The 10 Hottest Tech Startups in NYC

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Why Tech Startups Do Very Well In NYC

The NYC tech industry is quickly catching up with Silicon Valley. There seems to be the right mix for startups to grow and prosper in NYC. Here are some factors that are propelling tech entrepreneurs to open doors in Silicon Alley and why they're choosing to launch here instead of anywhere else.

The world fastest growing tech startup ecosystem

NYC has the fastest growing tech ecosystems in the world. In NYC, startups have self-supporting communities, that prop each other up during their development. This means that the skills and services that the startups need are found within the local ecosystem.

New York is also home to world-leading universities that provide opportunities for entrepreneurs to research their ideas and refine them to make functional solutions. Moreover, tech startups in New York City also have access to multiple European and South American startup centers.

The Tech Cornell campus on Roosevelt Island will be opening this year. On campus, tech entrepreneurs will gain skills in areas that are in high-demand to help them take their startups to the next level.

Leadership is committed to helping tech startups expand

The city’s leadership, including the mayor and the local authorities, are devoted to providing an enabling environment for tech startups to thrive. They have been championing for the growth of coworking environments as well as tax cuts to make it possible for startups to get their footing in the early stages of their business.

Access to a wider market for solutions

New York City is a melting pot of culture and a metropolitan market that offers many solutions to the problems an early-stage tech startup may be having. The biggest problem that startups have beyond funding is a market that is big enough to make their solutions profitable. It's also the leading cause of failure for many startups.

NYC also has the largest tech meetup in the world. Tech companies and startups converge to exchange ideas, tackle common issues and network. This opens up more opportunities for budding entrepreneurs. Almost any new tech founder can join a huge network of like-minded peers that have already achieved success almost immediately.

Easier financing options

There are many more organized angel financing groups in NYC than in any other city. Any entrepreneur with great ideas has a better chance of getting funding for their business in NYC than in any other place. The same applies to women tech entrepreneurs. To get started contact New York Angels located in the West Village.

We wanted to find who the hottest tech startups are in NYC. Not the unicorns you already know about but the next generation of tech startups that are creating great things and are the household names of tomorrow. Here are the hottest tech startups in NYC.

#10 ProductionPro

tools for production at productionpro

Film, theater, and television shows are complex creative endeavors, with hundreds of people working together on something that often changes daily. Existing tools only serve a single purpose for one individual or department. ProductionPro lets both professionals and amateurs visually assemble all of a production’s moving parts into one dynamic platform.

#9 Porter & Sail

Porter & Sail is poised to capture the hotel industry as the premium provider of mobile and digital services for boutique and luxury properties.

Porter & Sail's products marry leading-edge technology with engaging lifestyle content to ensure deep, organic and actionable guest engagement between hotels and guests. Guest-facing mobile usage powers industry-first analytic and data insights that empower smarter, better hotels. Their real-time concierge system saves staff hours while augmenting the guest experience and driving revenue.

#8 TreePress

The global theater industry is undergoing a seismic transformation. More people than ever are writing, performing and producing plays. Simultaneously, innovation in technology has never been more exciting. Every day, computing systems are gaining strength, intelligence, and utility.

At TreePress, they’re tapping into the ideas of people and the capabilities of technology. They’re creating the world’s largest online network for theater, where anyone, anywhere can upload, discover and explore scripts.

#7 MyClean

website of muyclean cleaning service

MyClean is a residential and commercial cleaning service. With their easy-to-use website, customers can conveniently: get an instant price quote, schedule appointments, pay for appointments, and even provide specific notes that are delivered directly to cleaners. All MyClean cleaners are insured, bonded, and trained to deliver on their 50 Point Checklist.

#6 Kinvolved

Kinvolved is building a movement that elevates student attendance, one of our youth’s most critical civil rights. By supporting districts, schools, and nonprofits in creating a community that is inclusive of students, parents, and families of varied backgrounds, research proves that more students attend school.

Kinvolved’s mobile and web app, Kinvo, enables K-12 school staff and families to engage through real-time, translated, text messaging. Through open communication and access to simple attendance data, communities work together to ensure students attend school every day.

#5 Raden

Raden is the case for better travel. It’s everything you need to seamlessly get from point A to point B. An end to end experience for better travel by pairing the world's best materials with technology. Created with the lightest and most durable materials on the market, Raden’s embedded technology and sleek companion app add a much-needed utility to your travel experience. Travelers can weigh their case from home, track their case throughout their journey, charge their devices on the go, and get relevant information about their trip.

#4 Cinematique

the cinematique video platform

Cinematique is the world's first touchable video platform. Its award-winning technology allows viewers to interact with anything they see in a video, creating the next generation of video for consumers, publishers, and brands.

#3 Makers Row

Maker’s Row is an online marketplace that inspires American businesses to think domestic first. Their unique platform connects American manufacturers and product-based businesses, making factory sourcing easy. They believe in the dream of entrepreneurs, designers, and small businesses, but understand how complicated the process of production can be. Their mission is to make manufacturing in the United States accessible, simple, and painless.

#2 Gadget Flow

Gadget Flow is the most powerful product discovery platform on the web, helping you discover awesome products with ten new additions every day. It also provides you with the option of saving your favorite products in a private or public wishlist, creating your custom feed from your favorite categories. Gadget Flow was founded with one goal in mind: to simplify online product exploration.

#1 One Month

One Month is an accelerated learning platform. Their goal is simple - empower people to change their lives by learning real-world skills, in a short amount of time. The One Month team comprises education thought-leaders and self-taught technology experts working to build the most effective way to learn online.

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