45 Successful Startups That Began In A Coworking Space In NYC

A coworking space in NYC is where the next great startup will be created. Starting in a garage in Silicon Valley used to be the path to creating the next great company. This is how Hewlett-Packard, Harley-Davidson, Google, Disney, Apple & Amazon all began.

Quite an impressive list but the companies that will replace the industry giants of today are more likely to start coworking in a shared or private office space in New York than in a backyard in the San Francisco suburbs. 

blueprint health wall at the farm soho

Coworking has been steadily growing around the world since 2008. A much better alternative than working at home, a cafe or renting an office space. The flexibility that comes with coworking is ideal for startups that need to add desks quickly and can network with their peers in a friendly and competitive environment. 

#45 Medsender

Medsender enables Doctors to digitally send and receive health records from any EMR system, without any custom integration required. Individual practitioners can have Medsender setup within 2 minutes and instantly begin HIPAA compliant communications. Medsender lets you keep your current EMR system in place, no need for a costly, time-consuming switch to a new system.

#44 Cohere Health 

Cohere Health is a digital health company that is transforming consumer engagement to enhance health and wellness. Cohere offers engagement as a service to healthcare entities that support consumers facing chronic conditions, including providers, payers, medical institutions, pharmaceutical companies, and foundations.

#43 Beachy Media

A female-powered public relations and marketing team who share a passion for endurance sports. Beachy Media has established a reputation for bringing expertise and innovation to the table with every project—and has a roster of industry-leading clients to prove it.

#42 NorwegianProtein

An all natural high protein bakery that creates products using the highest quality, nutrient-rich ingredients to provide you with the ultimate health benefits. NorwegianProtein's goal is to deliver delicious, healthy and convenient baked goods to the world, one Viking product at a time. 

norwegianprotein products

The founder of the Viking Waffles, Benedicte Engen, a Norwegian Crossfit trainer, yoga and kettlebell instructor with an educational background in health, human physiology, nutrition, business, and entrepreneurship, has an eternal love for her grandmother's traditional Norwegian waffles.

As a trainer, with a passion for healthy nutrition, she started experimenting with a healthy alternative to the traditional Norwegian waffles after asking herself: "Why is eating healthy associated with restrictions in life? Why is high sugar and carb almost impossible to avoid in baked goods?  Why can't we instead eat delicious and healthy waffles guilt-free?".

#41 Input Creative Studio

Input Creative Studio is a Manhattan-based design firm specializing in architectural and interior design. They tailor their design to the specific needs of each client, taking cues from current technology, nature, and contemporary lifestyle. Having worked internationally on a wide range of projects, Input Creative Studio stays at the forefront of the design world.

By thoroughly collaborating with their clients, they translate your ideas into an innovative, three-dimensional experience. This results in a space that’s not only aesthetically stimulating, but also entirely identifiable to you. From conception to completion, they take a hands-on approach in monitoring the process, ensuring that their designs meet your needs, exceed your expectations and are fully brought to fruition. Their unified and collaborative input is sure to produce a humanized and individualized output.

#40 Casaide

Based in New York City, Casaide is a nationwide community marketplace for home sellers to find, hire, and pay local real estate professionals who accept clients on an hourly paid basis.

#39 Calibrater Health

Calibrater Health believes that fantastic customer service will win the trust and loyalty of patients, allowing healthcare organizations to take better care of more people at lower cost. They're building a customer service platform for healthcare to help win patient visits. They combine real-time patient feedback (via SMS / text message) with a ticketing and issue tracking system to make sure healthcare organizations never miss another opportunity to deliver an exceptional patient experience and have the tools and insights to constantly improve.

#38 Harlem Properties

Their boutique company runs lean, but they do not cut corners. Harlem Properties has the same, if not better, capabilities than the "big" firms out there, and they do it all for less. In some cases, they can save their clients tens of thousands of dollars compared to going with a larger firm. If this listing is in Harlem they want it. And they will do anything to get it. 

