Getting A Virtual Mailbox For Your Business Is A Smart Move

virtual mailbox for your business

These days, renting a traditional office has become entirely optional for many businesses. Besides, modern entrepreneurs now have the choice of running their startups from home, from a coworking space, or from anywhere using a laptop. Some prefer these set-ups because they are, overall, more convenient, flexible, and cost-effective.

In such instances, it’s important to avail of certain services in order to ensure that your business runs smoothly. For example, having a virtual mailbox for your business can actually be a big advantage.

Why would that be necessary, you ask? Well, there are several valid reasons.

Case in point, you will still receive a lot of important business letters and legal documents through snail mail – not email or instant messaging.

That said, staying on top of mail management could be somehow challenging if you’re always on the go and/or don’t have a permanent address.

This is where virtual mailbox services come in.

The differences between a virtual mailbox and a PO Box

To clarify, a virtual mailbox is NOT the same as a PO Box. While both services receive mail on your behalf, they have several key differences.

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First off, a PO Box:

  • is an actual box you rent in the post office
  • can only receive a limited number of postal mails

Meanwhile, a virtual mailbox:

  •  is a real street address
  • is located in a business premises
  • can be used for business registration
  • can be used for opening a business bank account
  • can be used for registering your business on Google Business Profile
  • can accept parcels from different couriers (such as DHL, FedEx, UPS, etc.)

More benefits of getting a virtual mailbox for your business

Of course, there are many other advantages of signing up for a virtual mailbox service.

Your startup gets greater credibility

Establishing a professional image is a must for startups.  You get to achieve this much easier if you are using a legitimate business address instead of a PO Box.   

As pointed out above, a real address can serve different business purposes. It also assures potential clients, business partners, or investors that they can easily get in touch with you. And since virtual mailbox services are usually offered by coworking companies, you likewise get the chance to use their facilities when necessary. Available options range from coworking spaces and private offices, to meeting rooms and event venues.

You get mail updates straight on your mobile device

Another wonderful thing about having a virtual mailbox for your business is that you get total control of your mail. In fact, you can access your mailbox online 24/7 using your mobile device. You receive notifications whenever new mail arrives. In addition, you can choose which letters should be opened and scanned, or even discarded and shredded on your behalf.

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This can significantly simplify the mail management process. You get to eliminate clutter and junk mail without any hassle on your end. Plus, since mail is digitized and forwarded online, a virtual mailbox also allows you to save on storage space.

Your letters and packages can follow you anywhere in the world

Since you’ll receive online updates via a virtual mailbox service, traveling will not be an issue. You can request forwarding services so you can receive your important mail and parcels in your current location. It certainly won’t be an issue whether you’re enjoying an Asian holiday or are on a European business trip.

Upon request, your provider may even consolidate your letters and packages to help you save on shipping. Or they can instead store everything for you to pick up after your vacation.       

In any case, you can bet that you won’t miss important documents or packages while you’re away.

You can protect your privacy better

If you’re a home-based startup owner, using a virtual mailbox for your business can help you feel more safe and secure. The service allows you to avoid the need to publish your home address everywhere. No need to display it on your website, social media channels, and calling cards, which can be risky if you think about it.

You avoid the possibilities of receiving piles of junk mail or, worse, getting a visit from an angry customer.

Final thoughts

Subscribing to a virtual mailbox for your business is a terrific idea. It’s a practical and flexible service you should take advantage of as a small business owner.

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In addition to startups, other people who can benefit from the service could include:

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