Is Visual Marketing the Key to Attracting More Clients?

Is Visual Marketing the Key to Attracting More Clients?

Right now, visual marketing is one of the fastest-growing advertising trends. That’s not just because it allows you to connect with your customers on an emotional level. 

Visual content, such as images and videos, gets higher engagement rates than text or other forms of media. According to HubSpot, video tweets garner ten times more engagement than text tweets. Convincing, isn’t it?!

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Why Visual Marketing Is Becoming Mainstream

Visual marketing is growing largely due to today’s UI website maker capabilities. According to research performed by 3M, our brains comprehend visual content a whopping 60,000 times faster than text. We’re geared to understand interactive information. 

Visual content helps drive traffic back to your website when shared among users. So, if you can get them interested in your visual content by sharing it on social media, there’s a good chance they’ll click through to learn more about what you have to offer.

Website Making Tools 

When creating marketing content, it is just as important for the platform you’re posting it on to be attractive. If your website or social media profile is not visually appealing, your bounce rate will go up and visitors won’t even get to the marketing content. 

A website maker like Namecheap makes it easy for just about anyone to launch a professional website. All you need is an idea. It allows everyone to design a website that complements their work at an affordable rate. It also provides all the features necessary to manage it.

Strategies for Creating Visual Content

1. Develop clear goals and objectives for your advertising strategy.

2. Understand your target audience and what they are looking for in a service provider.

3. Conduct market research (such as surveys and focus groups) to see if there is an interest in what you have to offer.

4. Make sure you have enough capital available or a solid business plan in place to market yourself effectively.

5. Get creative. It’s important to understand how people engage with visual content on social media.

6. Be consistent. Consistency is key when it comes to visual advertising. The more you post relevant content on social media platforms, websites, and blogs, the more new clients will become part of your regular audience. 

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Types of Content for Visual Marketing

There are several types of visual marketing techniques for attracting clients. Each of these techniques provides different benefits and helps you advertise the business strategy in its own way: 

Create GIFs

There are many ways to use a GIF — as a marketing tool, in a presentation, or just to make people laugh. If you want to give viewers more of an idea of what they can do with your product, just use GIFs to create teasers. It can be done quickly and easily using a website maker software offering a GIF creation function.

Incorporate videos for visual marketing

Videos have become increasingly popular over recent years since they offer businesses another way to reach out to customers on social media platforms like YouTube. 

With so many people watching videos online every day, it makes sense for businesses to start creating more video content as part of their overall advertising strategy.

A website maker offers custom-made templates with built-in space for videos, which is an easy way to add eye-catching content to your company website or landing page. Video marketing is one of the best ways for brands and small businesses to generate leads and boost sales. 

Make Use of Infographics

Using an infographic is one of the most popular ways for companies to communicate with their audiences. An infographic is an image that has been created with data or information, usually presented in an easy-to-understand format, such as a chart or a graph. 

The beauty of using an infographic is that it allows large amounts of information to be displayed in a very small space, rendering it perfect for social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter.

Data is easier to remember when it’s presented visually, and if you choose the topics well, data-based infographics can be very successful in attracting new clients.

The other major benefit infographics offer is that they usually increase click-through rates by at least double, sometimes by more than three times. 

Final Thoughts

Visual content is a great way to communicate your vision to your audience. When you make graphics or a video explaining what your services are, it gives potential clients a way to get more personal with you. 

This helps them establish trust for a brand and makes them much more likely to choose you over a competitor. Converting clients is what keeps a business going, so choosing a professional website maker who can help reach your operational goal faster is in your best interest.

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