Top 50 Jobs That Will Liberate You Into the Nomadic Life

Jobs That Will Liberate You Into the Nomadic

Would you like to earn income while traveling around the world, enjoying the nomadic life? If that’s a resounding YES we hear, then we’ve got just what you’re looking for. 

For this month’s top 50 feature, we take a deeper look at some of the jobs that will liberate you into the digital nomad lifestyle.

In this article, you’ll finally have answers to some of your most common questions: Are the jobs as liberating as people say they are? Do the jobs require special skills and knowledge?

Before we go any further, let us be the first to tell you, there are a lot of online job opportunities around the world… everything from working full-time in a remote role, working as a freelancer, or simply earning passive income through renting out your property. It's more possible now than ever before to earn a living while enjoying a nomadic life!

But first, let’s take a brief look at different types of travel jobs

1. Digital nomad jobs

Digital nomads are location independent, relying only on the power of their laptops and a stable internet connection. 

2. Backpacker jobs

Often described as the least glamorous travel job, backpacker jobs are those that don’t necessarily require a college degree but rely more on manual labor. 

3. Expat traveling jobs

‘Expats’ or expatriate traveling jobs are jobs for people who are citizens of one country but decide to work and live in another country for several months or even years at a time.  

Now that you know the types of travel jobs out there, it’s time to learn what opportunities are available to get you into that nomadic life! 

Read on to find out the top 50 jobs that will liberate you into the nomadic life… Some of the jobs on this list may even surprise you. 

 * Please be aware that some of these jobs may not be suitable for everyone. Some will require special skills and a hands-on approach if you want to generate sustainable, long-term income.    

1. Writer 

The demand for content writers is higher than ever before - every successful business will need well-written content to add to their blog page to improve their SEO strategies

Writing can both be a freelance or full-time job opportunity that allows you to fully immerse yourself in the nomadic life. All you need is good communication and research skills, grammar, and of course, a laptop. 

If you’re thinking of becoming a writer, you can start by compiling a portfolio of articles to increase your credibility. It would be an advantage if your portfolio consists of a variety of topics, but writing about topics you’re more comfortable with will help you get a better feel of being a writer. 

You can work as a technical writer, copywriter, grant writer, or ghostwriter. Depending on your skills and expertise, writers can earn anything from $20 an hour up to $100 an hour

2. Graphic designer

One of the more common careers for digital nomads who live a nomadic life involve graphic design. While different software has made it easier for anyone to become a graphic designer nowadays, this doesn’t mean companies still won’t pay good money for it. This job requires a creative mind and a keen eye for design to mix and match colors that are sure to captivate customers.

Graphic designers are in charge of creating logos, promotional designs, and other visual content. Similar to working as a writer, if you want to be a sought out freelance graphic designer, you’ll need to have a portfolio of your past work. 

The Balance reports the average annual salary between entry-level graphic designers and experienced graphic designers to be as low as $31,720 and as high as $93,440.

3. Web developer

We know what you’re thinking, being a web developer will require specialized skills and knowledge that often require a college degree. 

Now, before you skim over to the next job opportunity, we should remind you: anyone can be a web developer. You don’t necessarily need to be a tech wizard or have an I.T. degree to work in this field. 

Although learning the different software will take some time, the struggle is well worth it: A 2020 report from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics says that the bottom 10% of web developers made an annual salary of $40,750 while the top 10% made $146,430. This is an excellent way to achieve the digital nomad lifestyle you desire!

4. Drop shipper

Dropshipping is an order fulfillment method where a store doesn’t keep its products stocked in its warehouse. Instead, the seller, also called the drop shipper, purchases the inventory at a wholesale price and acts as a middleman between the initial supplier and customer. 

While this job may require you to render money upfront to have a central location to store the products, it is a great business model many entrepreneurs have invested in thanks to the growing number of e-commerce businesses worldwide. 

While this job opportunity is contingent on the X number of products you can sell within a day, week, or month, drop shippers can earn anything from $100 to $20,000 (or more) in profits per month.

