The Hottest Health Startups in New York

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The Farm SoHo is the hub for healthcare technology startups in New York. We host Blueprint Health, one of the largest health tech accelerators on the east coast. 

The #1 industry in New York based on the number of employees is healthcare. Technology and an aging population that's demanding better care are pushing New York startups to greater accomplishments than recently thought possible.

Improving child safety, online top-notch nutrition counseling, and making a difference in the fight against cancer are just a few things these extraordinary healthcare startups are creating. Here are the hottest healthcare startups in New York.

#28 AlphaRidge

AlphaRidge is dedicated to delivering the best-in-class electronic medical/health record solutions, objective vendor selection, transitional and ongoing training and support, as well as cutting-edge healthcare technology. Working collaboratively, we provide solutions that drive significant financial and operational improvement, delivering rapid, certain, and sustainable results.

As the premier healthcare consulting organization dedicated to performance improvement, AlphaRidge helps hospitals, clinics and healthcare providers nationwide achieve their goals and missions. Our team of healthcare professionals and consultants apply deep knowledge of practice performance measurement, compliance, clinical workflows, interfacing, labs, encounter note optimization, organizational dynamics, and healthcare information systems to achieve unparalleled results.

Working collaboratively, they provide solutions that drive significant financial and operational improvement, delivering rapid, certain, and sustainable results. As the premier healthcare consulting organization dedicated to performance improvement, AlphaRidge helps hospitals, clinics and healthcare providers nationwide achieve their goals and missions.

Their team of healthcare professionals and consultants apply deep knowledge of practice performance measurement, compliance, clinical workflows, interfacing, labs, encounter note optimization, organizational dynamics, and healthcare information systems to achieve unparalleled results.

#27 Datanomy

Datanomy is a data analytics firm for medical c-suite. They help healthcare executives unlock actionable insights about their organizations through business intelligence and data science.

Their broad-ranging experience with providers, hospital networks, device, biotech/pharma & insurance companies has given them a multi-faceted and well-rounded understanding of the problems that many organizations face.

Additionally, they are preeminent experts on Electronic Medical Records implementation, reporting, project management and subject matter expertise for healthcare facilities both regionally and across the country. Thus, their understanding of software, medical data & clinical workflows has proven invaluable to their healthcare clients.

#26 MedPilot

Making it easier for patients to pay their medical bills. MedPilot helps healthcare providers and 3rd party BPOs increase the collection of patient balances while reducing manual administrative tasks involved in the revenue cycle.

With High Deductible Health Plans shifting costs to patients, it is more important than ever for billing departments to have an efficient, simple solution to collect on these receivables.

MedPilot's technology engages patients in the payment process through personalized, automated communication, and facilitates payment plans and financial settlements based on individual circumstances to positively resolve balances. Providers and BPOs utilize MedPilot to boost patient reimbursement, strengthen customer relationships, and reduce collections costs.

#25 Calibrater Health

A real-time customer service platform for healthcare. At Calibrater Health, they believe that fantastic customer service will win the trust and loyalty of patients, allowing healthcare organizations to take better care of more people at lower cost. So they’re building a customer service platform for healthcare to help win patient visits.

They combine real-time patient feedback (via SMS / text message) with a ticketing and issue tracking system to make sure healthcare organizations never miss another opportunity to deliver an exceptional patient experience and have the tools and insights to constantly improve.

#24 RxData

RxData develops a platform that provides on-demand access to pharmaceutical pricing and clinical data. They consolidated this data into a user-friendly platform that provides a 360-view of the state of pharmaceutical reimbursement and pricing decision-making across the globe.

This solution provides a cost-effective way for pharmaceutical companies and consulting firms to conduct research that can be used as a basis for strategy development and investment decisions.


SPARKITE is a customizable mobile and web-based aftercare support platform that provides Addiction Treatment Centers with a tool to stay in connection with their alumni.

SPARKITE provides the alumni with added accountability to their recoveries, support, and connection to the Treatment Center and their support communities. This enhances the recovery of the alumni and brings in referrals and valuable data and metrics to the Treatment Center to help in understanding their effectiveness of treatment.

#22 Wellth

Wellth works together with healthcare payers and ACOs to produce cost-saving behavior changes in their members through science-based incentive plans.

With rigorous actuarial modeling and reams of clinical data underlying each plan, they can offer meaningful incentives based upon solid estimates of ROI. Every plan is focused on producing verifiable behavior change. They can prove that your members are getting healthier and that their cost of care is dropping.