#37 Beltology

quality belts by beltology

Beltology was founded on the idea that belts should be an expressive accessory, in the same way that pocket squares, tie bars & socks are. They seek to address the lack of effort men put into furnishing their waists, along with the absence of any standout belt brand.

Deeply ingrained in their European roots is a commitment to high quality, variety, and a playful culture of dry wit. They take pride in being a modern online retailer that delivers the best possible value to their customer by specializing in one great product.

#36 Brewla

Brewla is reinventing the frozen food category, creating delicious and novel foods with a focus on consumer health and nutrition. Brewla Bars, a line of all-natural ice pops, contains at most 50 calories each, has less sugar than an apple, and is naturally enhanced with antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals.

#35 DocDelta  

DocDelta is the talent engine for healthcare. They harness the power of big data to help healthcare providers find and retain top talent. Passionate about using big data to make recruiting and HR more intelligent. By aggregating and analyzing public and internal data, they can help healthcare organizations build and retain better workforces.

Human capital is a crucially important and challenging part of the healthcare story, and applying big data analysis can have an immense impact on the success and profitability of their clients. 

#34 Another Garde

Fashion essentials for women with no tags. Another Garde celebrates modern, confident, and original women: their life, their style, and their individuality. They showcase new designers, content, and insight that reflects who these women are and what they represent.

#33 Addstructure 

AddStructure helps customers find the products they are looking for by enhancing retail search, recommendation, and personalization algorithms. Each day, millions of consumers interact with AddStructure's products: Signal Search, Path, and Scaffold. Applications of their technology range from review summarization (distilling thousands of reviews of a product into digestible pros and cons) to a complete conversational commerce system (chatting with an intelligent digital assistant to find and purchase products).

#32 Psocratic

Psocratic is a technology company dedicated to helping people better manage their stress and well-being. They take an algorithmic approach to stress resilience training and harness behavioral science, data, and product design to help every individual become a happier and healthier version of themselves.

Psocratic is a team of clinicians, data scientists, and technologists that will improve the productivity and well-being of companies by providing evidence-based stress management to employees. Their scalable resilience training approach makes stress management more engaging and accessible for individuals. Meanwhile, company administrators have access to dashboards and actionable insights on institutional climate for each department. They take an algorithmic approach to stress resilience training and harness behavioral science, data, and product design to help people become a happier and healthier version of themselves.

#31 Convermax

Convermax improves the search experience for eCommerce website visitors. By delivering the most relevant search results to the shopper quickly, you get higher sales conversions and more satisfied customers. Combining spot-on search returns with suggestions for related products and other sale items also adds to the eCommerce sites return on investment.

The flagship search product is an intuitive search platform enhancement, it offers capabilities well beyond the standard site search built into eCommerce platforms. The optional component that integrates enhanced visual and textual color search option is a great feature for color-driven merchandise.

Their technical staff is deeply versed in search technologies and knows how to take complex search criteria and deliver relevant results. They honed their skills handling enterprise search implementations for clients around the globe, and are able to handle complex data sets and deliver relevant results quickly and in user-friendly formats. 

#30 Waverly Labs 

The world's first earpiece translator. At the convergence of wearable technology + machine translation, the Pilot by Waverly Labs is the world’s first smart earpiece which translates between users speaking different languages. Experience the world like never before. The Pilot works offline and overseas.

#29 Medyear

Medyear is a powerful tool to unify all of your health data in one place, and connect you to those involved with your care. All through your smartphone. Medyear helps you gather and make sense of your health medical records. With a Medyear account, you can securely import your records from your doctor. Your data is private, and only you have the key.

#28 Modabox  

a lady walking the streets using apparel from modabox

ModaBox is a rapidly growing eCommerce fashion platform for women. The same way Uber redefined the transportation industry by providing easy access to a personal driver, ModaBox makes the luxury of personal shopping accessible to every modern female consumer.

ModaBox combines the human touch with data and technology to deliver a box of 2, 4, or 6 personally styled outfits to shoppers’ doorsteps. By pairing customers with a personal stylist and sending them a quality selection of apparel items, pre-arranged in outfits, ModaBox reinvents the broken retail experience with the added benefits of convenience, personalization and relationship building.

