21 Innovative Startups in NYC

To rank the most innovative startups in NYC, we wanted to consider several factors. First, we want startups that launched within the last few years and are doing something different and groundbreaking in their industry.
We also want startups with headquarters in NYC that are growing fast, and the founding team has created an environment where employees are excited to go to work.
Here are the most innovative startups in NYC.

#21 AptDeco

AptDeco is among the startups in NYC, it is an online marketplace dedicated to buying and selling quality pre-owned furniture. They also offer a complete end-to-end process to bring back the joy of discovering unique furniture finds for your home. 

Moreover, with a trusted and verified community of buyers and sellers, pre-arranged pick up and delivery, and a secure payment process, you can sit back, relax and enjoy your finds. At the same time, they take care of those pesky details in the background.

#20 Matter

Matter is building a new kind of factory for independent designers and creative businesses. They're also making it easy for anyone to start a production run - without ever leaving your browser.

Upload your design in whatever format you work — whether drawing, model, or picture of a wax. Once you've selected your materials, you can order a full-quality production sample before going to batch. Once you approve your sample, you're ready to go into production. You can order as few as ten or as many as 1,000.

#19 Bloomojo

A booming startup in NYC, Bloomojo is a peer-to-peer marketplace of health & wellness specialties on-demand, straight to your door. Anytime, anywhere. 

Bloomojo does a fantastic job connecting patients with practitioners who can provide a proactive patient-centered approach to health and wellness instead of disease management and symptom suppression.

Bloomojo actually solves the problem of the growing need for disease prevention rather than last-minute care.

Read our interview with Bloomojo founder & CEO Victoria Saucier, click here.

#18 Slash

an Iphone and ipad sitting on a table

Slash is a free keyboard for iPhones & iPad that makes it easy to share anything without switching apps. Slash also lets you share anything, from any app, without leaving your keyboard. Overall, they want to increase ideas per minute with a fast, accurate, responsive mobile keyboard.

Just tap “/“ to unlock tons of your favorite services like Foursquare, Spotify, Youtube, GIFs, Stickers, & more.

#17 Twist

Twist focuses on redefining the innovative home experience by creating easy-to-use plug-and-play devices. Their products also require no installation, no new infrastructure, and no new wireless networks. Twist is the next generation of home automation.

Twist's first product, the Twist Speaker, is a connected light bulb that combines LED efficiency, time-sensitive adaptive lighting technology, and wireless audio in one product. 

Twist is also currently developing a series of smart home devices redesigned to fit into the form factor of a light bulb, delivering wireless solutions that are as easy to install as changing a light bulb.

#16 Republic

Republic is an open investment platform. It allows you to choose from different companies that you, as a startup business owner, will help you grow your business. Overall, its mission is to democratize investing. Irrespective of your net worth, investing is also considered as casting a vote for the technology or change you want to see in the future.

#15 Bizly

Bizly is a platform for booking private meeting spaces on-demand at the world's leading hotels. They also streamline the booking process. Thus, making it simple to create a memorable meeting experience and make a great impression. 

In just a few clicks, you can now browse sophisticated meeting spaces in your area, add-on amenities like food and beverage, confirm payment, and even send meeting invites.

#14 Leo

Leo has one mission: innovate the process of health care delivery for kids.

This business aims to rebuild the pediatric practice by completely redesigning the entire physical space, including changes to the workflow and introducing a different technologies.

Leo is also not a traditional health care company. Instead, it is a consumer product, technology, and customer service company, their product is patient care. This framework informs their culture, people, and products.

They combine the best of what we know to be possible from the startup tech world for technology, experience, and design, combining it with the most imaginative and innovative clinical redesign and applying it to pediatric care.

#13 CardFlight

woman smiling as she checks her phone

Here's another company that can help startup business owners. CardFlight integrates different software that allows companies to offer mobile payments methods and point of sale solutions. 

They also offer a software development kit for developers to quickly add payment acceptance, integrated with their app's functionality and data, enabling them to offer their own custom user experience and application with payments.

