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The Farm SoHo is the hub for healthcare technology startups in New York. We host Blueprint Health, one of the largest health tech accelerators on the east coast. 

The industry with the greatest number of employees in New York is healthcare. Technology and an aging population demanding better care are pushing New York startups to achieve more than was previously believed.

These exceptional healthcare startups are creating, among other things, enhanced child safety. Moreover, they also consider online nutrition counseling of the highest caliber and a difference in the fight against cancer. Here are the hottest New York health startups.

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First on our list of the hottest health startups in New York is AlphaRidhe. AlphaRidge is a health startup that commits to providing superior electronic medical/health record solutions. They also include objective vendor selection, transitional and ongoing training and support, and cutting-edge healthcare technology. Working collaboratively, we provide solutions that drive significant financial and operational improvement, resulting in rapid, certain, and enduring outcomes.

As the nation's preeminent healthcare consulting firm, AlphaRidge assists hospitals, clinics, and healthcare providers in achieving their objectives and missions. Moreover, our team of healthcare professionals and consultants achieves unparalleled results by utilizing their extensive knowledge of practice performance measurement. They also implement compliance, clinical workflows, interfacing, labs, encounter note optimization, organizational dynamics, and healthcare information systems.


Facilitating patients' ability to pay their medical bills, MedPilot is a health startup that assists healthcare providers and third-party BPOs in increasing the collection of patient balances. They do this while decreasing the number of administrative tasks performed manually during the revenue cycle.

Hence, with high deductible health plans shifting costs to patients, it is more crucial than ever for billing departments to have an efficient and straightforward method for collecting these receivables.

Through personalized, automated communication, MedPilot's technology engages patients in the payment process and facilitates payment plans and financial settlements based on each patient's unique circumstances, resulting in the positive resolution of balances. Thus, MedPilot is utilized by providers and BPOs to increase patient reimbursement, strengthen customer relationships, and decrease collection costs.

Calibrater Health

A real-time health startup customer service platform. At Calibrater Health, they believe that exceptional customer service will earn the trust and loyalty of patients, enabling healthcare organizations to provide better care to more individuals at a lower cost. Therefore, they are constructing a customer service platform for healthcare in order to increase patient visits.

They also combine real-time patient feedback (via SMS / text message) with a ticketing and issue tracking system to ensure that healthcare organizations never miss an opportunity to provide an exceptional patient experience and always have the tools and insights necessary to continuously improve.


RxData is a health startup that develops a platform that provides access to pharmaceutical pricing and clinical data on demand. They compiled this information into a user-friendly platform that provides a global overview of the current state of pharmaceutical reimbursement and pricing decisions.

This solution also offers pharmaceutical companies and consulting firms a cost-effective method for conducting research that can serve as the basis for strategy development and investment decisions.


Through science-based incentive plans, Wellth, a health startup, collaborates with healthcare payers and ACOs to induce cost-saving behavior changes in their members.

Hence, with rigorous actuarial modeling and reams of clinical data supporting each plan, they are able to offer meaningful incentives based on accurate ROI estimates. Every plan is centered on producing observable behavior modification. They can demonstrate that your members' health is improving and that their health care costs are decreasing.


Free digital health platform for the country's largest and most standardized health delivery system: K-12 schools. SchoolCare uses pediatric health data and the most successful public health organization in the United States, the K-12 school system, to improve outcomes and learn about clinical health data outside of the provider's office.

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Allazo Health

Through predictive analytics and individualized interventions, Allazo Health addresses the issue of medication non-adherence. Their goal is to enable patients to better manage their illnesses in order to improve health and reduce the billions of dollars in avoidable healthcare costs incurred annually in the United States.

They also combine behavioral science research, industry expertise, and advanced predictive analytics to predict medication non-adherence and forecast the most effective intervention strategy for each patient. Their methodology permits clients to design and implement effective medication adherence programs. They provide services to pharmacy benefit managers, health insurers, accountable care organizations, and hospital systems.


WayBetter, a health startup, creates games that encourage individuals to achieve their objectives. Games that make losing weight, exercising more, and quitting smoking enjoyable. Games that could potentially change your life.

Money also holds players accountable in each WayBetter game, attainable micro-goals keep them on track, and an incredibly supportive community keeps everyone motivated.

Health Recovery Solutions

Through their innovative patient engagement platform, they help hospitals reduce readmissions, avoid penalties, and improve care. The interactive tablet developed by Health Recovery Solutions is intended to motivate and engage patients to adhere to their 30-day post-discharge recovery plan while allowing physicians and family members to track their progress.

With unique features such as medication reminders and the ability to connect caregivers and patients face-to-face via embedded video chat technology, HRS provides technology that empowers patients to manage their own health.

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RubiconMD connects primary care physicians with specialists for electronic consultations. Their web- and mobile-based platform reimagines the referral procedure by bringing appropriate specialty expertise into the primary care setting.


Aidin is a tool for hospital discharge planning that decreases readmissions. They facilitate the collection of objective data regarding the performance of post-acute providers.

