The Top 10 Startups in NYC

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These startups have quickly created billion-dollar businesses that are changing the world. These are the elite companies that scaled fast with founders that led their startup teams and implemented a plan that made them wildly successful.

It began with a simple idea that they believed in their guts and in their hearts would be worth the sacrifices that come with creating a new business. Especially ones of this magnitude. They went all in.

The only way you can create a billion dollar startup is if you're willing to go bust. As these companies grew the pressure of scaling at lightning speed comes with the chances of failing spectacularly.

These startups made all the right moves with the right combination of founders with a vision, startup teams that implemented a successful plan and mentorship to minimize mistakes. Here are the top startups in New York.  

#10 Sprinklr

Sprinklr created a new class of enterprise software that helps employees across the front office come together and engage with customers through one unified platform. With Sprinklr, brands can truly know their customers – not as data points, but as people. With deeper, richer context across touchpoints, organizations can seamlessly craft meaningful experiences customers will want to share with others. Sprinklr is for large companies to drive business outcomes and manage customer experiences across all touch points.

Sprinklr’s market-leading professional services, comprised of some of the brightest social technology leaders in the industry, are uniquely designed to help each of their clients maximize return on their investment. Each of their services products was created from the “outside-in,” constructed from the outset with their client’s everyday challenges at the center of development. 

They fundamentally believe that technology, no matter how powerful or well designed, is only as good as the people and process that complement it. Their foremost goal through their suite of professional services is ensuring that they provide each of their clients with the right mix of consultancy across people and process optimization to make sure you are consistently finding a return on your investment and that each organization they work with reaches new levels of success.

#9 Warby Parker

warby parker

Warby Parker sells boutique-quality prescription eyewear and sunglasses starting at $95. Every idea starts with a problem. Warby Parker started with a simple one: glasses are too expensive.

They were students when one of them lost their glasses on a backpacking trip. The cost of replacing them was so high that one of the founders of Warby Parker spent the first semester of grad school without them, squinting and complaining. 

The eyewear industry is dominated by a single company that has been able to keep prices artificially high while reaping huge profits from consumers who have no other options. They started Warby Parker to create an alternative.

By circumventing traditional channels, designing glasses in-house, and engaging with customers directly, they're able to provide higher-quality, better-looking prescription eyewear at a fraction of the going price. Warby Parker partners with non-profits like VisionSpring to ensure that for every pair of glasses sold, a pair is distributed to someone in need.

#8 FanDuel

FanDuel lets you play fantasy sports daily instead of waiting for the whole season. Players can draft a new team at any time, and play head-to-head against a single opponent - or a league of opponents - for real money.

The player whose team has the most fantasy points after the games have completed wins the cash prize. They have daily contests in fantasy football, fantasy baseball, fantasy basketball, and fantasy hockey.

#7 Jet

Jet launched with one mission: To become the smartest way to shop and save on pretty much anything. Combining a revolutionary pricing engine, a world-class technology, a fulfillment platform, and incredible customer service, they’ve set out to create a new kind of eCommerce experience.

Jet's software program is a real-time trading platform. It unearths ways to make purchases more efficient. Say you want to buy dog food and a bowl.

The software will see if the warehouse can also send you a leash with no additional shipping cost. Saving you money if you need a leash. And if you're willing to waive returns, you can save even more. They are transparently showing customers how much they can save by shopping in a smarter way.

#6 BuzzFeed

A couple years ago BuzzFeed foresaw that people wouldn’t want to leave their social apps, so they drastically shifted the company’s strategy: Instead of trying to lure eyeballs to their own website, the way most publishers do, BuzzFeed would publish original text, images, and video directly to social media channels.

They publish on over 30 different global platforms, from Facebook to the most popular social channels in Russia. Rather than write one definitive article and publish it on every platform, BuzzFeed tailors content for the network and audience where it’s being viewed.

