The Best Options for Where to Stay in New York City

The Best Options for Where to Stay in New York City

Where to Stay in New York City

Tourists who come to New York tend to flock towards the most Central locations in Manhattan. They want to have fun and are drawn to crowds as well as anything that's famous. Business travelers have different priorities. You're going to be focused on a project you're doing or convention you're attending. Maybe you'll be meeting clients face-to-face for the first time and want to be able to concentrate on the before-and-after issues that are related. Being in a loud and traffic dense neighborhood like Times Square isn't necessarily the best idea. The good news is that Manhattan is compact and the subway will get you to and from most neighborhoods quickly. If you’re arriving in New York for the first time, you should also note that you can save money by staying in nearby parts of Brooklyn or Queens.

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Gramercy Park

While Midtown is where the big name hotels are as well as conveniences such as shuttle buses to JFK and LaGuardia, Gramercy Park is a short distance from midtown. It’s a little more mellow without the hustle and bustle of Midtown. Furthermore, it’s green. The fact that Gramercy Park, the park it’s named after, is there makes it that much more so. Gramercy Park is also home to major hotels, the difference being that they’re in between old historic residential buildings on quiet blocks surrounded by intimate cafes and restaurants, not tons of noisy franchises. This neighborhood can’t be beat in terms of proximity to Grand Central Station, a major hub where you’ll find easy railroad access to Connecticut and Upstate New York if you have associates who live in those outer suburban areas.


Once a neighborhood of lofts where artists and other creatives lived, SoHo has become home to an array of businesses both large and small. It hasn’t lost its spaciousness and serenity even with all the transformation it’s undergone. By day, it’s major thoroughfares that can become as chaotic as areas further uptown. But it's still one of the most relaxed spaces in New York City to grab coffee or lunch and go over in-depth business matters. Hotels here will be more stylish and eclectic, and might be able to provide help with audio/visual equipment necessary for larger business gatherings.


Chelsea is Gramercy Park’s west side alter ego. The two neighborhoods actually connect. It’s also a fast taxi ride south of Midtown. Chelsea is home to a number of art galleries. If your business has anything to do with buying or selling paintings, this would be a perfect fit. Chelsea offers countless tranquil cafes from where you can meet with clients or work from your laptop without distractions. The lodging choices here are diverse. You’re still in Manhattan, so it would be a stretch to say that they’re inexpensive, but some will offer better deals than you’d get in the heart of Midtown. 

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Brooklyn is another one of the five boroughs of New York City. It’s vast and has become Manhattan 2.0 to the massive populations of people seeking centrally situated housing in New York City. Areas such as Brooklyn Heights are scenic and chic. Accommodations will cost about the same as one would expect to pay in Manhattan, but the surroundings might be more charming and favorable to relaxing after an intense business day. Expect to find boutique hotel type lodging with amenities such as rooftop bars and less interrupted views of the Hudson River.

Wiliamsburg is another area in Brooklyn that’s under 10 miles to Manhattan. It offers some of the most architecturally beautiful lodging options in the New York City area since it’s many former factories have been refurbished into trendy hotels with more personalized options than you’ll find at larger hotel chains.


If finding a nice hotel room in Manhattan for a tight budget is too tough, you might be better off seeking lodging in a nearby section of Queens. New York City is made up of five boroughs, only one of which is Manhattan. Sections of Queens such as Long Island City can be quickly reached by subway. Lodging prices are substantially more affordable just by venturing off the beaten track a bit. Some hotels in Long Island City have Manhattan views. Some rooms can be found at hotels for under $100 a night. Hotels here can go beyond just being inexpensive alternatives to Manhattan lodging. A few of the most famous offer comforts such as indoor pools, hot tubs and steakhouses on the premises. If you happen to be a digital nomad who business travels with a four-legged friend, some hotels here even accept guests with pets.

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