Scientific Conference: How to Choose the Best Venue

scientific conference venue

A scientific conference with great speakers can attract many scientists from across the world. They can discuss their latest research and network with peers. Of course, organizing such a conference requires finding an appropriate venue. 

If you have to find a scientific conference venue, you will have to consider many different factors – space requirements, transport, hotel accommodation etc. Outlining every detail of the event will allow you to compare venues. The following tips will help you to choose the best one. 

scientific conference venue
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Accessibility to the scientific conference venue

Choosing a location and venue that’s easily accessible is important. It is important to know more about your delegates so you can cater to their needs. International delegates from across the world may want to attend. If many delegates are flying to the event, a venue that’s located close to an airport is best. 

Delegates driving cars to the event should have ample parking. Excellent local transport links can help ensure that everyone who wants to attend the scientific conference can access the venue. A conference mobile app with an intuitive map will help delegates to find their way around. 

Assignment writing and preparing a speech

Students studying science may be requested to speak at a scientific conference or scientific meeting, which can require extensive preparation. Or they may have to organize a conference for their own purposes. To make the work easier, an online writing service such as EduBirdie can provide any written content needed.

Other things that students need to keep in mind are: 

  • student-specific discounts some venues offer;
  • transportation from college to the venue; and 
  • any other add-ons for educational institutes.

Size of the scientific conference venue

You are likely to need conference rooms of various sizes. Rooms must be suited to your numbers and your needs. Check the maximum capacity for rooms. Also check if there are spaces where delegates can relax between speeches. If you can visit the scientific conference venue while another conference is taking place, it will give you a good idea of what to expect. Find out whether there is a set-up and clean-up crew or whether you need to arrange this. 

scientific conference venue
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Cost is one of the biggest deciding factors when choosing a venue for your scientific conference. You need to set a budget right from the start: Overspending on unnecessary features and facilities could affect the overall success of the event. It is important to look for any hidden costs, such as charges for parking, Wi-Fi or for using outside suppliers. 

Find out what incentives the venue will offer to secure your business. Small perks such as free coffee or tea can add up. If you are flexible on a date, you can use that to negotiate a better deal. The venue may offer a discount if it has dates it still needs to fill. 

Facilities at the venue for your scientific conference

Prepare a checklist of the facilities you’ll need at the venue for your scientific conference. Then check these off against all the venues that you research. Are there exhibition halls or sponsor areas for outside vendors? If it’s a multi-day conference, check whether there are restaurants or cafes nearby where delegates can network pre- or post-conference.

Technical requirements

Does the venue have its own PA system, or do you have to provide one? Find out about the lighting and acoustics, as this can make or break your event. Is there good Wi-Fi available? Delegates will regard a strong network connection as a given. Are there enough phone charging stations? Make sure that a technician is available throughout the event to offer support. 

Accommodation near the venue for your scientific conference

If the venue provides accommodation, feature it as an official partner for the event and negotiate a special rate for delegates. If it doesn’t provide accommodation on site, check whether there is suitable accommodation close by. You could organize a shuttle bus service to and from a nearby hotel if necessary. 


Find out what type of catering the venue offers and whether you can organize your own catering. You may want to offer healthy, nutritious meals at lunchtime to avoid a post-lunch slump. Whatever the length of your scientific conference, drinks should be available throughout its duration at the venue. 

Find out whether the venue is prepared to accommodate restricted diets and food allergies. Some venues charge per person and others by what you order. Discuss how you will be charged and whether there’s a minimum spend for food and beverages. 


A scientific conference needs to be efficiently managed from start to finish. Choosing the right venue is critical to its success. You need to consider so many factors when choosing a scientific conference venue, such as accessibility, size, cost, facilities, accommodation and catering. The right venue will attract excellent delegates and make them excited to attend. 

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