How To Launch Exciting Ideas By Finding A Makerspace In NYC

What's a Makerspace, and How Can It Benefit Your Business?

Innovation and creativity are key to the success of a business. What if you could easily tap into an environment where you and your employees engage in collaborative projects, develop various skills, and come up with exciting ideas and products? That’s what a makerspace is for.

A makerspace is a workspace designed to stimulate the mind, facilitate both mental and interpersonal connections, and equip people with what they need to invent and produce.

Where Can You Find a Makerspace?

A makerspace can be set up in a range of locations. The headquarters for a major corporation can have one. So can a library, a community center, or a school.

There isn’t one correct way of establishing a makerspace. You don’t need to wreck your budget trying to set up a highly elaborate makerspace of your own. A no-frills space can wind up proving useful for your business needs, and there are existing makerspaces that are both well-equipped and affordable.

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What Would You Find at a Makerspace?

The equipment and materials at a makerspace can be minimal or come in a wide variety, including 3D printers, a woodworking bench and tools, art supplies, office supplies, video equipment, whiteboards, and computers with special kinds of software. Even the contents of a recycling bin can be used in makerspace activities.

Some makerspaces might cater to a specific kind of work, such as filmmaking. But one of the benefits of a makerspace is the way it inspires unexpected and creative connections. Even if your line of work has little to do with construction, painting, or filmmaking, your creative processes may get stimulated by the tools or ideas relevant to those areas.

How Can You Use a Makerspace to Further Your Business Goals?

Whether you’re working as a freelancer or heading a company with many employees, a makerspace is useful in a number of important ways:

Working through a creative blockage. If you’re stuck on a particular project, using a makerspace can help you figure out how to move forward, make revisions, and add new dimensions or depth to the work.

General brainstorming. Makerspaces help people come up with ideas for new companies, new product lines, and creative ways to expand on existing work. You can use the materials and equipment at a makerspace to devise prototypes or add concrete details to a more vague, abstract concept.

Accessing necessary tools. Especially for freelancers and smaller businesses on a more limited budget, a makerspace can provide access to certain types of equipment that may be unaffordable otherwise.

Learning and growth. Whether you want to master a particular software, improve communication skills, sharpen your critical thinking abilities, or determine if certain ideas are workable, a makerspace is a useful setting for building skills and enriching your knowledge and experience.

Team-building exercises. Various activities at a makerspace can strengthen the coherence of a team, increasing trust, understanding, efficiency, and creative energy. Team members can more easily learn from each other.

The start of new partnerships. Let’s say you’re working on a project with another business. A makerspace can serve as a location for meetings where mutual learning and meaningful progress take place.

Invaluable surprises. Even using a makerspace just for fun, without any particular aims, can lead to sparks of inspiration and a boost in creative energy.

Now that you’ve learned more about makerspaces and their potential usefulness, how do you think you’d use one for your business?

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