Reasons Why Your Workspace Is The Key To Great Employees

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Your Workspace Might Be the Reason You Keep—or Lose— Great Employees

A successful business is more than just a building, product and employee pool. There are countless other details that go into making an impact in your industry. Attracting, developing and eventually keeping your employees for the long term is the goal. Learn the top reasons why your employee's workplace may or may not attract the best candidates for your business's success.

No Personal Space for Employees

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The first mistake that managers make with employees is arranging the office in a cramped manner. Although you want to encourage collaboration, employees must have some personal space to themselves. Ideally, set a minimum goal of about 200 square feet per person in the office. There's ample space for desks, chairs and accessories with this guideline. The employees also have enough elbow room so that they can concentrate on their work.

Employees who always hear chatter or smell colognes throughout the day may find the disruptions too frustrating. They end up leaving the business as a result of these poor conditions.

Offering Various Workspaces

Every employee will work differently in the same space. As a business owner or manager, you must take personality variations into consideration. Some workers might thrive in an open environment where they converse with their colleagues. Alternatively, the constant social aspect might bother other people. They require small offices.

To cover all the bases, offer a mixture of workspaces to the employees. They can settle into the right areas so that they can be as productive as possible. You'll discover that these arrangements will please the employees as they remain at the company for years at a time.

Skipping the IoT Updates

Running a business can be expensive. You may only want the bare bones of technology for your office so that costs remain low.

However, you may be turning potential employees off with this strategy. The workspace should have a few updated items, including IoT. Giving employees the ability to turn off their office lights from a remote location is an example of a perk that should be included with the workspace. Remotely turning off their computers is another option to consider. All of the workspace's technology should be the latest models and firmware to attract and retain today's employees.

Noise Pollution

An office can be a noisy place. Employees with desks near copy or fax machines might appreciate the convenience, but the constant hum may dull their senses. Noise pollution is subtle, and it can mar employee performance and positive attitudes.

Try to arrange the office so that every employee has a quiet space. Think carefully about any music that might play on overhead speakers. It may not be welcome by all. Many office workers today rely on their personal headphones as tools to focus during data input.

Mute as much noise from a warehouse as possible. These areas are famously noisy, but there are clever ways to quiet the space for employee wellness.

Poor Ergonomics

Ergonomics are still important aspects of a workspace that require attention. Comfortable chairs, ergonomic keyboards and other details are absolutely required for the 21st-century office. Consider the age and condition of your office furniture and accessories. Update these items as much as possible.

Employees may not complain about ergonomics, but absenteeism can reveal a problem. Someone who calls out sick because of a sore back might be dealing with a repetitive injury from a poorly constructed chair. Avoid these scenarios with the latest items that conform to the human body.

Extreme Temperatures

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Comfort is a major concern for employees. Basic needs, such as not feeling too cold or hot, will always influence how long workers remain at a job. It's ideal to set a thermostat to a reasonable temperature in either the winter or summer. You might offer small desk fans to workers that seem to run hotter than others, for instance.

A person who's feeling uncomfortable cannot perform as effectively as others. This fact applies to all workers, including those individuals in offices or warehouses.

Be aware of humidity and dry conditions too. Any abnormal change to everyday temperatures within the workspace can negatively impact employees.

Streamlining the Meeting

Meetings are a necessary part of business, and they can be wildly unproductive. Add technology into the conference room so that the employees can benefit from productive and engaging meetings.

There might be tablets at the table where you can interact with a graph that's projected on a large screen. Employees can follow along with the meeting's itinerary and stay on task because of this information. Workers walk away from the meeting with a better understanding of their goals while feeling included too.

Using Technology to Attract Employees

A business must attract good employees into the workspace in the first place. If you have a storefront, use technology to attract both employees and consumers. There might be interactive screens or huge videos advertising clips of your products or services. By showing that the company is comfortable with technology, it appears modern and sleek. Job seekers might inquire about a job from just these visual cues.

Overlooking Basic Maintenance

Focus on the aesthetic appeal of the workspace. It should be freshly painted with everything located in their proper positions. Wires cannot hang from a ceiling, for instance. The building's basic maintenance must be prioritized for employee enjoyment. They'll feel proud of the workspace when it's clean and orderly.

The maintenance also helps the team remain productive. If they must maneuver around wires or fiddle with a faulty copy machine, they're wasting time that could be spent on more important items. Give the business a sharp appearance for both the employees and consumers to make a dramatic impact in the industry.

Investing in an Employees Lounge Area

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The workspace may be important, but don't forget about downtime. Your employees deserve a reprieve from their desks. Relaxing in a lounge for lunch is a great way to reset the mind for the afternoon challenges.

This lounge should have the essentials, such as a refrigerator, toaster oven and microwave. Chairs, tables and couches are also welcome additions. The lounge takes the employee out of their 9-to-5 environment. Employees can eat and enjoy their lunch without a phone ringing or email chiming in front of them. They return to their work with a reinvigorated mindset that can hold fast until quitting time.

Prioritizing Inclusion From Employees

The physical workspace also includes the mental side to business. Your employees must feel wanted and valued. Rewarding hardworking individuals with praise and bonuses is a great place to start. Consider adding plants to the workspace and ask everyone to pitch in with their care. Caring for the plants might stimulate conversation, inclusion and an overall sense of wellness in all employees.

Companies that don't actively manage their employee's workplace will eventually lose one or two people. They'll look for a company culture where they feel wanted. These individuals are normally silent about their feelings until they transition.

In the end, take your time with any investment in a new office space. Consider your current needs and goals for your employee's workplace. These details will drive your decision so that the right office is put onto a reasonable lease. The workspace does make a difference to all dedicated employees.

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