How Your Office Space Selection Affects Your Staff

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There are four main reasons why businesses decide to move to new office spaces. Sometimes, a company is growing fast and this needs to be accommodated. At others, there is a need to downsize, possibly because the market has become more hostile or because services are being stripped back.

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You may be considering a move because your current lease is due to expire soon. Or, because you’re not satisfied with the workspace that you chose. Perhaps a bigger or better-equipped workspace is needed to sustain your current level of performance. Whatever the reason, there is one asset that should always be a major consideration – your staff.

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They are the ones who feel the immediate effects of a relocation most keenly. They are onsite every day (or almost every day), handling access to resources and trying to make the environment fit the needs of the company. So, not only they need support from you, they need to be made a key factor in the decision-making process. When selecting a new office, ask yourself if it is the best possible choice for your staff.

This guide to the relationship between office selection and staff productivity will help you understand why getting it right is so important.

High-Quality Surroundings Keep Staff Happy

The choice of both building and configuration can have a big impact on how your staff feels about spending time at work. This is important because happy, comfortable employees are able to stay focused and concentrate on the task at hand. If they don’t have to seek out supplies, report problems with IT equipment, or count the seconds until the end of an unsatisfying shift, they’ll perform at a higher level. Serviced offices are great for this because they take away the pressure of basic logistics so that your staff can dedicate more time to meeting targets and supporting the business.

Synergy Is Good for Driving Results

When it comes market rivals, there’s a lot of focus on competition and making sure that you’re always one step ahead. This can feel a little negative sometimes, but the truth is that working with peers and similar businesses can drive results and encourage employees to strive harder.

So, rather than being afraid of moving into an address that is shared by similar brands and ideas, you might want to consider how this might inspire staff to perform better.

A Good Location Attracts New Talent

People want to work for the best businesses in town. And, where can you find the best companies in Melbourne or Sydney?

In the most prestigious addresses, of course. Selecting a recognizable and high-profile location is an easy way to make sure that talented individuals want to work with you. Yet, it is just as important to care for existing employees. If you relocate to an office that requires a much longer commute, don’t assume that everybody will be on board; those with young families may have to make some tough choices.

Your Future Is Also Their Future

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Ultimately, any decision that positively influences the future of your business is going to benefit employees. Your choice of location is a significant one because you’re trusting an environment to give you everything that you need. Make the right decision and you’ll have room to grow, access to high-quality facilities and resources, and a corporate address that gives investors cause for a second look. If the business succeeds, it means better wages and more job security for workers. This alone is enough to keep employees striving hard for the good of the company.

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Guest Post by Natalie Ige of Servcorp. For more information and advice on the reasons why a serviced office could benefit your business, click here to visit Servcorp. Or, you can call +61 2 9375 2484 to speak to a representative and arrange an onsite viewing.

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