Top 7 Key Social Media Platforms To Be On Right Now

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The Internet is a fast-changing world and the key social media platforms aren’t immune to gradual and even sudden transformation. New social media trends appear year after year and social media users - especially, social media marketers and influencers - have no choice but to stay up-to-date if they want to remain relevant. 

Facebook may still be leading the social media game, but other platforms like TikTok have experienced dramatic exponential growth in recent years. So, you have to watch out for these things. You won’t want to log in one day and see that most of your audience has left your platform already without you knowing.

So, here’s a list of the key social media platforms of today based on their active users. Find out what they can do to help promote your brand and update your social media marketing strategy to fit the current times. 

1. Facebook

Since 2004, Facebook has been ruling the social media world and is a key social media platform for many businesses. With 2.85 billion active users (almost one-third of the world’s population) on its platform, it’s no wonder that a lot of businesses use it to promote their brands. Facebook allows almost all forms of content on its website and app. Brands can post images, text, videos, and stories. They can also do live videos.

Facebook can help you reach new customers through Facebook ads. It has a set of parameters that you have to follow. Once you nail all that, there’s a good chance everything will work well for your brand. One thing you should remember is to ensure that your content can create a lot of engagement as this is what the platform is looking for. 

2. YouTube

There are a lot of people who only see YouTube as a video platform. However, it is also a social media platform and it is the second biggest with 2.29 billion active users. Big and small brands alike use YouTube ads that people can catch at the beginning or in the middle of the video they are watching.

Being on YouTube gives your brand more exposure as it’s regarded as the second largest search engine after Google. You can also use this platform to upload original videos to promote your services and products. Get to know the YouTube algorithm to be able to rake in views and convert them into sales. 

3. WhatsApp

Launched in 2009, WhatsApp is now the world’s favorite instant messaging platform. Its 2 billion users love its (currently) ad-free environment that just focuses on instant messaging and calls. These features are also the reasons why an increasing number of businesses have started using WhatsApp to sell their products and services. 

WhatsApp has helped brands to enhance their customer service support, making it more efficient and interactive. What’s more, it allows businesses to introduce existing and new products and services. To improve WhatsApp functions, Facebook (which acquired WhatsApp in 2014) announced that businesses will soon be able to link Facebook and Instagram ads to WhatsApp.

4. Instagram

Another Facebook-owned social media platform, Instagram is a photo-sharing app that has 1.39 billion users. It has changed the world of social commerce and introduced the majority of people to the concept of influencer marketing. Love it or hate it, this platform has helped even regular individuals turn themselves into celebrities.

Instagram is efficient in selling products, especially aesthetic ones. Just make a well-curated feed and you can have an instant virtual shopping mall. You can also upload videos using Instagram Stories, Reels, and IGTV. In addition, its business profile allows you to schedule content using third-party tools and have access to analytics.

5. Facebook Messenger

Originally a feature within Facebook, Messenger became a standalone app in 2011 after its developers recognized its potential. The rebranding resulted in 1.3 billion users and more than 40 million of those are businesses. To prove its effectiveness, there are now in excess of 20 million messages being exchanged between brands and customers in any given month.

Compared to WhatsApp, Messenger has a lot of ads in the form of inbox promotions and sponsored messages. It also imports your contacts from Instagram. Messenger has a lot of other features that enable you to engage with your customers. You can send out newsletters and create chatbots that will do automatic greetings, replies, and away messages. 

6. TikTok

Also known as Douyin in China, TikTok is probably the fastest-growing social media platform today. It emerged in 2017 and had become the most downloaded app last year, beating most of the social media platforms that are on the top of this list. There are currently more than 732 million users, with the younger generation representing the majority of this number.

TikTok allows you to create minute-long videos. You can edit them to add filters, music, and special effects. This platform enables you to create a lot of engagement. For example, you can start a TikTok challenge by inviting your audience to create video content using your product while adding a specific hashtag.

7. LinkedIn

It isn’t clear how many active users there are on LinkedIn. However, it’s safe to say that it is widely used, especially since brands realized that it’s more than just a website where you can look for jobs. Instead, they started seeing it as an effective platform for B2B marketing.

LinkedIn provides different methods for advertising. A lot of companies use LinkedIn ads, LinkedIn Live, product pages, and sponsored direct messages. You can also use it to establish your authority in the industry that you’re part of to promote your credibility in the eyes of potential clients.

Each of these social media platforms has different algorithms and processes. Get to know them and learn how they work so that you can keep up with the fast-changing trends. 

Just a quick reminder: You don’t have to use all of them. You only have to pick the ones that you think will suit your company. Take note of the nature of your business and target audience. Do your research and assess where you can find potential customers and clients. Last but not least, choose the platforms that will be able to best showcase the products and services that you are offering.

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