Should You Quit Your Job and Pursue Your Dreams Today?

Why You Should Quit Your Job and Pursue Your Dreams Today

Think it’s time to quit your job and pursue something you’re more passionate about? Why do people become entrepreneurs? Are you afraid your dream won’t earn as much as your current position? 

Truth be told, we’re all blessed with special talents and abilities. Where we differ is our level of passion. 

How hard will you work to harness those talents to produce results you can be proud of? 

Let us be the first to tell you. Pursuing your dreams is far easier said than done. Life intervenes and forces you to put your dreams on hold. Some are forced to work to support their family. Some work to pay the bills, while others simply lack belief in themselves and succumb to the fear of failure. 

Is achieving your dream beyond the realm of possibility? Absolutely not!

We understand that taking this big leap may seem daunting. After all, you will be primarily responsible for the success or failure of your business venture. If fear is what’s getting in your way, always bear this in mind: 

"Fear kills more dreams than failure ever will." ― Suzy Kassem

It’s no coincidence that you’ve stumbled on this article. If you’re at a crossroads of whether to quit your job and pursue what you’re passionate about, this article will eliminate all your doubts and motivate you to achieve your dreams. 

But, before all that, let us briefly discuss what you need to be aware of before you hand over that resignation letter.

We don’t want you to make any rash decisions without having a plan beforehand:

  • Have a savings safety net in case of emergency
  • Determine how your dream can earn a sustainable income
  • Set a deadline for your goals
  • Use your current job to sharpen the skills you’ll need when you pursue your dream 
  • Detect problems that can act as a barrier to achieving your dreams

Now that you’ve finished crafting your roadmap for success and have foreseen possible stumbling blocks, it’s time you learn the benefits of pursuing your dream:

1. Have more control over your life

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This may not come as a surprise, but quitting your job to pursue something you love will give you more control and direction in your future. Moreover, since you’ll be your own boss, you’re going to have the final say on any major decisions. 

After all, who doesn’t love to look back five to ten years from now knowing they're primarily responsible for building an enterprise from scratch?

While there may be a slight learning curve, especially if you have a couple of bad work habits or got used to working under the supervision of others, this won’t become a lingering issue. Working as your own boss becomes effortless for the following reasons:

  • You’re more knowledgeable in all facets of the business
  • The work you do can be easily integrated into your current lifestyle
  • You showcase your natural talents and abilities on full display
  • It feels like you’re not really working

2. The money you earn has no limit

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Not knowing how much money you’ll generate for your hard work can be frightening. However, building your own business will create value without having any limit to what you can possibly achieve. 

You will encounter different challenges along the way - limited cash flow, building brand awareness, etc. 

If you’re hesitant to turn your passion into an income revenue stream, here are strategies to convince you otherwise :

  • Embrace change
  • Prioritize the needs of your customers
  • Find ways to be efficient
  • Empower others

3. Inspire others  

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It’s no secret. Anyone can achieve success in their niche as long as they work hard enough for it. 

There’s no better feeling than propelling someone to be their best self and realize their true potential. 

Inspiration can be hard to find nowadays. The culture we live in today is predicated on judging an individual solely on their talents and achievements. 

One of the best perks of stepping outside the norm and pursuing your dreams is inspiring others to do the same. It can create a ripple effect that can transcend generations. 

Don’t believe us? Do the names Barack Obama, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr, or Nelson Mandela ring a bell? As it turns out, all three icons were inspired to pursue their dreams by one true legend: Mahatma Gandhi.

Former President Obama even went on to say that without Gandhi’s ideology, he might never have been named president.  

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr would go on to use some of Gandhi’s principles in pushing forward his Civil Rights movement. And, of course, Nelson Mandela, often called the ‘South African Gandhi’, used Gandhi’s Satyagraha principles to fight for equality in South Africa.  

4. You’ll love what you do

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Are you one of those people who hate working on Mondays? If that’s become a normal occurrence, that’s not another case of the Monday blues - it’s stress.

When you don’t enjoy or don’t feel challenged by what you do for at least a quarter of every week, you limit your potential for growth. Although there are times you feel discouraged and worn out, having a job that you love will inspire you to never lose sight of your goals and give everything you have each day. 

Your efforts may not always translate to money. But the joy and happiness you get when you wake up every day are well worth the trade-off. 

5. Sense of fulfillment

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Similar to doing what you love, quitting your job and pursuing your dreams will give you that sense of fulfillment. 

Entrepreneurship is more than just about building an enterprise and earning money. It’s about solving problems and creating a legacy. 

Not all entrepreneurs are destined to be household names. Some entrepreneurs may even only make enough just to get by. 

Even if some of your business ventures don’t pan out, knowing that you gave it your best shot and not living a life of ‘what could have been’ is a much more rewarding journey.

Final thoughts

Your efforts won’t make you successful in a day, week, month, or even a year. But, if you have goals and work tirelessly to achieve them, what’s destined for you will be yours eventually. 

The more time you spend mulling over the pros and the cons, the more time you leave off the table to pursue your dreams. 

It’s easy to feel down after a setback - everybody has moments like this. Don’t be afraid to reach your full potential. Nobody has ever become successful by staying in their comfort zone. 

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