Customers have the option to keep and pay for items they love and send back the rest. Shipping is free both ways. The idea is to provide time-starved female professionals access to their very own personal stylist, making it easier for them to continue to enhance their wardrobe with fashion-forward pieces despite having less time to shop. 

#27 CrowdADVANCE

An online marketplace where accredited investors can pool their capital to provide debt funding to businesses. Their investment marketplace is the culmination of their team member’s and advisor’s hundreds of years of experience in real estate investing, finance, accounting, and internet technologies.

CrowdADVANCE provides investors with insider access to pre-screened, investments historically unavailable to individuals. Allowing investors to browse and analyze the offering materials for investments in specific companies. A safe and secure internet platform where investors can sign legal documents and transact entirely online. Permitting accredited investors to invest as little as $500 in a range of commercial investments that they would not normally have access to. 

#26 MetroButler

MetroButler is a short-term rental property management and concierge company. They have been successfully servicing the New York City short-term rental market since early 2015. MetroButler offers a full-service option for people looking to rent their apartments, on sites such as AirBnB.

Services include profile creation, professional photography, guest screening price optimization, pre/post guest cleanings, key exchange, linens and towels, storage, 24/7 guest support and more. With an unmatched knowledge of the AirBnB market, MetroButler takes all the stress and work out of becoming an AirBnB host and delivers profits to their clients.

#25 HealthKick

HealthKick is a corporate perks and rewards platform that provides employees with exclusive discounts and experiences for over 75 leading consumer health, fitness, and wellness brands that support employees' physical, mental and emotional wellbeing through a branded experience.

HealthKick is companies' “trendspotter", giving employees access to a personal wellbeing hub of popular and innovative brands that keep them healthy and make healthy living accessible, as a lifestyle. Ranging from boutique fitness to healthy meal delivery, athletic apparel, wearables, telehealth and wellness coaching, as well as lifestyle services, HealthKick gives employees a comprehensive wellness platform. 

#24 ConsejoSano

ConsejoSano is the premier telehealth and behavior change service for payors and providers with Spanish-speaking members. They instantly connect users 24/7, and via their own phones, to native Spanish speaking doctors for health advice, education, and navigation services.

Their culturally tailored approach and radically low price point make them the top choice for healthcare leaders who are looking for ways to increase member engagement, improve health outcomes, and lower unnecessary costs.

#23 Show Score 

Like a Rotten Tomatoes for theater, Show-Score lists all shows, all reviews, and all prices. All in one place. They help you discover shows you'll love, from people you trust, at the right price for you. 

#22 Admit.me

An admissions community of applicants coupled with management tools that help you get accepted to your dream programs. On Admit.me's platform, you can input and manage your dates, keep track of admissions contacts, engage in meaningful discussions and connect with other applicants like yourself.

#21 DailyPay 

DailyPay is an NYC-based technology company that delivers cash to its clients for services they provide on platforms, marketplaces, aggregators, etc. Typical on-demand platforms delay payment to the end service provider anywhere from 2 weeks to 3 months. This delay in cash flow creates a crippling effect on the financial health of these hard-working operators. DailyPay factors these on-demand economy receivables by providing daily cash deliveries to its clients. 

#20 Firebrand Group

A management consultancy whose sole mission is to build your brand by improving your marketing, communications, and corporate strategy. The Firebrand Group predicts the future to help your brand resonate in a crowded marketplace. They're the A-Team of professionals you can enlist to solve strategic challenges of any kind, as an embedded extension of your team.

#19 AllazoHealth

AllazoHealth was founded on the premise that each individual is unique. After building an award-winning medication adherence program used by over 14 million patients, Founder & CEO Clifford Jones realized the need for predictive analytics and individualized intervention targeting to better combat patient non-adherence.

Unable to find these techniques properly utilized in any major program, Clifford brought together experts in machine learning, statistics, and medication adherence to form AllazoHealth.

