Want 10% Off Your Coworking Contract? Say Hello To Deskpass And Its Coworking Revolution


A coworking space offers complete flexibility to its community. You don’t have to sign up to an expensive rental agreement - you can just rock up with your laptop and work whenever you need to.

Sounds pretty flexible, right?

Well, Deskpass has just made things even more flexible - and it’s just launched in our very own New York City. We wanted to find out more about the company and what benefits it could bring to our community:

What exactly is Deskpass and how does it work?

Deskpass is an access pass to 100+ coworking spaces and shared office spaces across four US cities (Chicago, LA, NYC, and Denver), and we're expanding to new cities quickly.

Through our affordable monthly membership, you can instantly book a visit to any of the workspaces listed on Deskpass, and spend a few hours or the whole day getting your work done in a productive, professional environment. Plus our members have a Community Portal where they can post information, events, job and collaboration opportunities.

What's your target audience?

Anyone who wants a place outside of the home to get their work or studying done, anyone who wants an office but does not want the cost or commitment of leasing their own office, and people who travel often and/or don't work from the same location every day.

Examples of our core audiences would include remote workers, entrepreneurs, freelancers, travelling consultants, small teams, etc.

What benefits do you bring to your customers?

There are so many benefits, including being around other people instead of working from home alone, a professional, productive environment instead of a crowded/unprofessional cafe setting and the ability to quickly find and have access to great workspaces based on your location.

You’ll also get access to a low-cost workspace, with flexibility and no commitments, and all the proven benefits of coworking such as: an increase in productivity (which if you're in business for yourself means higher earning potential), an increase in quality of life and work/life balance, and the ability to meet other professionals in a comfortable environment.

Why have you decided to launch in New York?

There are estimated to be around 300 coworking and shared workspaces in NYC, and we want to help people find, try, and work from as many of them as we can! Plus, New Yorkers are always on the go, so having the ability to find a workspace near them, wherever they are in the city, is a helpful resource, time-saver, and productivity booster for them.

How do you decide which workspaces to include?

Deskpass was started by a coworking space owner, and is run by coworking space owners, so we know all about good work environments. In general, spaces that have solid WIFi, a nice workspace area, a kitchen, and staff on-site, is what we look for at the bare minimum. Most spaces have many more amenities than that, and come in all shapes and sizes!

How are you different from other coworking subscriptions or services like Regus?

We offer the ability to instantly find workspaces in different parts of the city, each with its own unique atmosphere, environment, and amenities - that’s a lot of variety! Also, there are no commitments and no flat rate pricing (we just use one low monthly cost).

Our goal is to draw attention to all the great workspaces already in existence: so if someone is looking for a membership at a space directly, we can help them try out and find the best workspace for their individual needs before they commit

What does the future hold for Deskpass?

We're on a mission for everyone to learn about and try coworking, and shine a spotlight on the variety of spaces all over the world. There are so many awesome people around the world who have created great workspaces, and we want to send coworking visitors their way!

Also, if anyone has questions or wants to try Deskpass they can contact me directly at [email protected], or use the code TRYDESKPASS10 for a discount off their first month.

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