8 Ways You Can Make The Most Of Your Business Newsletter

Think business newsletters sent via email are too old-fashioned and ineffective? You’ve got to be kidding! Sure, social media seems to be all the rage these days but many startup businesses and major companies continue to use newsletters to great effect as part of their marketing efforts. 

Newsletters can be an amazing tool in reaching your target audience and keeping them interested in your brand. When done correctly, these digital business journals can significantly increase your website traffic and even improve your sales. In addition, they can help you establish meaningful connections with your customers, plus you get to build a reputation as an expert in your industry.

As a Forbes article described them, newsletters are “an important component of effective email marketing and branding.”

Business newsletters definitely aren’t out of the game yet. In fact, they’re here to stay. 

So how do you take your newsletter game to the next level? We have several pointers for you: 

1. Use attractive email newsletter templates 

Do you know what separates a newsletter from an ordinary email? It’s definitely the graphics!

Before sending out your newsletter, make sure that you use a catchy, eye-pleasing design. No one would bother reading a boring newsletter so you want yours to stand out from others. 

Add pictures (or even some animation) to make it more interesting for your readers. And we can’t emphasize this enough: keep the fonts consistent! Remember that using too many fonts can be very distracting.

Most email marketing platforms such as Hubspot, Mailjet, MailChimp, and ConvertKit offer their users great selections of newsletter design templates. Take the time to check out what options are available out there and feel free to tweak them a bit to match the colors and vibe of your branding.  

2. Be mindful of your tone

Simplicity is key when it comes to writing a newsletter. You won’t need to use big, fancy words. If you can keep your tone friendly and informative, then that’s most ideal.

Keep in mind that most people are busy and not everyone will spend time reading everything in your newsletter. So try to be concise and catchy. It would be even more awesome if you can personalize your message. 

“Every reader wants to feel that they're not being mass-emailed and that it's meant for them,” said Chtrbox.com CEO and Co-founder Pranay Swarup, “so customize it as best as possible.”

And please, please, please: take the time to proofread before hitting the send button. Because nothing screams “unprofessional” more than glaring spelling mistakes. Typos suck! They can easily ruin even the most well-crafted newsletter.

3. Talk about events and other company news

Naturally, those who signed up for your newsletter are expecting to hear news and updates about your brand. So keep your subscribers in the loop and invite them if you have upcoming public events such as conventions, product launches, trade shows, workshops, or other get-togethers. You can even share a few photos as a recap of previous events. 

Your business newsletter is the perfect vehicle for the latest news about your company. Have you recently hired a new manager? Did your new product get some media coverage? Your CEO has been given an award? Got glowing reviews or heartwarming customer success stories? These could make great items to mention in your newsletter. 

4. Provide helpful information

Of course, your content has to be relevant and helpful if you want to keep your readers engaged. Otherwise, you’ll start losing your audience and they’ll be clicking ‘unsubscribe’ before your next newsletter hits their email inbox. Because, you know, what’s the point, right?

One way you can avoid that from happening is by offering valuable information. Think of what types of problems your customers encounter and what sorts of questions they may have in mind. Try to provide solutions and answers by embedding links to a new blog post or maybe a YouTube video you’ve recently uploaded.    

INC writer Justin Bariso has one solid reminder about this: “Don't focus on selling. Focus on helping.” 

5. Offer discounts

This should be a no-brainer but it’s a fact that people love the idea of saving money. Offering discounts through your newsletter can be an excellent way to attract some attention and bring in additional sales. Think of it this way - you’re helping your customers and your business at the same time. It’s literally a win-win!

Make those promos exclusively on your newsletter and you’ll most likely see an increase in your subscribers' list in no time.

6. Promote your social media channels on your newsletter - and vice versa!

It’s funny how some business newsletters never fail to invite newsletter subscribers to check out their brand’s social media channels but all too often forget to do it the other way around.

There’s nothing wrong with promoting your newsletter among your social media followers. Give them a little teaser to generate some buzz on your upcoming newsletter. Offer them incentives for signing up. Also, let them know that you have exclusive promos for subscribers (see #5).  

7. Have a clear CTA

No matter what, NEVER forget to add a call-to-action in all your newsletters. This is your chance to encourage your readers to do something (i.e. buy your product) so make no mistake about it - adding your CTAs is a must!  

A CTA directs your existing customer (or a potential customer) to your website. This may sound surprising but your audience will likely end up feeling confused if you don’t have any CTA in your newsletter. Believe us when we say that using effective phrases such as “Yes, I Want To Buy” or simply “Add To Cart” can make a big difference.

8. Learn how to use email metrics

Lastly, you need to understand email metrics. These statistics can help you determine whether your email marketing efforts are paying off or not. They will allow you to see any adjustments you may need to make to optimize your campaign well. 

Case in point, how many of your subscribers opened your newsletters and actually clicked on your links? Did they purchase anything from your online store? Are there more new subscribers than those who end up unsubscribing from your list? 

Getting access to these details can be extremely helpful because they can provide you with some fact-based insights about how you can improve your digital marketing strategies.

Final thoughts

Running a newsletter campaign can indeed bring great benefits to your business only if you do it right. Well-written newsletters coupled with fantastic visuals and helpful content can truly drive your message home. You not only get to market your brand to people that matter most, you also get to build a strong relationship with your community. 

We sincerely hope this article encourages entrepreneurs to start using newsletters (or to start utilizing them well) in their businesses. Of course, we also hope you, our dear readers, will take time to scroll down to the bottom right of our blog home page and then enter your email address on our “Join Our Newsletter” section. We’d be delighted to add you to our mailing list! 

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