The Best Event Planners In NYC

The Best Event Planners In NYC

These days, the events industry is constantly changing. In fact, the best event planners are on top of the newest trends to make sure that their events are perfectly planned.

As a startup owner, all the stress and anxiety of hosting an event doesn't have to rest on your shoulders. Instead, you can simply hire professional event planners who know the tricks of the trade. They have years of knowledge and experience, so you can be assured your corporate event will turn out great.

Excellent event planners take every necessary step to ensure your event's success. They work side-by-side with you as they strive to turn your vision into reality.

If you're in New York City, the good news is that there are a number of great providers you can tap as you plan your upcoming business event.

The best event planners in NYC

Without further ado, here are the best event planners in NYC you can book for your next startup event.

Cristina Verger Event Planning & Production, LLC

First, we have Cristina Verger Event Planning & Production, LLC. This company has been serving clients for more than 15 years. According to their website, the company has “built a reputation for innovation, impeccable taste and a keen eye for detail.”

Although they’re mainly known for planning weddings, Cristina and her team also have extensive experience organizing corporate events. In fact, they have “connections to the hottest NYC properties and the most sought-after vendors” in the city. Customers are promised that their company events will be great as they work with this provider.

Address: 745 5th Ave #500, New York, NY
Contact number: +1 917-880-7445
Email: via website


best event planners in nyc

Next, we have Eventique. Their staff members are said to be experts at organizing different types of corporate events such as team building, conference, fundraiser, product launch, and others. The company offers customized planning services for your small or big events.

According to their website, the Eventique team comes from "entertainment and production backgrounds." This means they have "artistic and technical expertise" that can help take your event to the next level.

Address: 333 West 52nd Street, Suite 1008, New York, NY
Contact number: +1 212-616-1655
Email: [email protected]

Impulse Productions

best event planners in nyc

Impulse Event Productions plans, produces, and executes large-scale special events, corporate parties, and charity functions. There is no function too large for Impulse to handle, they say. They start with your basic idea and through careful consultation, cater to your every request. 

The company will locate a venue suitable to your taste and develop a design to achieve your desired atmosphere. Moreover, they will optimize your budget and create a production based on that.

To sum up, Impulse's executive team has over 20 years combined of event planning and production experience so clients can be assured of their competence.

Address: 315 Madison Ave, 3rd Floor, Suite 3043, New York, NY
Contact number: +1 800-498-3049
Email: [email protected]

Kate Edmonds Events

Kate Edmonds Events is another established brand that’s worthy of being included among the best event planners in NYC.

This event production company “takes your thoughts and inspirations as a starting point.” Afterwards, they build on it and add details to take your event to the next level. Besides, their goal is to have your guests “talking about your celebration for years to come!”

Moreover, Kate Edmonds Events guarantees that all their staff members are “friendly, authentic, approachable, and responsive.”

Address: 244 Madison Ave Suite 900, New York, NY
Contact number: +1 212-366-4447
Email: [email protected]

Lindsay Landman Events

best event planners in NYC

For years, Lindsay Landman Events has been “creating thoughtful events and transformative environments” for their customers.

They certainly have extensive experience when it comes to handling everything from weddings and galas, to non-profit fundraisers, corporate events, and more.

Lindsay Landman, along with her “talented team of creatives and logisticians,” work closely with clients to ensure that each event turns out amazing. They make sure to pay attention to every important detail and demand, whether big or small.  

In December 2021, Vogue named Lindsay Landman Events as one of the world’s top wedding planners.

Address: 150 West 25th Street, Studio 604, New York, NY
Contact number: +1 212-206-0026
Email: [email protected]

Pejy Kash Events

best event planners in NYC

Without a doubt, Pejy Kash Events also deserves to be on our list of the best event planners in NYC.

According to Pejy himself, he and his team approach event planning and design by “starting a connection” with the client. This allows them to provide a service and experience that’s “as unique and as personal as possible.”

Address: 374 7th Ave, Brooklyn, NY
Contact number: +1 646-220-3002
Email: [email protected]

Sequence Events

With a 5-star ranking on Google, it’s easy to have high expectations for the services offered by Sequence Events. Besides, this “full-service event production agency” handles various types of business events, ranging from virtual, to hybrid, to in-person events.

One previous customer wrote:  

“The whole team was a pleasure to work with. Sequence was able to anticipate our needs, problem solve on-the-spot, and stepped in to give their professional advice when needed.”

So whether you’re hosting a virtual, hybrid, or in-person business event, feel free to contact them.

Address: 15 W 38th St, New York, NY
Contact number: +1 646-336-6800
Email: [email protected]

Shimmer NYC

Last but not least, we have Shimmer NYC. This event production company has been around since 2012 so they have plenty of experience planning corporate events. Their site tells us they’re capable of organizing “effective, engaging, and efficient gatherings which bring focus to your desired message.”

Shimmer NYC promises customers that their events will be “designed and planned with your goals, brand, and attendees in mind.”

Address: 48 W 68th St #2E, New York, NY
Contact number: +1 646-524-6491
Email: [email protected]

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