Ukrainians Are Still Doing These Online Jobs While Under Siege

Ukrainians Are Still Doing These Online Jobs

Tensions between Russia and Ukraine came to a boiling point once Ukraine began forging ties with the European Union and North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO). 

As the days passed and the initial shock of the Russian invasion subsided, Ukrainians knew only two things; first, the world around them had changed forever. Second, life had to go on and some had to continue working their online jobs while under siege.

The latter has been true for several citizens of Ukraine.

This country is home to remote development teams working for more than 20% of Fortune 500 companies

Eric Hovagim, CEO and founder of Los Angeles-based betting platform Pogbet said: “People in Ukraine are different. No armed guards extraction necessary. The people serve as their own armed guards.” 

This comment was in reference to one of his lead front-end developers.

Despite working his online job while under siege, he still managed to submit outputs during the most dire of times. 

He's not the only Ukrainian who’s stepping up to the plate. Some have even taken the challenge of picking up rifles by day and attending virtual meetings by night. 

man taking a break from the war

While some workers have had no choice but to hide in bomb shelters, abandoned buildings, or basement bunkers until the war’s conclusion, this doesn’t mean they haven’t been active members of their country’s fight for freedom. 

Software developers, graphic designers, and IT experts of Ukraine tech industries have helped carry out cyberattacks against Russian entities

Freelancers have also done their online jobs while under siege

Freelance virtual assistant, Hanna Kompaniet shared that her employers were adamant that she focus on her safety, for the time being, but she says that working her online jobs while under siege helps distract her from everything that’s happening, and what she’ll earn will be given to support the Ukrainian army.

Vostok games have taken the innovative route of protecting their developers who have had difficulty fleeing the country; they’ve organized first-aid medical training to give them the essential skills to help them cope with extreme situations.

Dima Shvets, CEO and co-founder of Ukrainian based face-swapping app Reface, was astonished by how his employees are responding during these times.

He assures operations will continue. Everybody assists in the freedom of the country: “I was no longer afraid by the feeling that I am alone as I'm surrounded by such focused and brave people.” 

Most of Reface’s workforce have relished the opportunity to continue their work while under siege, saying it has given them a sense of purpose. “During times of war, everyone has to find their niche,” said Ksenia Maslova, a member of the company’s communications team. “We have our own piece of the battleground.”

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