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Remix Coworking in Paris is based on deregulation and benevolence. They exchange sharing and solidarity and have created a laboratory where a new way of working, thinking, and succeeding emerge.

They have four coworking spaces in Paris and they're all open 24 hours per day, 7 days per week to accommodate their community with variable hours.

Founded by Hanane El Jamali and Anthony Gutman, Remix focuses on creating an even mix of 50% entrepreneurs (startups, freelancers, project leaders) and 50% independent creatives (art directors, web designers, illustrators, photographers, directors, writers, communicators). 

a team of freelancers discussing their project at remix coworking space

This focus on an even mix of these two distinct types of coworkers is what makes Remix standout from the competition. They believe that each conversation can become a source of energy or inspiration.

By focusing on having an even mix of two distinct types of coworkers Remix has created a unique and special coworking environment that you will not find elsewhere. 

Most coworking spaces tend to go in the opposite direction and try to attract a specific type of coworker. There are coworking spaces that are doing well that exist specifically for one type of profession like writers, lawyers, or app developers. These types of spaces can do well but Remix goes in the opposite direction. They put an emphasis on diversity and culture.

One of the signs of a quality coworking space is the number of events they hold every week. Around the world, the best coworking spaces tend to have two or three events every week with an even mix of events that are business related and ones that are just for fun. 

Remix has five events every week on average including workshops, brainstorm sessions, expert interventions, social events with appetizers, and other major events.

An innovative idea, the expert innovations are one of the unique and high-quality type events that help Remix standout from the competition. 

Having a group of knowledgeable experts in your industry step in and give you advice about getting on a better path can be exceptionally beneficial to an early stage company. 

Despite having three coworking spaces in Paris Remix is at full capacity and they just opened a fourth.

building where remix turbigo is located

Remix Turbigo is a unique place located in the heart of Paris on the 3rd. The coworking space has beautiful woodwork and is in a three-story building overlooking the Place des Arts et Métiers.

Remix Fountains is also in the 3rd and is a beautiful coworking space that mixes a minimalist design with a large yet stylish and cozy place to work. One of the unique aspects of their coworking space is that they have an event space for startups to exhibit their products.

Remix Small Stables is on the 10th. One of the largest coworking spaces in Paris is an open coworking space for up to 110 coworkers divided into three areas and a conference room for up to eighty people.

Their 4th coworking space recently opened in the 8th arrondissement. The coworking space is located in a former brothel and will be filled with 50% entrepreneurs and 50% creatives from day one. 

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