5. Social media manager

Every business needs a solid online presence nowadays. Social media managers are one of the top jobs that liberates you into the nomadic life.

You'll be in charge of curating content that matches the brand’s social channels, running social media campaigns to increase sales, engagement, or generate leads, and responding to comments and messages on time. 

Working as a social media manager won’t require a degree and is generally a freelance gig. What it will require is in-depth knowledge of different key metrics and a creative mind to generate well-written and visually appealing content. 

The role and compensation of a social media manager can vary depending on the industry. On average, a social media manager can enjoy a base earning of $50,000 and can make as much as $80,000. 

6. Virtual assistant

The primary role of a virtual assistant is to handle any administrative task. This can include scheduling meetings, responding to emails, and even managing your company’s social media channels. 

Entrepreneurs hire virtual assistants to help them gain the flexibility of having more time to focus on more important matters. 

The job description might sound straightforward and accessible to almost anyone, but that doesn’t mean virtual assistants don’t make bank. Job listing website Indeed reports the average hourly salary of a virtual assistant on their site to be $19.78 (a compilation of 1,200 reported salaries).  

7. Musician

Working as a musician can be a rewarding career… You get to travel the world, live a nomadic life, and turn your passion into an income revenue stream. You can ride solo or join a group and perform in front of live audiences. 

To achieve success in this industry, you’ll need to be patient - though it only takes one viral song or performance to propel you to the top of the industry. 

Does the name Madonna ring a bell? Before she became famously known as the ‘queen of pop’, Madonna worked tirelessly for years as a waitress and dancer before her hit single ‘Like a Virgin’ topped the charts in 1984 for six weeks.   

In terms of wages, The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reports the median hourly wage for musicians and singers back in 2020 to be $31.40.

8. Fitness instructor

A fitness instructor is someone who teaches people individually or in groups the proper way to perform exercises and diet. He or she is good at motivating people to achieve their fitness goals. 

Aside from teaching classes virtually or in different parts of the globe, fitness instructors can also write books about nutrition, and conduct consultation services. 

One good example of fitness instructors living a nomadic life are instructors from Peloton. This company makes money by charging monthly subscriptions for their classes through their fitness products of stationary bikes and treadmills.  

9. Travel agent

If you love to travel, this job should be at the top of your list. An online travel agent will be responsible for booking someone’s transportation, lodging, and entertainment activities for a vacation. 

They usually spend time working on their computers sending cold emails and contacting hotels and airlines for any upcoming promos. 

Besides earning an annual salary of roughly $41,000, one of the biggest perks of working as an online travel agent is being the first in line to book flights on a limited promo. Who knows, one of them could be your dream location!   

10. Online tutor

Who doesn’t want to share their knowledge and expertise with the rest of the world? Teachers who work remotely can teach students of any age group, whether it be to teach Geometry, simple addition, or languages.  

To be a successful online tutor, you’ll need to have good communication skills, flexibility, and a calm demeanor to be patient with students who may not fully grasp a certain topic the first go around. 

The wages of an online tutor will depend on the degree of difficulty of topics and your level of expertise. Job listing website Glassdoor estimates the median salary of an online tutor to be $57,184

11. Tour guide

Tour guides play a crucial part in the tourism sector of a country. They are individuals who entertain visitors from other countries by showing them the best of what their city or area has to offer. 

Working as a tour guide can be a great way for you live a nomadic life. You get to meet new people from across the world and learn about different cultures and languages. The good part about being a tour guide is you can also specialize in a certain area - museums, nature, city, or adventure guide.  

On average, tour guides make an annual salary of $28,000. However, this price can vary depending on the destination.

12. Video editor

While directors and producers get much of the credit for producing a film or short movie, the video editors are the ones responsible for turning raw video footage into a blockbuster hit. Video editors rely on different software and graphic design tools to add a different dynamic to the video. 

Video editors can work anywhere they want, making it another job fit for a nomadic life. You can work as a freelancer or in a full-time position.

Believe it or not, entry-level video editors can make an annual salary of $40,000. 

