5 Events For Entrepreneurs (July 26 – 31)

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Whether you are still wondering about how to start your own business or are already ready to take it to the next level, there is a New York event out there that could be of great help to you.

All happening this week, these 5 events have something for entrepreneurs of different levels so read on and see which you are most interested in attending.

1. Entrepreneur Crash Course - Manhattan (July 26, Monday)

Hosted by Coachieve, this webinar will provide answers for professionals aiming to take the leap and become entrepreneurs but aren’t exactly sure how to get started.

The free in-depth training covers a wide range of topics to help new entrepreneurs get started on the right foot, from the best types of business and how much capital you need to start up, to how to avoid common mistakes that newbie entrepreneurs make and much more.

You can join Entrepreneur Crash Course - Manhattan this Monday, July 26 and if you can’t make that date, there are more of the same course upcoming - check out Eventbrite for more details.

2. Investor & Entrepreneur Networking Event (July 27, Tuesday)

As the event name suggests, this is the perfect opportunity for entrepreneurs to find private investors that could support them in their business. According to Paradigm Talks, startups are given the chance to “pitch for funding… followed by networking over drinks”.

This happens on Tuesday, July 27 from 6:00 pm to 9:00 pm at Floor 29, 900 Third Avenue, Midtown Manhattan, New York.

Tickets are sold at $40 – $250. To purchase yours, visit the Paradigm Talks website or check their posting on Eventbrite.

3. Fundraising For Startup Businesses in New York (July 28, Wednesday)

Expert business consultant and startups mentor Lakshman Singh is holding a special workshop for entrepreneurs wanting to learn the ins and outs of raising funds.

What is bootstrapping and how can it help your business? How do you actually approach professional investors? What are the most effective crowdfunding methods? All these questions and more will be answered during this virtual event.

The training is happening this Wednesday but there are also more dates available to choose from. Ticket prices start at $30. Head over to Lakshman Singh’s website for additional information.

4. Death Of The 9-5 & Birth Of The Entrepreneur! Build Wealth thru Real Estate (July 29, Thursday)

Are you a first-timer hoping to explore the real estate industry? This should give you a good head start!

Experienced investors will provide the guidance you need about transitioning from being a 9-to-5 employee to a real estate expert - and how you can succeed in the business.

Best of all, this July 29 online event is free so be sure to sign up as soon as possible. Once you’ve confirmed, the organizer will get in touch with you and send you the Zoom meeting link.

5. Startups Mentorship Event (July 31, Saturday)

Another virtual training led by Lakshman Singh, the Startups Mentorship Event promises to teach you “everything that you want to know about building a startup business from an idea to a million $$ company.”

The online training will cover everything from executing your idea and market research, to positioning your product in the industry to retaining your customers, and a host of other important topics.

This is scheduled on July 31, Saturday at 11:00-12:00 and is also available on other dates. Tickets are sold from $30 to $75. Check out the Eventbrite website for information and updates about this event.

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