The Top 16 Co-Working Spaces In Florida

With beautiful surroundings and sunny weather year round, it can be difficult to get work done in Florida, especially when you work for yourself. We have found co-working spaces that not only provide a place to be productive but they also have great events every week so that you can meet like-minded freelancers, entrepreneurs, and startup teams. Here are the best co-working spaces in Florida. 

#16 Keyworking

Where downtown meets the bay, KeyWorking is in the middle of everywhere. New York has SoHo. Miami Beach has SoFi. Miami is no longer New York’s sleepy sister city but an innovative force unto its own.

#15 The HUB Clearwater Beach

The HUB is a Community based shared workspace facility, providing a unique coworking environment for entrepreneurs, innovators, developers, designers, writers, and more. Just show up to work and enjoy a group of diverse professionals and join their community.

They have a beautiful, high-design, furnished workspace including a variety of free or low-cost services. They take care of all the details you need in an office space making everything as easy as possible for you.

#14 StartHub Miami

StartHub is able to provide entrepreneurs and innovators the ability to grow rapidly via extensive tools & resources, including an international network of mentors, investors and key industry experts that are focused on driving results. They also offer you access to a large network of mentors, investors and key industry experts to help you grow rapidly.

#13 Miami Entrepreneurship Center

Miami Entrepreneurship Center offers services for startups and newly emerging businesses. A coworking space, a tech incubator, startup accelerator, and an event and business education space. They have strategic partnerships with Miami coworking spaces so entrepreneurs can come to the center and benefit from education, connections, and support services at no additional costs.

#12 WeWork Miami

WeWork Lincoln Road is at the hub of South Florida's fast-growing entrepreneurial scene. The historic Lincoln Building takes inspiration from classic Miami and combines it with a modern flair to create the perfect fusion of work hard, play hard hustle. They have a 2nd Miami location South of 5th coming soon.

wework miami conference room

#11 Tambo Works

TamboWorks believes in balance. The most productive working day perfectly mixes time alone to think, create, and time surrounded by others to discuss, share, and support. That's the backdrop provided at Tambo Works so that your business can realize its dreams.

#10 CoLabJax

CoLabJax is a 21st-century learning institution at the intersection of technology + entrepreneurship. Where people connect, share ideas & ultimately execute on those ideas. Their main space is located directly in the heart of the city at The Jacksonville Landing. They currently occupy a 4,600 square ft. retail space where they have their co-working offices. 

#9 TEC Garage

TEC Garage St. Petersburg was created through a collaborative partnership with the St. Petersburg community and the State of Florida. This new incubator located in downtown St. Petersburg is the Tampa Bay Innovation Center’s newest concept to accelerate entrepreneurial success.

An open, shared space for innovators, freelancers, independent contractors, telecommuters, designers, and developers.  Coworking at TEC Garage is more than a shared working environment.  It’s a community of like-minded individuals who are interested in synergies from working with talented people in the same space.

#8 Hub Sarasota

HuB Sarasota is a place to connect with other entrepreneurs, creatives and professionals. They offer a co-working space to work, host events and they have a community that embraces the simple concept of collaboration. With over 80 entrepreneurs and a wide diversity of creative and tech businesses, HuB Sarasota has become the center of innovation in the region. 

living spaces at hub sarasota

#7 Building

A premier collaborative workspace designed for growing tech companies and individuals serving the tech ecosystem. Building's membership is curated to create a community of growing tech companies in Miami. Work alongside other early-stage tech companies and founders and collaborate with like-minded individuals.

#6 Colab Orlando

In the historical heart of downtown Orlando. The first co-working space in the city, they provide creative entrepreneurs an alternative to the home office or the corporate cubicle.

CoLab Orlando is focused on creating a purposefully supportive environment where like-minded startups, entrepreneurs, artists, and non-profits could borrow from each other’s' skill sets and learn from experiences and success.

a team of freelancers at colab orlando

#5 CityDesk Miami

Rated by the South Florida Business Journal as one of the coolest office spaces, CityDesk Miami is a unique modern sustainable design. They have an open floor plan design and private offices, however, you want to work your ideas, you have the freedom to do so. CityDesk Miami is a unique community of entrepreneurs, creative professionals, and creators. They foster a creative and collaborative environment so that you can work your ideas with the freedom you want.

#4 Catapult Lakeland

A premier coworking space in the heart of downtown Lakeland, Catapult is home to the city’s best and brightest business owners, artists, and creators. Catapult opened its doors in 2013, and since then has collected over 100 members across many industries. For those who have a dream, a passion, a love for people, or a heart for the community, Catapult is simply the place to be in the Lakeland area.

#3 Cowork Jax

CoWork Jax is more than a place to get work done. They're a community of talented people that choose to gather and grow personally and professionally, together. Their members are always learning from each other. They also host a bunch of workshops, show-and-tells, and meetups. 

#2 Buro

buro outdoor desk for coworking individuals

4 locations in Miami - Midtown, South Beach, MiMo & Coconut Grove. Büro provides fresh and flexible workspaces for entrepreneurs, creative professionals, and small businesses. All spaces are available on a month-to-month basis. Membership at Büro also includes access to stylish meeting rooms & social lounges, monthly workshops & events, and exclusive discounts & benefits from local partners.

#1 The LAB Miami

The LAB Miami is a creative campus for entrepreneurs and innovators in the heart of the Wynwood Arts District. A 10,000 square ft. warehouse converted to an event venue. They believe that progress happens when like-minded folks can collide and create, leading to new ideas. They believe entrepreneurs, startups, and organizations always need an open and inspiring place to gather, learn new skills, experiment, and foster connections that they otherwise wouldn’t have found.

coworking spaces at the lab miami

For The Best Co-Working Space In NYC Visit The Farm SoHo

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8 Ways You Can Make The Most Of Your Business Newsletter

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