Time For A Tab Detox! How To Avoid Having Too Many Tabs Open At The Same Time

Stop what you’re doing right now and count how many tabs you have open in your browser. Do you have way too much? Does the browser look too cluttered? This practice is actually pretty common among digital workers.

While it’s constantly tempting to multitask and have a lot of tabs open at the same time, the problem with that is it can actually affect your productivity and even the speed of your computer.

Obviously, we’re not telling you to get rid of all your tabs altogether (that would be ridiculous!) but we’re here to encourage you to keep them manageable so you can avoid overwhelming yourself and your browser.

So how do you keep your tab addiction in control? Here are some ideas!

Just close the tabs you aren’t using.

It may sound too simple but yes, that’s the first step towards overcoming over-tabbing. As a computer user, you should make it a habit to close tabs you aren’t using. Be aware and look out for them so you can immediately hit the little X. Or you can also use the shortcut Ctrl+W (Windows) or Cmd+W (Mac) to get the job done.

Bookmark important tabs.

Much like a physical bookmark, this sometimes under-utilized browser feature allows you to save links permanently so you can come back to them later even after closing the tabs. This can help you save time as well because you wouldn’t have difficulty looking for specific articles or websites once you need them again. No need to go through your history or do another Google search!

Open a new window.

The big difference between opening a new window is that it stops tabs from piling up. Multiple tabs can make it hard for you to use a browser. Having separate windows can likewise help you avoid distractions. This is because you get to focus on your tasks instead of being swamped with so many sites at the same time.

Of course, be careful not to open too many windows as that could slow your computer down as well.

Go try add-ons.

Aside from the above-mentioned tricks, you can also try using special browser extensions.

Available as a free Google Chrome tab manager, Tabli allows you to switch quickly between windows and tabs, along with saving and restoring windows. On top of that, the add-on is safe and secure: Users are assured that Tabli “does not make any outbound data connections and does not send any data whatsoever to any external application, extension, or cloud service”.

Users also love the user-friendly Toby add-on for being “better than bookmarks”. This one provides you with the chance to access important resources - such as work-related links, for example - in a single click. Toby helps “centralize your team’s resources/tools” by organizing them in a collection.

Another great tool to try is Tree Style Tab which allows you to arrange tabs as “trees”. This means that when you open a new tab under a current tab, it automatically gets included as one of the “branches”. This makes it really easy for you to find needed tabs in no time. You can check out Tree Style Tab on both Mozilla Firefox and Chrome.

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