13 Successful Startups That Cowork in the Pacific Northwest

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The connections and ease of doing business in a coworking space compared to a traditional office space make them ideal. They cater to the best startups of today and the unicorns of tomorrow. If you want to know who's creating the next Microsoft, look no further than the hot desk next. With so many startups in the Pacific Northwest, they need a collaborative space to cowork and be productive.

These startups are creating outstanding companies, and most of them are still in the coworking spaces where they began. Here are the hottest startups in the Pacific Northwest.

Startups in the Pacific Northwest

#13 Rezella

Sell and buy without ever having to meet or haggle with anyone. Keep your identity safe and your money protected. Rezella is also simplifying person-to-person commerce. No more revealing personal information to strangers or meeting them in Starbucks parking lots. 

Coworking Space - Central Office

#12 Spork Bytes

man and woman preparing food

Spork Bytes is a catering connectivity service that allows companies to provide their employees with meals that deliver an experience of Portland’s unique food culture. Moreover, they also have connections to some of the best dining establishments and eateries the city has to offer. They connect to offer distinctive office dining experiences enriched with local variety. Awesome meals, remarkably easy.

Coworking Space -  Forge

#11 LanguageConvo

The mission at LanguageConvo has been to provide a great language learning experience for you and great jobs for our tutors around the world.

Learning with LanguageConvo is a unique experience. Their tutors live all around the world. Thus, while you're learning the names of different foods, your Latin American Spanish instructor might describe the ingredients in delicious Gallo pinto, and you might describe the ingredients in your favorite salad.

Kids especially love getting to "play" online with their tutor who lives in a faraway country. Moreover, the cultural exchange experience is fun and instructional. This direct, personal interaction means you, your children, or your students will learn much faster than what is possible in a traditional classroom setting or through a monotonous software program.

Coworking Space - CodeChops

#10 Blue Bus Creatives

Moreover, Blue Bus Creatives started making videos because they just really loved doing it. There is also something extraordinary about the technology to capture moments with a little more life than a photograph.

They love photography, too - but they are obsessed with laughter and movement and sounds that, when captured precisely, can tell a story with so much authenticity.

Coworking Space - CodeChops

#9 Allumia

Allumia funds, designs, installs, and maintains a complete lighting upgrade for commercial and industrial customers. 

Then they meter the new LED lighting system, track the energy savings, and bill for a portion of those savings monthly for a fixed contract term (typically 3-7 years). Also, their customers get new lights with zero upfront costs and immediate savings.

Coworking Space - Impact Hub Seattle

#8 Evrnu

Evrnu is a revolutionary business model that aims to help the environment. They recycle different cotton garment wastes and transform them into premium, renewable textiles.

Their company and technology also emerged from a new way of thinking about the apparel and textile industry by textile specialists who love fashion. 

With more than 12 million tons of garment waste being disposed of every year in the US, they are committed to changing how resources and waste are handled in the apparel industry's supply chain and designing solutions that are better for the business, the environment, and for consumers.

Coworking Space - Impact Hub Seattle

#7 MovingWorlds

MovingWorlds helps people find the best place to volunteer their skills worldwide, on their own, or as part of corporate volunteering programs.

Their online platform and community also connect people who want to travel and volunteer their expertise directly with nonprofits, schools, and social enterprises worldwide. Their process to ensure quality is by selectively sourcing professionals and organizations. Once that process has been sorted, they will then interact with users through their website and plan what they call as high-impact "Experteering" engagements. 

Coworking Space - Impact Hub Seattle

#6 Actively Learn

little girl reading a book

Actively Learn is one of the first digital reading solutions. They aim to target barriers that prevent people from developing a love for reading. Their platform also enables teachers to implement best practices for teaching and learning while helping to make reading meaningful for students.

Coworking Space - Impact Hub Seattle

#5 Coolest

The Coolest Cooler is an all-in-one solution for all your outdoor entertainment needs. Blend cocktails and smoothies, play music all day long, light up your party after dark and carry all your gear from point A to B. All in one cordless, adventure-ready package. The Coolest Coolers are also built for the long haul with strict attention to design and quality.

Coworking Space - Central Office

#4 Tony's Chocolonely

Making chocolate slave-free. Tony's Chocolonely is a business that incorporates different chocolate dishes. One of them is their Slave-free chocolate - a chocolate without the nasty taste of slavery and child labor.

Since 2005 they have been involved in improving the cocoa chain. They also want to encourage other brands with their mission to step up to fair chocolate.

Moreover, the best part is by eating chocolate from Tony's Chocolonely, you are providing a more significant demand for fair chocolate practices that we can all influence. 

Coworking Space - Central Office

#3 DOPE Magazine

DOPE Magazine is a lifestyle magazine dedicated to spreading awareness of the cannabis movement. From breaking news to celebrity features and strain reviews to daily blogs, they also designed their content to live up to their mission: Defending Our Plant Everywhere.

Coworking Space - Central Office

#2 GuideSpark

GuideSpark, the leader in employee communications, offers a robust employee communications platform, including short, engaging, and cost-effective videos on HR-related content.

The platform is easily accessible from any device, including mobile. What's more, for an interactive customer experience, they also provide detailed analytics on user engagement.

It's a business that's grown to serve over hundreds of different enterprises. GuideSpark's vision is change the old way businesses conduct employee communications. As a result, it helps companies increase employee engagement while reducing overall HR costs.

Coworking Space - Central Office

#1 ZOOM+ 

ZOOM+ Performance Health Insurance is the nation’s first health insurance system designed from the ground up to enhance human performance. They created it to remove the friction between insurer and provider so they can deliver on their promise of providing twice the health, at half the price, and ten times the delight.

ZOOM+ members also have access to complete urgent, primary, and specialist care, including hospital partners OHSU, Providence, and Legacy.

Coworking Space - Central Office

If you want to see more of the top coworking spaces you can visit in Oregon, click here.

Ideal spots to spend your workday in the pacific Northwest

woman working while using her calculator

If you have a startup in the Pacific Northwest, these are the best possible places for you to be working from. 

Portland - Forge offers its community members comfortable office space, office equipment, business and organizational tools, and strong connections with other members. Whether you are a young entrepreneur or a seasoned freelancer, they have various office options that could suit you.

Hot Desk $225, Dedicated Desk $325, Private Office $500-$800

Eugene - CodeChops in beautiful downtown Eugene in the “innovation district” heart caters to creative and technical freelancers, micro-business, and remote workers.

Hot Desk $100, Dedicated Desk $300

Seattle - Impact Hub Seattle is a remarkable space to spend the day to knock off different work-related tasks. It has a driven community that resides at the intersection of technology and social good. Moreover, it has a diverse selection of programming and mentorship to guide its members with the tools they need to establish their idea.

Hot Desk $345, Dedicated Desk $425

Portland - Central Office is the top coworking space in the PNW for cultivating successful startups. They offer flexible full-service coworking spaces for some of Portland's leading entrepreneurs, free agents, startups, and workgroups in the historic GE Supply Co.

Hot Desk $295, Dedicated Desk $395, Private Office $995+

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