#18 SureDone

SureDone allows eCommerce retailers to effortlessly sell products, manage inventory, fulfill orders, process shipping, and optimize pricing across multiple channels and marketplaces. They offer an all-in-one enterprise eCommerce platform optimized for growing sellers to increase revenue with a system designed to handle and achieve scale.

#17 LNC Productions

the set of lnc productions

A boutique, full-service video production firm headquartered in the amazing city of New York. The team at LNC Productions can fulfill every need you have for a video - from initial creative concepts to script writing, all the way through to audio and visual editing.

These days, a video can be a company’s most effective advertising and communication tool, and they want to help you create your masterpiece in a way that makes you shine brightly.

#16 The Design Gym

The Design Gym is a global community of creative voices connected through the language of design thinking. They create opportunities for individuals and organizations to solve their toughest challenges with the power of open innovation. Their goal is to help people create a culture, align on a process and develop the skills to challenge what’s possible. 

#15  WeKanCode 

WeKanCode is a technology company headquartered in New York and India. The company's main focus is to solve business problems through innovative solutions. It has an integrated team of business and technology professionals who work hand in hand to come up with the best solution. They have a team of developers who power these solutions through mobile and web-based applications.

#14 Teckst

Unlike text notifications & marketing, Teckst is a communication service for two-way dialogue intended to replace expensive phone calls, lengthy emails, and public social customer care. It’s just like texting a friend because it’s human to human. Texting is utilized by 6 billion mobile phones on Earth, and 7.5 trillion texts are sent every year. Until now, companies were limited to a few antiquated channels. Customer care instantly catches up to the 21st century with Teckst by bringing the power of text messaging to enterprises.

#13 Opposuits

What started out as an idea while traveling through Southeast Asia has grown into a very successful adventure. In just under four years they’ve set up a range of over 40 designs and they serve consumers and retailers in over 50 countries.

Opposuits provides men with quality, yet affordable suits. Their suits represent men who don’t take themselves too seriously but still want to maintain a sense of style. Over the last couple of years, they have proven that there’s a substantial group of men out there who think the same. 

#12 Invoxia

Invoxia is a global leader in the design and development of telecommunications products and connected devices. Known for its advanced technology, its range of market-leading conference phones for the home and the office combine stylish design with superior sound and voice capture capabilities.

#11 Foap

Foap is the leading online marketplace for commercial mobile digital images. By making it possible for millions of mobile phone users to commercialize their photos, they bring to the industry something new and fresh. Traditional stock photography feels just wrong. It's boring, fake, staged, artificial... Foap photos are real. Foap photos are authentic.

Their global community of photographers is taking snaps of their everyday lives, of real moments. That’s why their photos are more likable and create more engagement, especially on social media. With Foap you get no limits of usage in whatever platforms, globally, forever. Only $10 per photo. Simple. They also offer brands and agencies the opportunity to request specific photo assets from their community.

#10 iMedicare

Providing pharmacists with the tools and transparency to help patients understand their Medicare Part D options is the core of their product. But, they also think it’s important to connect Medicare patients to the right community pharmacy.

The Refill Report by iMedicare, helps patients find a local pharmacy with iMedicare capabilities to help them navigate Medicare with ease.

#9 Optamark  

Optamark is an award-winning online print business that is dedicated to providing clients a seamless integration of their printing & marketing services under one roof. Optamark aims to disrupt the $640 billion global print industry by combining the traditional print methods both offset and digital with a full range of product from printing, signage, promotional and creative.

Implementing innovation in a 500-year-old market, Optamark has become one of the fastest growing full-service printing & marketing agencies in the world. Optamark facilitates any and all types of printing/promotional/signage product needs. Anything with ink on it, Optamark can and will be able to print and deliver a quality end product at a competitive price.

#8 DayUse  

a room you can book from dayuse

Dayuse.com is a website and a mobile application allowing you to book a hotel room during the daytime at discounted rates. 70% of the hotel rooms are empty during the day. By optimizing unused inventory, DayUse helps hotels to sell their rooms twice a day.