#21 Care Dox

Free digital health platform for the largest and most consistent health delivery system in the country: K-12 schools. CareDox leverages pediatric health data and this country’s most successful public health organization, the K-12 school system, to improve outcomes and learn about clinical health data outside of the provider’s office.

#20 PadInMotion

PadInMotion is a leader in tablet technology for hospitals and medical facilities such as nursing homes, sub-acute centers, rehab centers, cancer treatment centers, and dialysis centers.

PadInMotion contracts with hospitals and other medical facilities to place a customized tablet at the patient bedside. The tablets provide patients with entertainment, connectivity to loved ones and information that helps patients better understand their medical condition, prognosis and expected recovery process.

Patients may also download their software post-discharge to stay connected to their medical facility and manage their long-term wellness. Their solution gives facilities an opportunity to increase revenue, improve patient satisfaction and improve quality care metrics.

#19 Allazo Health

Allazo Health tackles the problem of medication non-adherence through predictive analytics and personalized interventions. Their purpose is to empower patients to better manage their illnesses to improve health and reduce billions of dollars in avoidable healthcare costs incurring each year in U.S. alone.

They combine behavioral science research, industry expertise, and advanced predictive analytics to anticipate medication non-adherence, and forecast the most effective intervention strategy for each individual patient. Their approach enables their clients to design and implement efficient medication adherence programs. They provide services to PBMs, health insurers, ACOs and hospital systems.

#18 WayBetter

WayBetter makes games that motivate people to achieve their goals. Games that makes it fun to lose weight, to exercise more, to quit smoking. Games that could change your life.

In each WayBetter game, money holds players accountable, achievable micro-goals keep them on track, and an incredibly supportive community helps everyone stay motivated.

#17 Health Recovery Solutions

Helping hospitals reduce readmissions, avoid penalties and improve care through their innovative patient engagement platform. Health Recovery Solutions interactive tablet is designed to incentivize and engage the patient to comply with their 30-day post-discharge recovery plan while letting physicians and family track their progress.

Predictive algorithms that alert physicians of "high-risk" patients, coupled with unique features such as medication reminders, and the ability to connect caregivers and patients face-to-face with embedded video chat technology, HRS provides technology that empowers patients to take control of their health.

#16 RubiconMD

RubiconMD is connecting primary care providers to specialists for e-consults. Their web-based and mobile platform redesigns the referral process by bringing appropriate specialty expertise into the primary care setting.

#15 Aidin

Aidin is a hospital discharge planning tool that reduces readmissions. They make it easy to collect hard data about how well post-acute providers perform.

Aidin is a tool used by hospitals that quickly matches patients to the post-discharge provider (like nursing homes or rehab centers) that is best suited to serve the patient's individual health needs. They do it by getting hard data on the quality of care of these providers and presenting it to the patient right when they need it most.

#14 Docphin

The best way to keep up with medical research on smartphones. Docphin is a platform for healthcare professionals to personalize, access and connect through evidenced based research while also enabling hospitals to meet new accreditation and funding requirements.

Docphin was initially launched at 3 Academic Medical Centers but rapidly expanded and is now available at over 35 medical centers nationwide, including Harvard, Hopkins, Penn & Stanford.

#13 iMedicare

iMedicare is a platform where pharmacies counsel patients on how to save money on their prescriptions and Medicare plan options. Thousands of pharmacists across the US use iMedicare because it saves tons of time and puts money in the pockets of pharmacies that truly care about their patients. And their patients love it.

#12 Hammerhead

Smart, effortless bike navigation. The Hammerhead is a unique product that solves the problem of safely navigating on a bicycle. Safe, social, and elegantly simple, it communicates turn-by-turn direction instructions via easily visible light patterns. With the Hammerhead, you can keep your eyes on the road and your mind on the ride.

Their device is smartphone-powered, giving you access to a range of capabilities that other GPS devices lack. Stay on safe routes and recommend your favorite rides to friends. Find the best and safest bike routes in your city. Or just get from point A to point B as quickly as the streets will allow. The Hammerhead is your window into a better, more connected and safer world of cycling.

#11 Morsel

Morsel makes it easy to feed your company a healthy and delicious lunch. Their culinary team comes up with dozens of recipes every quarter to make sure that there are variety and seasonal flavor.

