Psychology Tips to Help Increase Your Social Media Followers

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At first glance, it can be challenging to see the similarity between marketing and psychology. One is an inherently business-related field, while the other seems more scientific and medical. Marketers can use psychology to their advantage by using scientific methods. It can help them better understand what their target market wants to see and will likely respond well to. In this blog, we'll walk you through psychology tips to increase your followers.

Marketing efforts have relied mainly on researching and understanding consumers’ needs and interests long before people relied on both fields. Suppose marketers opted to promote their products without comprehensive knowledge of their audience. It could be comparable to shouting into the void. What would the marketing use be if the audience isn’t receptive to advertising?

In today’s heavily digital world, marketers are given even more advantages through the quickly increasing and evolving use of technology. Social media offers entrepreneurs the chance to further connect with their customers. Likes, shares, and follows help create traction for businesses. Here are some ways that modern-day marketers can use psychology:

Appeal to emotion

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One of the psychology tips to increase followers in to appeal to emotion. Emotions are powerful — and for marketers, they’re a potential super tool. In 2016, a study revealed that ads that elicited above-average emotional responses created a 23% increase in sales. Research also proved that individuals with a positive emotional connection with a brand are more likely to trust and purchase from it. Appealing to your followers’ emotions can undoubtedly help catch their attention and sustain their loyalty.

Sharing photos, videos, and other media content can make your brand feel more authentic and relatable. A prime example is the recently popular nostalgia marketing, which aims to catch the attention of certain consumer age groups. Millennials have to be the most receptive to these marketing campaigns, from big brands like Lego and Coca-Cola to small businesses. Appealing to your followers’ inner child might do the trick for you!

Aside from approaching your audience through sentimental value, you can also take the route of appealing to their curiosity. This is a little trick that people like to call “FOMO". It is the fear of missing out. This happens when an individual wants to bridge the gap of information that they have about your brand, they’ll want to follow you or purchase what you have to offer. Suppose you have other emotions in mind that you wish your follower base to associate with your brand or products. In that case, you can also opt to use different colors in your photos and graphics, play certain music in the background of your videos, or even tell specific stories.

Use trusted sources

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Another psychology tip that brands can use increase followers online is by creating factual, well-researched content. It’s practically effortless to be able to post something online these days. Thus, it can get difficult to discern which content is scientific, truthful, or evidence-based. It can become a BIG problem anywhere from news and current events to different products and their effectiveness. With so much information floating around, finding a brand that isn’t trying to deceive you into trusting someone or buying something can feel overwhelming!

Set yourself apart by carefully researching any information you may want to share that requires reliable data. Using credible sources can help you up to your social media game and gain the trust of your followers. You can also opt to conduct your research to collect data relevant to your product specifically. This way, when you seek to improve your product or service, you can make them with your customers’ specific comments in mind.

Partnering with credible authorities and content creators can also help boost your brand’s credibility. Toothpaste brands can partner with dentists. Meanwhile, health food brands can partner with nutritionists. Other small businesses can partner with relevant professionals or even respected institutions.

Encourage engagement

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Having social proof of good reviews, tons of followers and plentiful likes and shares can motivate someone to see for themselves what’s so good about your product. Customers value the opinion of others — 68% of online consumers can decide how they feel about a product after reading one to six reviews! Having many people commenting and interacting with your content can help motivate others to trust your brand and make a purchase.

One more way to increase your social media followers is by posting engaging stories and videos. When you actively ask for your audience's input through polls and similar Q&A-type content, it helps them feel more connected to your brand. With using social media, it’s also vital to capture the interest of your followers by asking them what they think and what they might want to see from you.

Some businesses opt to give promos for liking their page or sharing specific posts. For example, an ice cream store gives an extra scoop of ice cream if a customer likes their page or shares it on their wall. An auto parts service business could offer a 10% discount if a customer creates a post promoting their business. Anything along those lines or even something similar may benefit you and your business. 

Additionally, entrepreneurs may also opt to use social media as a platform for contests, usually including likes and shares, that provide some form of incentive. This incentive could be free products one-time or for a certain amount of time or even entirely different prizes. Showing your audience that you want their attention (without being too forward about it) can help you gain followers and loyal customers.

Use the frequency illusion

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When you think about, talk about, or experience something and see it again, you will become more curious. Sometimes, you’ll think: how did Google know that I was thinking about buying a new pair of tennis shoes the other day? How did my Instagram feed find out that I’ve been craving tacos? Those ads can be the push you need to go out and get the product or service you’ve been thinking about.

This advertising tactic is called the frequency illusion. When you use it on social media, you can convince your audience to give you a follow. Influential personalities can give you a shout-out or review your brand if you use well-targeted ads or curate well-thought-out marketing campaigns. It can be easier for you to capture the attention of your target market and have them follow your brand on social media with this approach.

Final Word

Social media is potentially one of the most potent tools entrepreneurs can use to grow their businesses. Many followers can help you get your message out to more people. If you want to learn more about how you can use social media to boost your business, take the first step and lead your team down the path of success.

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