Their service is currently available in 15 countries and over 100 cities and more than 2000 hotel partners already trust them. Located near airports, central stations, business districts and hip neighborhoods, DayUse is available in boutique hotels as well as in 5-star hotels. Daytime prices are up to 75% less expensive than overnight rates. The reservation process is very simple, no credit card is required to make a booking and cancellation is free of charge.

#7 Affinio  

Affinio is an advanced marketing intelligence platform that leverages the interest graph to understand today’s consumers. Behind Affinio is an advanced, incredibly powerful, and award-winning technology that mines the billions of relational network connections that exist within any given social audience.

Using their deep learning and custom network engine, Affinio is able to analyze these connections to develop a social fingerprint for each user. Analyzing what people choose to follow extracts knowledge and cultural insights from your entire audience. This sheds light for the first time on who each audience segment is, what they are influenced by, what they talk about, share, and ultimately care most about.

#6 Smart News 

SmartNews is the award-winning, addictively simple mobile news app loved by millions. A machine-learning company deeply committed to helping users find quality news. Their algorithms evaluate tens of millions of articles, behaviors and social interactions to deliver only the most interesting and important stories—impartially—on a global scale. Their unique, publisher-friendly approach supports sustainable journalism by generating traffic to publishers’ websites and enabling them to keep 100% of article ad revenue. 

#5 Drizly

alcohol beverage from drizly

For consumers of legal age, Drizly is like having a liquor store at their fingertips. The largest retail delivery network across the U.S., Drizly is the fastest, most convenient way for consumers to get alcohol delivered in just 30 minutes. We demand convenience in all facets of life, Uber with transportation or OpenTable with reservations, the liquor store should not be different.

A Drizly delivery brings the liquor store to you right from your smartphone. Drizly does no delivery and takes no money from the sale of alcohol. In an antiquated, fragmented industry, Drizly brings power back to the consumer while giving retailers the tools and technology they need to boost their bottom line. Drizly is the first and only approved online alcohol delivery service in the State of New York with a model that fits within the 3-tier system to make everyone involved more profitable.

#4 Via

They’ve built revolutionary technology that is changing the way people get around cities. Using Via, a ride booked on your phone costs little more than the bus. Via is on-demand transit on a mass scale; it’s transportation that’s friendly to our planet. Currently in NYC and Chicago, they’re backed by some of the world’s top investors and aggressively expanding.

When you request a ride, their powerful algorithm matches you with a vehicle going your way. They’ll pick you up on your corner in about 5 minutes. Via makes sharing a ride with other passengers seamless. It's smarter than the subway, better than the bus and cheaper than a taxi.

#3 Talkspace  

A New York-based online therapy start-up, the mission at Talkspace is to make therapy affordable and accessible to everyone. They have a network of professional, licensed therapists available for consultations and long-term treatment plans, all via your smartphone or the web.

Just like an office visit, your conversations are 100% confidential in your secure chat room. Your therapist is waiting to help you make a real, lasting difference in your life. You can message your therapist anytime and anywhere, from your smartphone or the web, 100% safe and secure. Welcome to the wonderful world of therapy, re-invented for how we live today.

#2 Namely

Namely is the HR, Payroll, and Benefits platform your employees will love. An HR software that employees actually use - built to fit your company culture.

Manage all of your HR data in one place, with personalized service to help your company get better, faster. Namely is used by some of the world’s most innovative and exciting companies in media, technology, commerce, and more.

#1 Blue Apron

a child reading instruction she got from the blue apron box

Blue Apron makes cooking fun and easy. They provide you with all the ingredients that you need to make a delicious meal in exactly the right proportions. 

Each week, they send customers all the pre-measured and perfectly proportioned ingredients they need to prepare delicious and healthy meals at home. They introduce their members to new ingredients, flavors and cooking techniques with seasonally-inspired recipes that are always delicious, fun and easy to prepare. They work directly with family-run farms to grow specialty produce, affordably bringing the freshest ingredients into their customers' kitchens.

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8 Ways You Can Make The Most Of Your Business Newsletter

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