13. Consultant

While the role of a consultant is usually reserved for individuals who’ve mastered the art of their craft after years of firsthand experience, it can be a great opportunity that requires limited hours of work while earning a respectable wage of around $70,000 a year. 

14. Artist

Another freelance career that uses one’s passion and creativity as an income stream is art. It’s possible to live a nomadic life and earn a good living creating art such as sculptures, paintings, drawings, and other visual works. To be a successful artist, you can be self-taught, attend art school, or be taken under the wing of a renowned artist. 

It can be hard to gauge the average salary of artists as the cost of their work fluctuates depending on many different variables. 

15. Recruiting specialist

Before the global health crisis, working online as a recruiter was unheard of. Today, most companies are hiring recruiting specialists to work remotely thanks to different job search websites and telecommuting software. 

Recruiters are in charge of finding qualified candidates for vacant positions that will meet the demands of both the employer and employee. 

The average annual salary of a recruiting specialist in the United States is around $45,000. 

16. Digital marketer

Digital marketers are individuals with an array of skills to help businesses succeed in the online world. They use a variety of online channels to promote a company’s brand and generate leads. 

Individuals in this line of business will integrate some or all of the following online marketing strategies:

  • Social media marketing (Facebook, Instagram, Tiktok, LinkedIn, etc.)
  • Search engine optimization (on-page, off-page, and technical SEO)
  • Email marketing 
  • Content marketing (blogs, infographics, podcasts, tutorial videos, etc.) 

Knowing the wide range of skills and expertise needed to be accepted in this type of role, entry-level digital marketers can earn up to $63,000 annually while more experienced digital marketers can earn an average of $91,000.  

17. Photographer

While technology has come a long way in developing smartphones with top-grade cameras and editing software, it takes a skilled photographer with a creative mind and artistic vision to capture picturesque moments in still images.

Freelance photographers are the epitome of someone living a nomadic life. He or she often travels the world for photoshoots or snap pictures of breaking news or events. To attract new clients, photographers maintain an online portfolio of their work. 

In a 2020 report by The US Bureau of Labor Statistics, photographers earn a median hourly wage of $19.85.

18. Blogger

If you really want to encapsulate yourself in the life of a digital nomad, working as a blogger can seem like a dream job. You get to travel, earn, and work whenever you see fit. While the initial thought of earning while sharing your experience and opinions with others on a certain topic (travel, food, sports…) through writing may seem far-fetched, it can become a reliable source of income when you live a nomadic life as long as you’re consistent and publish quality content. 

Personal blogs can make money from different forms of advertising: 

  • Affiliate marketing
  • Influencer marketing 
  • Google Adwords
  • Display advertising

There is one downside to blogging, it can take some time before you begin to earn any income.

BUT, if you’re patient enough and prioritize quality over quantity, you could be on your way to ultimately becoming the next Huffington Post - the highest-paid blog website in 2021 that reportedly earned more than $250 million over the past year. 

19. Vlogger

Staying on the subject of posting visual content, we have another freelance job that allows you to easily live a nomadic life.

Instead of writing about your experience, why not share it through video? Similar to blogging, vloggers earn income through video views on Youtube and Facebook or monetizing their output through sponsorship and advertising. 

20. Online translator

If you have a passion for language and communication, this job will fit you like a glove. 

Interpreters or translators are freelance workers who work in different formal settings to help people of different languages interact effectively. To become a successful translator, all you need to make a start is simply be fluent in more than one language. 

In general, the median annual salary for a translator is $52,330 but this can rise to a much higher figure depending on the number of languages in which you’re fluent. 

21. Customer service agent

If you’ve tried calling a company to lodge a complaint or to process an order, you’re already aware of who’ll pick up the call. Customer service agents are responsible for responding to a customer’s query to make sure they have a positive experience with the company. This can be done through email, on a call, or via social media. 

The wages of a customer service agent will vary depending on niche and experience. Typically, a customer service agent can command an annual wage of $35,830. 

22. Diving instructor

Another career that involves teaching important life skills is a diving instructor. To be a successful diving or scuba instructor, you’ll need first-hand experience and various training credentials to be sought out in every country you visit. 