Aidin is a tool used by hospitals to quickly match patients with the post-discharge provider (such as nursing homes or rehabilitation centers) who can best meet the patient's unique health needs. They accomplish this by gathering objective data on the quality of care provided by these providers and presenting it to the patient precisely when they require it.


iMedicare is a platform through which pharmacies advise patients on how to save money on prescriptions and Medicare plan options. Thousands of pharmacists across the United States use iMedicare because it helps pharmacies that truly care about their patients save time and money. And their patients are pleased.


Smart, effortless bike navigation. The Hammerhead is an innovative product that solves the problem of cycling safely. It communicates turn-by-turn direction instructions through easily visible light patterns, making it safe, social, and elegantly straightforward. You can keep your eyes on the road and your mind on the ride with the Hammerhead.

Moreover, their GPS device is powered by a smartphone, giving you access to features that other GPS devices lack. Recommend your favorite rides to others and stick to safe routes. Find the most efficient and secure bike routes in your city. Or simply travel from A to B as quickly as the roads will allow. The Hammerhead is also your portal to a better, safer, and more connected world of cycling.


SolveBio collaborates with diagnostic and R&D laboratories to dramatically expand their precision medicine offerings. Moreover, the genetics of screening, rare diseases, and oncology require accurate and rapid variant assessment.

The SolveBio Genome Intelligence Service combines a proprietary data harmonization engine with a global network of trained genomics experts in order to provide high-throughput, transparent, and reproducible DNA variant interpretation.

Thus, SolveBio's curation is scalable and on-demand, allowing companies and labs to scale variant assessment as test volume increases.

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Zocdoc is the technology company paving the way for a more satisfying healthcare experience. Millions of patients use Zocdoc each month to find in-network neighborhood doctors, instantly book appointments online, see what other real patients have to say, get reminders for upcoming appointments and preventive exams, and complete their paperwork online.

Furthermore, Zocdoc's online marketplace also provides patients with the accessible, streamlined, and straightforward experience they expect and deserve.

Crossover Health

Delivering accessible, appropriate, and affordable healthcare. Crossover Health is an entirely new category of healthcare delivery that redefines telehealth in its entirety. They connect your employees directly to their in-house physicians and insurance guides in order to diagnose and resolve their health, wellness, and insurance needs, thereby reducing the utilization of your company's health plan. Less claims equals lower costs. They are a human-powered service with a strong emphasis on providing the best possible healthcare experience.


Providing real-time notifications during transitions in patient care. Reducing hospitalizations that could have been prevented. Avoiding 30-day readmissions. Cureatr's notifications alert clinicians and payers in real-time on mobile or desktop applications when an attributed patient or member is receiving care anywhere in a region, and provide essential information for preventing preventable hospitalizations and readmissions.

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Book a same-day, in-home massage on your smartphone in mere seconds. Reservations can be made up to one month in advance or within the hour. Moreover, all Zeel Massage Therapists are licensed, screened, background checked, selected for their excellence and experience, and devoted to achieving the highest levels of customer service and experience. Schedule and enjoy seven days a week, 365 days a year, with start times between 8 a.m. and 10:30 p.m.


Eligible is an integrations health startup partner that provides connectivity and processing to all national health insurance providers. The straightforward API network of Eligible enables dissimilar systems to send and receive transactions required for the processing of healthcare payments and reimbursements in real time.

Thus, information obtained includes policy status (active or inactive), deductibles, stop loss, coordination of benefits, procedures, diagnosis, plan type (HMO, PPO, etc.), effective dates, termination dates, claim denial reports, and more. Claims, payments, remittance reports, and preauthorization requests are also processed information.

Flatiron Health

A New York City-based software company attempting to make a difference in the fight against cancer. Flatiron Health's mission is to serve cancer patients and clients by significantly enhancing treatment and accelerating research. Their team is constructing a disruptive, oncology-specific software platform that connects cancer centers across the globe on a standardized technology infrastructure to address critical healthcare challenges.

Today, the Flatiron Health platform also includes the industry-leading electronic medical record for oncology, an innovative analytics tool, a patient portal, and integrated billing management. Moreover, its mission is to assist cancer centers and life science companies in utilizing real-world oncology data on an unprecedented scale and clinical depth to advance cancer care and accelerate research.

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There are many classes. One pass. Utilize the most elite boutique fitness studios. ClassPass is a membership program that provides access to fitness classes at a variety of gyms and studios.

ClassPass members have greater variety and participation in their fitness regimen at a lower cost than if they booked classes individually. Participating studios gain by attracting new students and profitably filling class oversupply.


The last startup on our New York Health Startups list is Oscar. A novel type of health insurance provider. The Oscar team is committed to humanizing healthcare through the application of technology, design, and data.

They are also a group of technology and healthcare professionals who observed the current state of the U.S. healthcare system, became exasperated by the terrible customer experience, and decided to take drastic action. Thus, simply stated, they intend to revolutionize healthcare.

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