#12 Hero

HERO is a smart home appliance that stores, dispenses, and manages vitamins and medicines for you and your family. Furthermore, HERO was founded on the belief that caring for yourself and your loved ones should be simple, smart, and personal. 

Their team is also reimagining how you stay healthy through cutting-edge technology, meaningful data, and engaged communities.

#11 Abacus

Abacus is a management solution that takes makes it easier for you to manage your expense policy. One of its unique features is that it allows business owners to submit and approve expenses on the go; Abacus will then automatically sync with your preferred accounting software and match transactions in real time to achieve hassle-free bookkeeping.

By eliminating the month-end expense report, Abacus also turns to submitting and approving expenses into a delightful, collaborative experience. 

#10 Mark43

Mark43 is building the essential software tools for the future of law enforcement and public safety. 

They're also giving police officers more time in the field and new analysis tools to help combat violent gangs and criminal organizations through streamlined processes.

#9 Exo

Exo are the leaders behind using insects as an alternative protein source. They use the protein they've acquired to make delectable protein bars.

What's more, all their protein bars have zero gluten, dairy, artificial preservatives, soy, or refined sugars. Exo only uses natural, premium ingredients like their protein-rich cricket flour.

The idea for Exo started when the company's founders couldn't find a natural, high-protein snack to fit their dietary requirements. The company is head by Kyle Connaughton, a former Head Chef of R&D at The Fat Duck Restaurant (3 Michelin Stars) and Culinary Director at Chipotle.

#8 Scentbird

woman smelling perfume

Scentbird is the only company that gives women who love switching perfumes access to hundreds of designer and niche fragrances for $14.95 a month. 

Their algorithm also places each consumer in one of the 8 Fragrance archetypes to ensure accurate suggestions.

To sum up - born out of frustration with the “perfume graveyard” — expensive bottles of designer perfume collecting dust on their dresser or cabinet — Scentbird was created to provide a practical and exciting alternative.

#7 Amino

A family of apps built on their mobile-first platform enables people to discover, develop, and express their interests and passions. 

Come together with others who share your excitement, make connections with people worldwide, and have rich conversations in a friendly, open environment at Amino.

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#6 Electric Objects

Electric Objects designs and manufacturers a state-of-the-art digital frame for discovering and displaying thousands of works of art at home and the office. 

Display digital art in your home with their connected display designed for art. Control what appears on your display and discover an incredibly new and original art collection.

#5 Paintzen

Paintzen is changing the methods of painting - for home and office purposes that is. They are hands-on with their approach and lets the customers vision come to life. Moreover, with the help of Paintzen, the path to an inspiring home or office is infinitely smoother.

#4 KeyMe

KeyMe is an NYC-based startup revolutionizing the way people manage their keys. The KeyMe platform is an innovative, convenient, and secure way to copy keys and solve lockouts. 

They accomplish this using a combination of physical kiosks in leading retailers and mobile apps, which digitally scan your key and save it to the cloud.

Once scanned, you can easily share your key with friends and family via email and even personalize your key with their custom designs. 

For future reference, you don't need to be worried every time you get locked out from your home or office. You can simply go to one of their kiosks and print off a copy using only your fingerprint. If that's not enough, they also provide a guide of locksmiths nearby through their app.

#3 Spring

Inspired by the season and the street, Spring is a single shopping destination where people can discover unique products and buy them directly from the brands and designers that make them. 

Spring is a highly personal experience that captures the fun, beauty, and social joy of going shopping in the physical world.

#2 MakeSpace

MakeSpace is your closet in the cloud, a convenient, simple, and on-demand storage solution. With MakeSpace, you never have to revisit a self-storage facility, and they're cheaper than your local storage provider.

After you schedule an appointment, a friendly mover will come to your door, pick up your stuff, and bring it back to storage. They create a visual catalog of it, so you always know what you have.

#1 theSkimm

Sending Message

theSkimm is reimagining the idea of morning television and changing the way female millennials receive news and information. 

Its inaugural product, The Daily Skimm, is the fastest growing email newsletter on the market, with an engaged community of well over three and a half million active subscribers and an industry-crushing open rate.

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