As mentioned earlier, the more training and certifications you have, the more you can dictate your salary. In a report by the job search website, the median salary of a diving instructor is $47,811 as of February 2022. 

23. Software engineer

If you want a career that involves coding and learning new computer systems, you may want to learn the ins and outs of being a software engineer. Software engineers are in charge of creating apps, databases, browsers, or online games through different computer languages. 

Knowing how stressful and perplexing developing different software can be, a software engineer can work as a frontend, backend, or full-stack developer.  

If you are not averse to working long hours, you can make a fortune working as a software engineer. Different job search websites report that the median annual salary for a software engineer is $110,000.

24. Au pair

If you’re looking for a rewarding career that allows you to travel to different places and live a fully nomadic life, consider applying as an au pair.

Similar to caregivers and babysitters, au pairs are responsible for providing care to children along with some support with house chores. Au pairs work on a cultural exchange visa and typically work 1-2 years with a family while living in their home. 

Considering that meals and boarding are provided, and au pairs normally don’t have a fixed set of working hours, the hourly rates may vary. The reason why this job is sought out is because of the opportunity to travel to different countries and have the security of a live-in position. 

25. Volunteer

While the norm is that volunteers perform work without expecting any financial compensation, some organizers will find ways to ensure your time and assistance are valued. However, this should not be your motive when volunteering. 

As a volunteer, you can use this opportunity to improve your resume and travel to different countries while helping others in need. Some may even require you to shell out some of your own money for food and lodging as they try to maximize all possible resources for the benefit of the less fortunate.

26. Yoga instructor

Considered more as a specialized fitness instructor, a yoga instructor is a self-employed fitness and wellness professional who teaches groups or individuals either in a face-to-face or online setting the different stretching and breathing exercises that help improve one’s posture, flexibility, and strength. 

Similar to other careers in this list that involve teaching, yoga instructors’ wages vary depending on credentials and experience. According to Indeed, a yoga instructor’s hourly rate can range from $7.25 to $74.25. 

27. SEO strategist

For a business to be recognized by customers in the online world, SEO specialists are called upon to analyze, review, and execute changes to a website to help companies be recognized by search engines to help them rise on page one of a search engine query. 

One of the perks of working in SEO is that it is always changing - giving beginners a chance to also achieve success. 

Search engines are always changing their algorithms and more advanced software and metrics are being developed every day; if you’re not willing to learn and adapt to the changes, this career may not be the best route for you as a digital nomad. 

In terms of pay, SEO strategists are highly valued. Entry-level SEO specialists can earn up to $35,000 annually with more experienced SEO specialists raking in an annual income of around $100,000.

Sounds like a pretty good job to be in considering all your work can be done from home - or anywhere else you please. 

28. Data entry 

Data entry positions are easy to access jobs that anyone can do either full-time, part-time, or on a freelance basis. It requires someone with quick yet accurate typing skills and basic knowledge of different organizational and database software. 

Jobs in this industry are paid in different ways - per project, keystroke, or hour. However, in this career, you shouldn’t expect to see much career growth. It is recommended to use data entry jobs as more of a freelance gig to earn extra income. 

According to the US Bureau of Labor and Statistics, data entry jobs can earn $32,530 annually. 

29. Influencer

Another career dedicated to living a nomadic life and improving a business’s online presence is working as an influencer. An influencer is an online personality who promotes a business’ brand by providing different visual content to convince their followers that this business is credible. 

To be successful in this niche, you’ll first need to build your following. Is your goal to provide entertaining or informative content? Once you decide how to grow your online presence, you’re one step closer to becoming a successful influencer. 

Since influencers can get paid via different means - affiliate marketing, video views, subscriptions, etc. - you don’t necessarily have to pitch businesses to choose you as their influencer for an upcoming product. The top-earning influencers (those with at least 100,000 followers and high engagement rates) can earn the following per post:

Facebook: $12,500 - $25,000 

Instagram: $10,000 - $20,000

Tiktok: $1,250 - $2,500 

Twitter: $1,000 - $2,000

30. Due diligence specialist

When you work as a due diligence specialist, you have the opportunity to use your communication and technical skills. This job aims to help clients address any concerns they may have when planning to collaborate or transact with other companies or individuals. Essentially, it is corporate private investigation. 

