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As the world rapidly plunges into an increasingly digital landscape, businesses have more opportunities to reach their customers. Social media has made it easier for friends and families to connect despite gaps in time and distance. It also provides an avenue for entrepreneurs and consumers to learn more about each other. With social media, you have endless growth opportunities.

With over 4.8 billion daily internet users across the globe, it’s understandably competitive for businesses as they try to compete for the attention of social media users. Marketing teams of both big and small companies have focused on digital marketing, mainly social media advertising. It enables them to better reach their customers in the new and ever-evolving digital age. And it’s no shock — 53% of consumers say that they’d be more willing to support brands who are transparent on social media.

If you’re an entrepreneur wondering what growth social media could bring to your business, look no further. Beginning your social media marketing journey doesn’t have to feel overwhelming or intimidating! Here are a few reasons how keeping up with the digital sphere can bring your marketing game several steps forward:

Build brand awareness

There are various social media platforms to attain growth opportunities. These also depends on the brand's interest for different consumer age groups. Facebook and Instagram are the most popular sites of choice for those aged 25 to 34, while Twitter sees 44% of its users as people aged 35 to 49, and LinkedIn is a mix of those aged 30 to 49. Younger age groups of 18 to 24 are on TikTok. Meanwhile, Snapchat reports that users aged 13 to 34 predominantly use their platform. It depends on who you’re trying to connect with. Specific platforms offer better reach to the demographics that you may be appealing to.

Businesses can build brand awareness on social media by posting important updates. Creating engaging content and interacting directly with their customers could also work. The power of likes and shares can have your audience sharing your content with other potential and current customers. You can even connect with other creators or businesses who may want to team up for collaborations.

Show authenticity

Another way that businesses can benefit from social media and acquire growth opportunities is by humanizing their brand. As a consumer, it can annoy me when all companies do is rub their product to your face!

It helps to see a brand as made up of actual people and that there is a story behind them. This is much preferable rather than thinking of a business as a purely profit-driven, soulless establishment. Social media is a great way to connect with your customers. You can show them that you’re interested in their needs and wants, and want to earn their trust.

Marketing teams can create some content for a more authentic social media feel. It could include stories about different things. It could be about any various posts referencing current events and pop culture.

Increase website traffic

When creating social media content, it’s common for businesses to provide an external link that leads their audience to their website. Having a website is an excellent opportunity to consolidate the vital information you want to share about your business. You can include the menu of products or services, address and contact information, and a section for employees and the company’s history. It’s also a great way to allow customers to transact with you there — 55% of consumers prefer to buy directly from manufacturers compared to buying from retailers.

Whether for research purposes or direct transactions, making information available to your customers can help push them towards deciding to support your brand. When posting on your social media sites, make sure to add a link to your website if your audience wants to learn more about what you have to offer.

Generate leads

Since social media brings you closer to consumers and has many features to make use of, generating leads through these platforms can be easier than you might expect. You can use ads to promote your pages and products, and influencer marketing can also help you promote your product through the help of popular creators. Leads can come flooding through in the form of personal messages or even in-store visits due to recommendations.

Another advantage of social media is that platforms allow marketers to analyze if their marketing campaigns are succeeding and converting into leads for the business. Social media makes it easier to connect with current and potential customers.

Boost sales

Last but not least, social media can increase sales. Leads won’t always turn into sales, but they can boost both your revenue and reputation when they do. As many as 84% of people trust reviews from people on social media, meaning that social media is truly the perfect platform to get people raving about your product. When more people see you and talk about you, it’s more likely to spur them into action and purchase your product.

Businesses that can maintain good customer relationships and manage their reviews efficiently can significantly drive up the number of sales. Make sure that your social media accounts and other platforms of digital presence are always up to date and easy to use.

The Verdict

While we don’t see traditional advertising, such as print ads and commercials going away, we’re seeing the continuing rise in relevance of digital marketing. Social media is one of the best ways to connect with the people who matter to you — and perhaps one of the best platforms to speak to and learn from your customers and target market. Staying in touch with what’s important to them can encourage loyalty to your brand.

Don’t miss your chance to be the social media marketing expert your business needs. Learn about today’s hottest social media platforms to jumpstart your marketing experience, one day at a time.

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