Incredible Coworking Statistics

Incredible Coworking Statistics

Coworking is a growing trend worldwide. We wanted to dig into the data and see how coworkers are enjoying their new office space. Are they happy with the switch from working at home, in a cafe or a traditional office space? What do they enjoy the most about coworking, the least, and what is the number one thing they wish their coworking space would improve? Here are the results and more. 

The 11 Best Coworking Spaces In Oregon

The 11 Best Coworking Spaces In Oregon

Less than 2 hours away from Portland, Eugene has small but growing startup scene as well. Nike started in Eugene and they are influential and generous in the local entrepreneurial community. East of the Cascade Range startups and entrepreneurs from California have also discovered sunny Bend, Oregon and have been migrating there in large numbers over the last decade. These three booming cities and the smaller towns around Oregon have some excellent co-working spaces. Here are the best. 

Coworking Is The Best Way To Make Friends

When your office decided to give you the option of working from home you couldn't wait. You no longer had to worry about dealing with office politics or any of the nonsense that wastes your time at a traditional office space. Whether you're a freelancer, digital nomad, small business owner, lifestyle business or part of a large corporation, working from home was something you couldn't wait to do.

Coworking is leading the trend in the evolution from working at home. First we dreamed of getting out of awful office cubicles, bad lighting and long commutes that wasted our time. Working from home seemed ideal but after working from home for a little bit you quickly discover that home is a distracting working environment. It's not ideal being in the middle of something important and your spouse asks you for some help with the laundry.

The next stage in workplace evolution is a coffee shop. After beginning to work from home, once in a while you would head down to the local cafe. After working at a coffee shop a few times you quickly noticed how much more productive you could be without all the easy ways you can get sidetracked at home. The biggest problem with coffee shops is the time limit. It looks pretty odd if you are using your local cafe as your personal office space for ten hours a day. After a few hours, it's time to move on from the cafe and go back home. The other thing is cafes are still a lonely environment. The baristas might be nice but for the most part, you are still working alone and you're not going to make any permanent connections.

Coworking takes the best things from your old office space or local cafe but in a permanent working environment with other entrepreneurs, startups, and freelancers. Getting to know other people that are working on similar things might be the easiest way to meet new friends. You'll be more excited to get work done every day being around people you know and like. Friendships at work make for a happier, healthier, and more productive workplace atmosphere. More than a third of adults report that they met one of their closest friends at work. Do yourself a favor and explore the local coworking spaces in your neighborhood and meet some new friends. You'll be happier and healthier, the two most important things in life.

Why People Thrive in Coworking Spaces

Today, entrepreneurs have the ability to meet other talented founders, business owners and freelancers and work beside them in a beautiful and modern office space. A nasty secret of entrepreneurship is that it can get quite lonely at times. Even though most corporate employees get some work done at home, there is a huge difference when you work full time at home, let alone the 24/7 work schedule of a new business owner. Cafes are great for a couple hours, but once you start to get into the 3-4 hour range you feel pressured to get up and leave.

Coworking spaces take the best things from a traditional office space and leave the bad things behind. Private offices, meeting rooms, shared desks for the mobile entrepreneur, close knit communities, great coffee, fast wifi, 24/7 access, unlimited printing, private phone booths and even napping rooms. The very best coworking spaces combine all of these things to make the best possible working environment for freelancers, small business owners, startup teams and entrepreneurs of all types.

The close knit community of many coworking spaces is what makes them the ideal office space. Freelancers, entrepreneurs and small business owners have a common bond that few people on the outside understand. Being surrounded by like minded people that you can form long term bonds and business relationships with is invaluable. This could be anything from another freelancer that you enjoy getting coffee with, to another startup founder who compliments your skills, or a small business owner that has experience with a problem you are currently dealing with and can help you solve it. 

Events are another huge benefit of working in a coworking space. Launch parties, hackathons, tech talks, game nights, leadership workshops, venture capitalist guest speakers, happy hours, panel discussions, monthly classes and demo days are some of the most popular types of events that coworking spaces host but there are many more options as well. 

If you are interested in a coworking space, most of them offer day passes. This can be a great way to get a feel for a coworking space before you dive in and sign up for a monthly membership. You can see if a shared workspace, private desk or a private office might be the best fit for you. While you're visiting, you can also check out the conference rooms and event spaces. The best coworking spaces also offer free tours so you can get a feel for the vibe of the entire office space. 

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