In this role, you are expected to have the following:

  • Strong attention to detail in reviewing documents and data
  • Excellent technical skills requisite to tracking down information
  • A first class contacts list in fields relevant to the niche you serve
  • High level of professionalism to communicate with different types of people
  • Total discretion when it comes to respecting client confidentiality

In terms of wages, due diligence specialists earn an average median salary of $66,325 as per Glassdoor. 

31. Researcher

Working as a researcher can be a profitable career that allows you to learn new things every day and work on your schedule. A researcher will gather information and statistics for a company on a certain topic. 

The wages of a researcher can vary depending on the information required on a topic. If you’re seeking your first gig as a researcher, expect to receive an hourly rate of $5 - $10. 

32. Web designer

Simply put, web designers design web pages. Reserved for those with an eye for creativity, web designers play an important role in a company to ensure every landing page is visually appealing to the users. 

The average median salary of a web designer is around $50,000 a year. 

33. Podcasting

Considered by most as a hobby, podcasting is a fun, interactive way to generate income while the nomadic life of traveling the world.

Podcasting has gained popularity over the years, as users find new ways to consume content while on the go.

Podcasting can be done individually or with other people. All you need is to have a good audio recording device and laptop. Similar to other online social media opportunities, you can earn money through podcasting from advertisements, downloads, and subscriptions.

However, becoming a successful podcaster will take time. But, if you’re patient enough, you can make a sustainable income working as a podcaster. 

Don’t believe us? Here are just a couple of successful podcasters and how much they earned in 2019:

Joe Rogan Experience: $30 million

True Crime Obsessed: $15 million

34. Google ads specialist

Google ads are a lot different from social media ads. 

Being proficient in Google ads has become a sought-after position by most companies to optimize and maximize their ad budget. 

To become a Google ads expert, you’ll need to take different tests from Google to be considered. 

In this field, the average annual salary is $42,680.

35. Cyber security analyst

The more tech-savvy people become, the more we can be susceptible to potential cyber-attacks. 


Cyber attacks can be completed in a matter of minutes and can cost a company millions of dollars if sensitive information is compromised. By working as a cyber security analyst, you will be responsible for analyzing and improving a company’s IT infrastructure with a view to securing their data resources. 

According to Indeed, the annual salary of a cyber security analyst can range from $25,000 to $180,000 depending on experience and industry.  

36. Cruise ship worker

Think about this: Want to work, live a nomadic life, and save money all at the same time? 

Working on a cruise ship will make this a possibility! Cruise ship workers undertake tasks in different departments - entertainment, medical, housekeeping, engine, dining, and deck. 

Since there are a variety of skills and positions needed, the average salary of a cruise ship worker can be hard to forecast. However, if you really want to work on a cruise ship and make great money, the highest-earning position is working as the captain of the ship, earning an average annual salary of $95,000.

37. Stockbroker

A stock trader is someone who buys and sells stocks either with his or her own money or through a firm. While this job may require you to sometimes work on a fixed schedule to meet the fast-paced environment, you do have the flexibility to work wherever you desire. 

To be a successful stockbroker living a nomadic life, you’ll need to compile a portfolio. Remember, you’re handling people's money in this job. They won’t put this job into the hands of someone without a verifiable track record of successful trading. 

Considering the risks that come with this job, it’s no wonder the top 10% of stockbrokers in certain states can make around $300,000 a year. 

38. List your property for rent 

More of a means to make a passive income than a job, listing your property (house, vehicle, building, etc.) for rent can be an easy way to earn income as you travel the world. 

39. AutoCAD draftsman

If you’re creative and proficient in AutoCAD software, here’s another opportunity you can choose while working as a digital nomad. AutoCAD drafters work with architects and engineers to design 2D and 3D plans of buildings, blueprints, and other components using the AutoCAD software. 

The average annual base salary for an autocad draftsman is $50,000. 