Every meal is then vetted by a nutritionist to make sure it’s not just delicious, but also healthy. They vertically integrated and make all of the food themselves, which means they can deliver a level of quality that you won’t get from platforms that work with other restaurants.

#10 SolveBio

SolveBio works with diagnostic and R&D labs to massively scale their precision medicine offering. Screening, Rare Disease, and Oncology genetics require accurate and fast assessment of variants.

The SolveBio Genome Intelligence Service combines SolveBio’s proprietary data harmonization engine with a global network of trained genomics experts to deliver high-throughput, transparent, and reproducible DNA variant interpretation.

SolveBio curation is scalable and available on-demand, allowing companies and labs to scale variant assessment as their test volume grows.

#9 ZocDoc

Zocdoc is the tech company at the beginning of a better healthcare experience. Each month, millions of patients use Zocdoc to find in-network neighborhood doctors, instantly book appointments online, see what other real patients have to say, get reminders for upcoming appointments and preventive check-ups, fill out their paperwork online, and more.

With a mission to give power to the patient, Zocdoc’s online marketplace delivers the accessible, seamless, and simple experience patients expect and deserve.

#8 Sherpaa

Delivering healthcare that is accessible, appropriate, and affordable. Sherpaa is an entirely new genre of healthcare delivery, completely redefining telehealth. They connect your employees directly to their in-house doctors and insurance guides to diagnose and resolve their health, wellness, and insurance needs while reducing utilization of your company's health plan. Fewer claims = lower costs. They are a human-powered service with a big focus on delivering the best healthcare experience possible.

#7 Cureatr

Providing real-time notifications during patient care transitions. Reducing preventable hospitalizations. Preventing 30-day re-admits. Cureatr’s notifications alert clinicians and payers in real-time on mobile or desktop applications when an attributed patient or member is receiving care anywhere within a region and delivers necessary information that is essential to reducing preventable hospitalizations and avoiding readmissions.

#6 Zeel

Book same-day, in-home massage in seconds on your smartphone. Available in as little as an hour, or book up to a month in advance. All Zeel Massage Therapists are licensed, screened, background checked, vetted by the Zeel team, chosen for their excellence and experience, and devoted to reaching the highest levels of customer service and experience. Schedule and enjoy 7 days a week, 365 days a year, for start time as early as 8 am and as late as 10:30 pm.

#5 Recombine

Recombine is a genetic testing company. They provide responsible, comprehensive, and cost-effective clinical genetic testing. Currently being provided to thousands of patients around the world through their network of physicians.

Recombine was founded by experts in fertility, clinical genetics, bioinformatics, and computer science brought together with one goal in mind: to improve health outcomes based on actionable and responsible genetic testing.

#4 Eligible

Eligible is an integrations partner which offers connectivity and processing to every health insurance company in the country. Eligible's simple API network enables disparate systems to instantly send and receive transactions required for the processing of healthcare payments and reimbursements.

Information retrieved includes active or inactive policy status, deductibles, stop loss, coordination of benefits, procedures, diagnosis, plan type (HMO, PPO, POS, etc), effective dates, termination dates, claim denial reports and more. Information processed includes claims, payments, remittance reports, and preauthorization requests.

#3 Flatiron Health

A software company based in NYC that is trying to make a difference in the fight against cancer. Flatiron Health’s mission is to serve cancer patients and customers by dramatically improving treatment and accelerating research. Their team is building a disruptive, oncology-specific software platform that connects cancer centers across the world on a common technology infrastructure to address key healthcare challenges.

Today, the Flatiron Health platform includes the industry-leading electronic medical record for oncology, a first-of-its-kind analytics tool, patient portal, and integrated billing management. Their goal is to help cancer centers and life science companies leverage real-world oncology data at a scale and clinical depth never before seen to advance cancer care and accelerate research.

#2 ClassPass

Thousands of classes. One pass. Sweat at the best boutique fitness studios. ClassPass is a membership program for fitness classes across multiple gyms and studios, making working out more accessible.

ClassPass members enjoy greater variety and engagement in their fitness regime, all at a lower price than if they were to book classes individually on their own. Participating studios benefit by attracting new students and profitably filling excess capacity in classes.

#1 Oscar

A new kind of health insurance company. The Oscar team is focused on utilizing technology, design, and data to humanize healthcare.

They're a group of technology and healthcare professionals who looked at the current state of the US healthcare system got frustrated by the horrible consumer experience and decided to do something big about it. They've simply set out to revolutionize healthcare.

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