The Best Cafes In SoHo

The ideal cafe can be something different depending on who you ask. Fast wifi, delicious baked goods, a great atmosphere, plenty of seating, etc. But there is one thing that all great cafes must have, extraordinary coffee. With this in mind, we researched every cafe in SoHo so you could find the best cafe for you. 

Happy Bones 

The lighting is inside is fantastic and the perfect place for a grab and go cup of coffee. The coffee shop is small with limited seating. They serve Counter Culture coffee and they make outstanding iced lattes. They also have delicious and unique food choices.

Everyman Espresso

Friendly atmosphere and service with outstanding espresso drinks. There are only a few tables to have a seat, but the ambience is nice. They also have a few benches out front if the weather is nice. Along with almond milk for vegans. They have a lot of good specialty espresso drinks if you're feeling adventurous.

La Colombe SoHo

A great location in the middle of SoHo. The line tends to get long but the coffee is so good that it's definitely worth it and the line moves fast. They also have great iced coffees for a nice refreshing treat if you're shopping in Soho.

Gasoline Alley Coffee

A simple but enjoyable atmosphere with quick and friendly service. They also have delicious croissants. The coffee is good and so is the cold brewed iced coffee. The music and ambience are perfect for this little place. The stools are in the perfect location to relax and people watch if you can grab one.

12 Corners Coffee

A few blocks outside of SoHo in Chinatown is a small cafe, but they usually have a few places to sit. The ambience is great with a chill atmosphere and they have free WiFi.  They sell Kobrick coffee beans for $14 with a free iced or hot coffee.

Nolita Mart & Espresso Bar

Another great cafe a few blocks outside of SoHo in Chinatown the Espresso Bar is in the back of the market. They have a little seating area that is not crowded. The cafe is just the right size to hang out and have a conversation with a friend.

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