What Is A Coworking Space?

A coworking space in New York City is your best bet to have a permanent place to be productive and get work done while at the same time joining a community of peers. Working from home is a fantastic place to get extra work done when you need to but you’re probably better off not having your dining room table as a permanent workspace. 

Working From Home

a lady using a laptop for work on a coworking space's sofa

The distractions of working from home can become overwhelming. One of the biggest factors is because your time is not respected. You can try to go in your bedroom and shut the door so that no one disturbs you like you’re an angry teenager but even then when you get up to use the bathroom or get water all the distractions that come from working at home will quickly rear their ugly head. 

An underrated thing about not having to work from home is that you have a clear definition of work and leisure time. By exclusively working from home these lines become blurry and it’s nice to come home to relax and have a clear distinction between work and leisure time.  

The other great thing about coworking spaces compared to working at home or in a cafe is joining a group of peers. Working from home can quickly get lonely and joining a coworking space will naturally introduce you to people that are also working on and creating great things. 


Coworking spaces hold multiple events every week creating a natural environment to network. Events can range from extremely business-specific like a workshop for Python developers to huge networking events. They also hold fun events that are simply for relaxing or enjoyment like Yoga or a happy hour sponsored by your favorite brewery. Events are the best way to meet, hang out and network with other independent workers. 


If you’re thinking about why you wouldn’t just work from a cafe instead of joining a coworking space there are a few good reasons. The first is that you actually have a place to work. Nothing is more annoying than lugging all your stuff to get work done to be as productive as possible only to have every spot filled at the cafe.

If you’re lucky enough to find a good place to work at a crowded coffee shop the odds of also finding a socket to plug into if your battery is drained is pretty low. The other problem with cafes is the trust involved in leaving your stuff when you need to get up and use the bathroom or take a phone call. 

Being a traditional work space when compared to a coffee shop leaving your laptop is a much safer option at a coworking space even if it’s your first day at a hot desk. With time, you’ll get to know your coworking neighbors and your belongings will not be a concern. Until the time comes when you are 100% confident in leaving your laptop alone to step out for an hour or two you can always put your things in a locker. 

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Business Amenities

Coworking spaces also come with a few more business amenities included in your membership. Fast wifi, free premium coffee, printing, private phone booths, conference rooms, places to take a nap and a handful of other things to help you be as productive as possible. 

people discussing their plans at a coworking desk

In New York City you can find coworking spaces that fit any need or niche that you might want. There are excellent choices for every type of coworker and because most choose to work odd hours the best coworking spaces are all open 24/7. You can pick somewhere close to home or choose to be in the best neighborhoods in the middle of everything. 

Within the next few years, sixty-five million Americans will freelance, or work remotely. This includes entrepreneurs, digital nomads, startup teams, and other careers that are location independent. Coworking spaces are creating beautiful office spaces with exceptional amenities to meet the demand. 

Coworking Boost

The energy that is created from working at a coworking space is what makes them special. Most of your coworkers tend to be working on new and exciting projects and when you’re surrounded by like-minded peers it can lead to an exciting and collaborative environment. Large corporations that need more office space they have begun sending employees to coworking spaces. The corporate employees report back that they love the energy and the startup type environment at coworking spaces compared to the traditional office space.

In an annual survey conducted by Deskmag, people who work in coworking spaces reported being more productive, confident, and creative. Reports showed that 71% of people surveyed were more creative, 62% reported that their measure of work improved significantly, and 90% said they felt more confident when coworking. Additionally, 70% reported that they felt healthier than they did working in a traditional office setting.


Coworking spaces know the needs of their clients and the good ones avoid locking you into any type of long-term contract. Most spaces offer contracts month to month so you can leave whenever needed. Feel free to spend a month traveling and you can simply pause your account for a month until you get back. During your travels, you can grab a hot desk at countless coworking spaces almost anywhere you go. 

luxurious coworking desks

Networking, collaboration, and business partnerships become a natural part of your workday. Someone that works in another corner of the coworking space might be in the same industry as yours. What might appear as a competitor if you were to meet with them briefly at a networking event could become a partnership when you realize you target different types of clients and your ideal clients are in different niches. 

If you’re a freelancer, entrepreneur or a remote worker of any type you can try a coworking space at any time. Most of them will give you a free tour and you can sign up for a hot desk with no long-term commitment. If for any reason things are not a good fit, you don’t have to sign a contract locking you in somewhere you don’t want to be. You can simply go back to working from home, a cafe or try a different coworking space that might be a better fit. 

The Farm SoHo

The Farm SoHo will wow you and your guests with its rustic charm and inviting environment. New York City's most engaged community of startup teams, developers, remote workers, freelancers, and entrepreneurs. They have converged to share ideas, innovate and learn in a collaborative and nurturing environment. Their story began in Missouri where they found a gorgeous barn that needed a second chance. They dismantled the barn and brought it to NYC and rebuilt in in their loft in SoHo. 


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