40. Bookkeeper 

A bookkeeper is in charge of keeping track of a company’s financial records. You will manage ledgers, payroll, and other financial statements to keep the company’s finances intact. It takes someone detail-oriented and proficient in Mathematics to be a successful bookkeeper. 

Since bookkeeping requires a lesser degree of expertise than a certified accountant, bookkeepers earn around $35,000 to $50,000 a year. 

41. Animator

Similar to video editors, animators are responsible for adding special effects to make an image or video more visually appealing. 

You normally don’t need a college degree to work as an animator. What you will need is knowledge of different animation tools, creative talents, and a portfolio of your past work. 

The pay is not too shabby either; earning an average annual salary of $77,000. 

42. Data analyst

A data analyst is someone who gathers and interprets data to help businesses understand how their business is doing from different angles. This position requires someone with critical thinking skills and knowledge of spreadsheets.

Entry-level data analysts earn an average annual salary of $60,000 while those with expertise in a certain industry can earn up to $165,000 depending on the company’s geographic location.

43. Voice-over actor

Who says only singers and podcasters can earn money from their voice? A voice-over actor is another important job, especially in the entertainment industry - commercials, video games, or animated movies. 

Voice-over actors use their voices to convey a character’s emotion. Voice actors are usually hired on a project basis, hence don’t face long working hours. However, voice actors are still highly valued for their skills and God-given talent, with some earning around $200 an hour. 

44. Accountant

Often mistaken for bookkeepers, accountants undertake more risks and as such require more expertise. Aside from performing the responsibilities of a bookkeeper, an accountant reviews and interprets financial records, as well as makes recommendations based on analytics.

In terms of wages, the top 10% of accountants earn an annual salary of $124,450. 

45. Appointment setter

Appointment setters are important in helping businesses nurture leads and, of course, schedule appointments. 

Anyone these days can be an appointment setter, but to be successful you’ll need to have the following qualities: confidence, patience, and good communication skills. 

Appointment setters earn an average of around $15 an hour. 

46. Business analyst

Working as a business analyst requires you to find ways to improve efficiency in a company’s business operations. To be hired as a business analyst, you will need experience in managing employees and possess excellent communication skills. 

If you work as an entry-level business analyst, you can earn an annual salary of up to $56,000. And, like with most jobs, the more experience you present, the higher your wages will be. Senior business analysts earn an average annual salary of $102,000.

47. Inside sales representative

To efficiently know how you can improve your business, you’ll need to talk to the people who know your business best - your customers. 

When you work as an inside sales representative, you help promote a business’ products and build rapport with customers. To be a successful inside sales representative, you’ll need sufficient soft skills. 

Since most inside sales representatives earn money through commissions, the extent of the salary can vary depending on the type of product sold and the number of sales generated. 

48. NGO worker

Having a job that focuses on helping people in need can be rewarding. Similar to our example in working on a cruise ship and volunteering, it can be difficult to predict the wages of an NGO worker because of the different opportunities linked to the job. 

These include but are not limited to the following: 

  • Business development officer
  • Communications manager
  • Event coordinator
  • Researcher
  • Project evaluator
  • Project assistant
  • Field coordinator
  • Social media officer
  • Grants manager
  • And more

49. Life coach

Another rewarding career is working as a life coach. He or she is responsible for helping clients reach their full potential and achieve their goals through guidance and motivation. 

Life coaches often have good leadership, organization, and communication skills. Life coaches may be self-employed or work for organizations to aid individuals in overcoming a variety of challenges. 

Considering that the income of a life coach is projected depending on the number of clients serviced, their salaries can fluctuate significantly. However, top life coaches can charge anything from $300 an hour to $1,000 an hour. 

50. Chat support agent

Working as a chat support agent is similar to working as a customer service representative - address customer complaints, troubleshoot different problems, or process orders. 

The only difference is, they avoid hearing the voice of an irate customer. Anyone can work as a chat support agent these days; all you need is a stable internet connection and a laptop.

The rates for chat support agents will vary depending on the company, but most companies will pay around $9 - $15 an hour. 

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