Helping Entrepreneurs and Leaders Create More Impact: Miranda Mitchell, Energetic Alignment Coach

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“Energy is everything,” Miranda Mitchell wrote in a recent Instagram post.

An Energetic Alignment Coach by profession, Miranda is on a mission to help industry leaders and entrepreneurs to “energetically align so they can create more impact with sustainability and ease.”

She recently took the time to have a short chat with us - read on to learn more about Miranda and her fascinating work:

Q1. What was the career path that led you to your current position?

I have been in the Health and Wellness field for 20+ years. I started off as a single mom with two boys putting myself through school while being a part-time Personal Trainer so that I could have the flexible schedule that I needed to be there for them. As I realized that I wanted to work with people on a deeper level I dove into getting certified as a Yoga Teacher and consistently continued my education, practice, and teaching yoga for over 8 years, but yet I still longed for deeper 1:1 work so I decided to get certified as a Transformational Life Coach. 

After I graduated with my coaching certification, I stumbled upon Quantum Human Design™ and dove into energetics. This is where everything came together like a pretty little package. Quantum Human Design™ gave me tangible evidence of my entire life's story in a bodygraph. All of a sudden my entire life made sense. By learning my Quantum Human Design™ Type and Strategy and going deeper into my life themes of lessons, struggles, and conditioning, I was able to release the things that had been holding me back and step into a higher potential of who I truly am.

Q2. How would you describe your leadership style?

My leadership style is through collaboration, love, and freedom.

Q3. What are the core values of your brand and how do they reflect your own?

Awareness: The courage to stop what "you have always done";

Alignment: To create a bigger potential for "who you are";

Attunement: Being open to others’ energetics and collaborations with full acceptance.

Q4. What new trends are emerging in your industry and how are you adapting to them?

I believe more and more people are becoming increasingly aware of energetics and how it affects our daily life and how we live. They are becoming more and more aware of the importance of truly being happy in their life rather than living the status quo, and having more courage to step into the unknown with excitement and curiosity. I am here to help them on that journey by opening up their minds to new possibilities and potentials that will help them move in a direction less traveled with confidence so that they are living in alignment.

Q5. How has the Covid crisis affected your business and how have you adapted?

Covid gave me the space to slow down, reflect and prioritize what is important to me. I learned that I was doing too much, rushing around too much, and not living in the present moment. Covid gave me the space to create the life that fulfills me both personally and professionally because I am now thinking broader by making global impact rather than local impact.

Q6. What challenges does your business face going forward?

All businesses face challenges but from the way that I do business, the only thing that I believe will hold me back is myself. I used to get in my own way with planning strategically, using the mind to ‘think’ my way through building my business, but now that I have the awareness of energetics I have a lot more trust. I make the time to be creative, have space for silence and exercise.

According to my Quantum Human Design™ Type, I need to ‘wait to respond’ to things rather than initiate, so I continue to make connections, meet people, do podcasts and workshops, and trust the process of right timing for the clients that want to shift their perspectives in their business/life. Some may feel this may be ‘woo’ but since I have been living according to my Strategy by my Type, I have connected with more people, had more clients, and made more financially than I have before, and it is done with ease, freedom, and fulfillment.

Q7. What are the most common challenges you face in your role and how do you overcome them?

Often people are skeptical. They do not trust because they have had to struggle and work so hard to get to where they currently are so they find it hard to believe that working on themselves and their energy can really change their life. How do I overcome this? I offer them the opportunity to invest in a Foundational reading to see what comes up for them during it. These readings are very eye-opening and I often have people crying within the first couple minutes because it is so accurate and they (often for the first time ever) really feel seen. It is this reading that can determine if they are ready or not. If they are not ready it would be more of a struggle for both of us so I do not try to overcome or persuade them. I do not believe in that.

Q8. What are your main priorities and objectives?

My passion is to create as much impact in the world as I can. I do this by helping people see who they truly are so that they can release everything they thought they were and step into a higher potential of their energy, so that they create impact with those that they come into contact with. I believe in the ripple effect and that is how I intend to create awareness, love, and acceptance in who we are on a global level.

Q9. How do you motivate your team?

All I need is to have their reading and work with them through their energetics by giving them what they thrive in. Each Type has a different ‘superpower’. They each get to be in their genius.

Q10. How focused are you on new technology? Tell us about the apps/tools you often use in your business.

I use Genetic Matrix Pro for running my Quantum Human Design charts, Zoom, Kajabi for website and automations, and Social (Instagram, LinkedIn, Facebook, Clubhouse) for expanding reach. 

Q11. Can you identify one moment when your career path was clearly illuminated?

There were so many times that there was a shift in my path, but the most recent would be when I found Human Design. Although I have been on a long path of healing and learning about myself, I always struggled with doubting myself in knowing that I was living my purpose and on the right path. When I dove into my chart in Human Design on a deeper level it was all right there in tangible evidence. This gave me the knowledge that I needed to step boldly into creating an impact in others' lives. 

Q12. Did you have a mentor who changed your life? How so?

This is an interesting question because throughout my life, I was alone. I knew that if I wanted to make things happen that I had to do it myself so my mentor was my own personal drive. Now that I have learned more about my energetics, I have realized that this served me well BUT now I know that I want to open up more to collaborating with others and being open to connecting, supporting, and working with others so that I create a more energetic and financially sustainable life. 

Q13. Name a business leader you admire, and why.

When I think of a leader in their field I think of people who were not afraid to think outside of the norm, to be ‘different’ in a world that tries to conform us all to fit in. So a few people that come to mind are Michael Jackson, Oprah Winfrey, and Jonathan Van Ness. I say "lets' disrupt the social norm and live a life that is joyful, loving, and connected with no judgement".

Q14. What major changes would you like to see in your sector?

I feel like these changes are happening. People are starting to recognize that there is more to energetics, more to what it means to connect and collaborate with others and why it's important, and more about loving ourselves and others to create more happiness and sustainable living.

Q15. How do you define success?

Success to me is connecting and collaborating with others so that we are able to step into our own personal power while accepting and loving another for theirs. Together we can create so much more love and acceptance than we can alone.

Thank you so much, Miranda, for granting us the opportunity to interview you. We appreciate your time and insights! For those interested to learn more, you can follow Miranda Mitchell on Instagram and on Facebook. Meanwhile, you can also check out her upcoming workshop ‘Human Design 101: Energies of the 9 Centers,’ which will be held on Sunday, September 26th, from 11:00 am to 12:30 pm EST. In-person and virtual options are available. Go visit her official website to get your tickets.

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