Across all the platforms where it now publishes content, the company generates 5 billion monthly views—half from video, a business that did not exist two years ago. Traffic to the website has remained steady—80 million people in the U.S. every month, putting it ahead of The New York Times—even though as much as 75% of BuzzFeed’s content is now published somewhere else.

#5 MongoDB

MongoDB was founded in 2007 by the people behind DoubleClick, ShopWiki, and Gilt Groupe. At DoubleClick, the site could never be down and there were daily challenges with processing, storing, and scaling data, forcing them to write their own software to handle specific problems. It was in these trenches that the team had the insight for MongoDB. They asked themselves, “What do we wish we had while at DoubleClick?

The company was founded to harness the power of the cloud for more efficiency and to make operations easier for scale at development. Today, MongoDB boasts more than 10 million downloads, thousands of customers, and more than 1,000 partners.

By offering the best of traditional databases as well as the flexibility, scale, and performance required by today’s applications, MongoDB lets innovators deploy apps as big as they can dream. From startups to enterprises, for the modern and the mission-critical, MongoDB is the database for giant ideas.

#4 AppNexus

AppNexus technology powers the most innovative trading solutions and marketplaces for Internet advertising. They power the ads that power the internet. It's open, unified, and powerful programmatic platform empowers customers to buy and sell media, allowing them to innovate, differentiate, and transform their businesses.

As the world's largest independent ad tech company, AppNexus is led by the pioneers of the web's original ad exchanges. Headquartered in New York City with 22 global offices, AppNexus employs more than 800 of the brightest minds in advertising and technology.

Building on top of the AppNexus open platform, their customers maximize yield, monetization and campaign effectiveness. As customers’ technology requirements change, they power their evolution and help them to scale, pivot, and grow.

Because their platform is open, customers are able to build and differentiate their technology on top of theirs, making AppNexus the infrastructure through which a substantial portion of the world’s internet advertising flows.

#3 Zocdoc

Zocdoc is focused on creating a better healthcare experience. You can see doctors’ open appointment times and book instantly online. Each month, millions of patients use Zocdoc to find in-network neighborhood doctors, book appointments online, see what other patients have to say, get reminders for upcoming appointments, fill out their paperwork online, and more.

With a mission to give power to the patient, Zocdoc’s delivers the accessible, seamless, and simple experience patients expect and deserve. Zocdoc is free for patients and available across the United States.

#2 Blue Apron

Blue Apron makes cooking fun & easy by sending you all the ingredients for incredible meals. Their weekly subscription service delivers everything you need to make fresh meals. They shop for their customers at wholesale, and deliver all the ingredients in exactly the right proportions, along with printed recipe cards. You discover new recipes, eat fresher food, and save both time and money.

Blue Apron now delivers 5 million meals a month, up from 500,000 just 18 months ago. Last November, sales crossed an annualized rate of $100 million; this year they’ll more than triple. Blue Apron is tapping a rich vein. Americans spend $1 trillion each year on food, about $400 billion of that on dinner, but they’re not spending much time making dinner themselves. Less than 60% of dinners eaten at home are cooked there, down from 71% in 1985.

the oscar health insurance advertisement

#1 Oscar Health Insurance

A new kind of health insurance company. They're using technology to make insurance simple, intuitive, and human. The Oscar team is a group of technology and healthcare professionals who looked at the current state of the US healthcare system, got frustrated by the horrible consumer experience, and decided to do something big about it. 

Oscar was the first health insurance company created for consumers in the new world of the Affordable Care Act. That means plans and benefits you understand, tools that save you time and money, and people who want to help you along the way. Oscar offers its members an array of additional perks, raising the bar for other insurance companies. Members have around-the-clock access to free online visits with physicians, free checkups, and cash incentives for getting a flu shot. A  team of engineers, designers, data scientists, healthcare experts, and more, their goal is to have the happiest members paying the lowest costs for the healthiest outcomes.

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