What Are The Benefits Of Wearable Technology In Offices?

wearable technology

As more companies focus on improving employee health and wellness in offices, wearable technology is quickly gaining traction. It’s becoming a means for employers to support how people feel at work. In addition, it even contributes in making the workplace a seamless experience.

Meanwhile, the Employee Wellbeing Research conducted by the Reward & Employee Benefit Association had interesting findings. According to them, they discovered a 37 percent increase in employers who offered wearable technology as part of employee wellness initiatives. 

Moreover, a 2019 Pew Research Center study said that 21 percent of Americans regularly wore smartwatches or a form of wearable technology. Statista, on the other hand, reports on the rapid progression in wearable use from 2014 to 2022. The numbers rose from 24 million to 67 million in the US alone in that time period!

Clearly, companies can no longer afford to ignore the benefits of offering wearable technology to their employees. In this article, we explore the benefits of wearables in the office and how they can positively impact your workspace.

How Does Wearable Technology Work?

While wearables are still relatively new, the smart technology within them has been advancing for decades. Wearables are transforming people's personal and professional lives - from their overall wellbeing to workplace productivity.

wearable technology

Wearable technology comes in a variety of devices, from smartwatches to RFID wristbands, which can both have a positive impact on the office experience.

What Are The Benefits Of Wearable Technology In The Workplace?

So what are the possible advantages of using wearable technology today? Actually, there are a lot. Allow us to enumerate a few. Read on and learn how new tech can improve office life - and even promote security.

Increased Productivity

First, wearables have a wide range of features that deliver increased productivity. This is essential for the need-it-now culture we are living in. Consumers today demand a fast turnaround, which can pose new challenges for employers.

wearable technology

RFID wristbands come in handy for applications that demand the constant use of asset tracking and physical access to different rooms in your office space. Any time two hands are required, these wearables make life easier.

Boosting Staff Wellness

Secondly, fitness trackers are a fantastic way to improve your employee wellness. In addition, it can likewise create a little bit of healthy competition.

By syncing your wearable devices, you can set challenges and encourage each other along the way. Obviously, this can help make exercising fun! It can make for a more inclusive workplace and get staff talking to each other by giving them some common ground. 

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Naturally, healthier employees also mean productive workers who get the job done without unnecessary delays.

Increased Security

Next, wearable devices like RFID wristbands basically allow your premises or facility to be secure. If you operate a hot-desking environment or coworking space, these wristbands are perfect for helping you provide your office with additional security.

Upon arrival or induction to the team, gifting this wearable can provide your business with peace of mind that no imposter is entering your facility. You have total control over who enters which room. Your employees or guests only have to scan their wearables onto a reader at the door.

Overall Office Health

Finally, these devices can help improve the health of teams in the office. Here are a few ways this is currently happening:

  • Setting Alarms: The Apple Watch and other devices alert stationary workers every hour. The technology reminds them to perform physical activity.
  • Time Tracking: Monitor the amount of time spent staring at screens to combat eye strain. This also helps keep teams highly engaged while addressing potential negative emotions that may lead to office quarrels.
  • Better Communication: No more missing messages or being left out by accident. With messages sent directly to your body, you’ll always be in the know.


As has been noted, there are plenty of benefits to be gained from introducing wearable technology in offices. Efficiency is optimized resulting in enhanced productivity, improved wellbeing and a better workplace experience overall. 

Technology is ever advancing and the sky's the limit with wearables. We're seeing numerous launches and upgrades of devices and apps all the time. The sooner that companies introduce wearable technology to their employees, the better for the entire workplace.

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