career path was clearly illuminated? 

Yes! When I was on an Urbanspace billboard in Times Square. That was super cool!

Q11. Did you have a mentor who changed your life? How so? 

I have had lots of mentors, but one person who changed my life and I didn't even know him was Anthony Bourdain (I actually passed him on the street about a month before he died). He has inspired me to try new food wherever I go and make travel a priority. Whenever I travel, I really try to take in local recommendations and try new cuisines and flavors with an open mind.

Q12. Name an influencer you admire, and why. 

Anthony Bourdain -- as mentioned above. For someone alive, I really admire what Dave Portnoy did for the restaurant industry during Covid and love his no-bulls**t approach. I've also been following @edeneats for a while and love her recipes and overall vibe.

Q13. What major changes would you like to see on social media? 

Less hate and judging.

Q14. How do you define success? 

Influencing people to find dishes and restaurants that they love based on my recommendations. I want to always come off as accessible where friends and followers can DM me if they want my opinion on where to eat out. Also happiness and health for my family and myself!

Thank you so much, Lauren, for doing this short interview with us. We truly appreciate your time and energy. For those who want to follow Lauren's gastronomic adventures, you can find Eats And The City on Instagram and Facebook. You can also check out the official website.

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