How To Pinpoint Your Pre-Money Valuation

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Nailing your pre-money valuation will have long-term effects on the success of your startup, especially to help engage with investors looking to make a long-term investment. They can become vested partners in your company and will have your best interest as they help you create a sustainable business.

Having an investor to help you with your business can be the ultimate difference. Do you want your business to fail in a couple of years or do you want to be the next successful startup story?

Truth is, if you want your company to be successful, you need to believe that your startup will be a success and every point of equity is something you should not give up without a fight.

To have a business that an angel investor or venture capitalist will want to invest in, you must consider what they look for in a business. How much do they intend to invest in your business?

How much are investors willing to shell out money for your business?

This is a function of fund size. If an investor has a $10 million fund, it's unlikely that they write a $2 million check to invest in your business. This will result in a portfolio that lacks diversification. Before they consider making an investment, they'll also look into the risks in your company and their desired ownership.

How much do investors want in return for their investment?

If they're a concentrated fund, they'll likely want to own around 20% or more of your business. This is because they don’t do many investments. If they're a higher-volume fund that doesn’t want board seats and wants more diversification, they might only want 5-10 percent and prefer to invite more investors.

What is the use of a pre-money valuation?

Your pre-money valuation is essentially what investors think your company is worth, which has a huge impact on your company when you start to raise capital.

The higher your pre-money valuation, the less equity you have to give up for a particular dollar amount of investment.

In addition to supporting your product, investors also support your team. Some of the biggest questions they want answers to are these:

  • What is your team’s track record?
  • Do they have a background in launching successful startups? If so, it will be easier for your company to get money?

In addition, venture capitalists seek teams with extensive domain expertise in your industry. Even better if this experience was gained in a leadership position.

Despite the fact that many VCs intend to steer your company, they are also looking for entrepreneurs they can trust to make the right decisions.

Be sure to get a top-notch team in place before you begin raising money to get the best pre-money valuation for your startup.

While escalating revenue is the best way to demonstrate traction, not all startups are at that stage when they need to begin raising capital. Your sales pipeline may be thin as you develop your product, but do you have a remarkably low churn rate?

This demonstrates to VCs that you have a product that customers adore; you now need funding to scale your sales and marketing to reach a much larger market.

How can startup businesses improve their pre-money valuation?

There are several ways that can help startup businesses improve their pre-money valuation.

Among these methods are the following:

1. Option pool

The option pool represents the proportion of a company's total equity. This percentage is set aside for issuance to employees, key service providers, and investors.

The size of the option pool can significantly impact pre-money valuation. This is because it dilutes the ownership of existing shareholders. A larger option pool generally results in a lower pre-money valuation.

2. Leads Generation

Lead generation is identifying and qualifying potential customers for a business's products or services. The number of leads of a company indicates the potential for future growth.

3. Closing Big Deals

Closing big deals with major customers or partners can also help improve a startup's pre-money valuation. It shows that the company can generate significant revenue and has a strong potential for future growth.

4. Investor Relations

Maintaining good relations with investors can also help improve a startup's pre-money valuation. It indicates that the company is trusted by investors and has a good chance of receiving future investments.

5. Hiring Key Employees

Hiring key employees with relevant experience and expertise can also help improve a startup's pre-money valuation. It shows that the company can attract top talent and has a strong potential for future growth.

6. Market Opportunity

getting ready to get more investors to your business

Demonstrating a large market opportunity can also help improve a startup's pre-money valuation. This indicates that the company has a good chance of success and is more likely to receive funding.

All of these methods can help startup businesses improve their pre-money valuation. It is important to remember that no one magic solution will work for all companies. The key is to identify the method or combination of ways that will work best for your specific business.

Final Thoughts

There is no single formula that can be used to precisely determine the worth of every private company. There are cases where startup business owners will overvalue their business, leaving potential investors uninterested to invest in your business venture.

Moreover, a good rule of thumb that startup business owners can follow when evaluating the worth of their business is the amount of profit they've made in recent months. When profit growth is low, consider decreasing your pre-money valuation to generate more investors.

As a rule of thumb, business advisors may recommend a valuation between four and ten times the annual profit after taxes.

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