LinkedIn: How To Headhunt The Right Way

How do you use digital platforms like LinkedIn the right way?

When the coronavirus hit, it severely affected the businesses and their employees. 25% of Americans share that they or someone in their household had to lay off due to the pandemic. Almost two years since the onset of this international health crisis, everyone is slowly starting to get back on their two feet. This indicates that employers seek talent to fill new or vacant roles.

One of the ways recruiters can find talent to join their teams is through one of the world’s most popular networking platforms. One of which is LinkedIn, which has been in operation for nearly two decades. The digital platform has also helped millions find jobs and create connections. The platform has amassed 722 million users and is considered one of the most trusted social media platforms globally.

Three people are hired via LinkedIn every minute — how can you use this superpower platform to find the best people for your team? While millions of people use LinkedIn to find potential hires, not every recruiter succeeds. To be able to hire successfully, you will need to learn the tips and tricks to utilize it best.

#1 Be as detailed as possible.

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When using LinkedIn to find hires, of course, the search feature is one of the first things that you’d be inclined to use. This is one of the easiest ways to find people you want to connect with. However, it’s not always effective to type something in and see the perfect person for you. What you’re going to want to do is put in the detail and refine your search results: you can filter by location, education, previous companies, and other essential factors. Refining search results helps narrow down your talent pool.

Aside from refining your search results, you should also make it easy for potential candidates to find you. Creating a job posting that includes all of the pertinent basic information will help job seekers determine whether they should contact you. Here are some of the critical details you won’t want to leave out:

  • Accurate job title
  • Promising introduction
  • Accurate listing of roles and expectations
  • Separate required skills and “good-to-have” skills
  • Include a salary range and benefits

Depending on what else you might need or other things you want people to know upfront, it’s best to put a lot of consideration into your job description. 

#2 Utilize your connections and company followers

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Another option for recruiters is looking a little closer to home. If you know anyone you think would be a good match or someone who knows someone, this could also be an excellent way to find someone who fits the bill. You can also connect with people who are within your suggested contacts.

One more way that you can use LinkedIn the right way to your benefit would be to use your company page. LinkedIn allows you to view your company page’s followers and even those who have just engaged with your posts. You can look for potential recruits within the pool of people who are already interested in your content. You could also post directly on your personal and business pages to announce that you’re hiring to catch the attention of job seekers. LinkedIn often suggests posts on people’s feeds, which will help them find content that’s relevant to them. A compelling post with a few reactions and shares can go long.

#3 Put the pieces together.

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You can extend your reach further after you begin looking for people within your vicinity. Look at the profiles of people who work at similar companies or in certain areas and view their connections. You can even see the people they’ve previously worked with or professionally know to find out if any of their contacts are looking for new opportunities.

Universities also have extensive networks on LinkedIn. Along with previous work experience, people also list educational achievements, making it easier to connect with alumni in their field or that they might know. Since some universities are well-known for excelling in specific areas, you could look at candidates through university networks. You could also ask for referrals within these networks or from other close contacts. Doing a little bit of your investigation can help you find the perfect fit and explore how you can utilize LinkedIn the right way.

#4 Immerse yourself.

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Aside from searching for candidates for yourself, you can also attract them to you. You could do this by joining skill-based and industry groups where you can meet and connect with professionals who have the suitable skill set. These communities can help recruiters expand their talent pool and have people approach them personally or have someone in mind the next time they need to fill vacancies.

Recruiters are also likely to find success via LinkedIn once they begin posting their content and engaging with other people’s posts. Boosting your profile can help you reach the right people once you’re looking to hire. Content on LinkedIn has 15 times more impressions than job postings — nine billion in total, to be precise. It’s fair to say that posting high-quality content can also boost prospects when searching for someone to join your team.


Learn how to use LinkedIn the right way today.

With remote work increasingly becoming the norm across different industries, human resource departments need to consider this critical perk when reaching out to new talent and to ensure staff retention. Building an efficient remote team takes effort — but there is no shortage of good advice from experts who have already figured out the best ways to do it right.

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